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Wir sind seit 2003 eine Spielercommunity. Zusammen spielen wir hauptsächlich Overwatch, SMITE, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Individuell, in kleineren Gruppen spielen wir aber auch andere Spiele. Neue Bekanntschaften sind immer gerne willkommen! Schaut sehr gerne mal in Mumble vorbei.

Yes the worlds fastest computer 2005 is....MACH! The pinnacle of Windows based Desktop machines, the new Mach Gold 4.2 is the decisive pro computing data crunching machine, for even the most challenging high-end AV, graphics, design, modeling, database and gaming environments. It features a PCI-Express Architecture, an Intel Pentium 4 Processor featuring Extended Memory 64 Technology® running at 4.5GHz thermally controlled by a breakthrough watercooling design, 667MHz DDR-II SDRAM up to 4GB (and a full 16GB via extended RamDrive), PuRam™ Solid State System Drive, Instant-On™, CacheFlow™ and SuprBIOS™ IBPT with up to an incredible 5 Terabytes of internal mass storage capacity, integrated slot-loading multi-format Dual DVD Burners, Broadcast Quality Multi-channel Audio and Raided Dual-Graphics engine capabilities for multi-monitor display connectivity, the new Mach Gold 4.5 has the added integration of thousands of performance accelerating hardware and software modules as the only machine in its' class and the world's highest performing desktop computer, years ahead of its time. It is truly the one everyone else looks up to. Check it out Pictures of MACH And the computer is worth exactly 2 Million dollars! :happy: