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Wir sind seit 2003 eine Spielercommunity. Zusammen spielen wir hauptsächlich Overwatch, SMITE, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Individuell, in kleineren Gruppen spielen wir aber auch andere Spiele. Neue Bekanntschaften sind immer gerne willkommen! Schaut sehr gerne mal in Mumble vorbei.

The combined community effort of updating and maintaining the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory source code as ET: Legacy just released the first stable release 2.71a.

We have been recommending using ET:L over W:ET (2.60b) for some time now. The updated input and graphics libraries fix issues for some people (the biggest issue being AMD graphics FPS issues). Other security and bug fixes, as well as additional features make it an easy recommendation over the original W:ET distribution.

Thank you for to everyone who contributed to this release. A bright day and future for ET :)