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DooC-Server / bot problems with map xposed
« on: 06.12.2016, 21:24:25 »
since adding the new maps or changing botsnames the server have a big problem.
Always if the map xposed appears - the server add automatically a lot of bots. The server ist totally full - noone are able to connect :(

I dont know why this happen.

Idea the mapvotecycle of nitmod is not completly or a issue with the new bot setting.

but we have to solve the problem!

edit: a server restart change nothing :/ also reset bots or add/kick bots...

Hey my clanmates - mr.x have a lot of time now and try to make server famous again... a lot of players of dooc get inactive and server is going emty... so lets try to get famous again.. everyone is welcome to help ^^ cya an battlefield

s1 know a big lan party just for ET ?

General / Feedback nitmod_2.3b1
« on: 10.02.2015, 00:17:09 »
Anyone find a bug in the current nitmod version.. or bugs from old version that still exist?
Lets report it ... N!trox want to puplish the final 2.3 version :D thanks dudes ^^

General / crosshair view - Config
« on: 04.02.2015, 11:23:26 »
I need help :D i want to change my crosshair size just to a normal big/ white point! Can someone send me the cmds for my config?

Edit: Or any other crosshair  - with my current one i often cant see it... maybe someone have a good idea / colourful not big crosshair!?

Helpboard / xbox one with ET
« on: 23.12.2013, 15:46:27 »
is it possible to play ET with the new xbox one !? s1 have an idea?

DooC-Server / Fast connect to dooc-server :)
« on: 23.01.2013, 23:27:59 »
Here is litte instruction how to connect directly to our DooC-Server by double clicking your ET shortcut smile your mouse RIGHT button on your ET shortcut "PROPERTIES" (german:Verknüpfung) see the installation path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" (this is Vista view) add this line: +connect it should look like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +connect
5.leave SPACE beetween last quotemark " and + or it wont work "APPLY" then "OK" and you're done

Now you can connect to our server by double clicking your ET shortcut wink
Or if you add more servers, just rename shortcuts to what you want.

P.S. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ON OTHER SERVERS (not recommended  :middlefinger: :)) ), YOU JUST NEED TO CREATE NEW SHORTCUT wink


if the server is full and you are dooc member you can still connect with "private password"
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +connect +password *****

DooC-Server / new nitmod version
« on: 13.12.2012, 01:06:20 »
now new nitmod version for beta testers (like me and xxxx) is available ;)
what do u think ? mainly couze of the memory leak ^^ congraz gauki

here the changes !

N!tmod 2.2.1 rev. 752 is now available for BETA Testers team ONLY.

Fixed: G_LuaHook_ConsoleCommand
Fixed: g_realbody issue with objective pickups
Fixed: sample commands.db syntax error
Fixed: problems with high levels in commands.db
Fixed: LUA et_ClientBegin is now called only once per map (ETPro style)
Added: "lua_status" console server command
Fixed: Ammo bar bug ( … task_id=44)
Fixed: wm_announce and wm_annonce_icon were not logged and could break compatibility with some LUA modules ( … task_id=53)
Fixed: Custom votes were not freed when using !readconfig
Fixed: Major memory leak in the Admin System
Fixed: If an user has an unknown level in database, set his level to 0 and save in database
Fixed: Check if level 0 exists before loading users to avoid potential crash problems
Fixed: potential crash issues inside admin system code
Fixed: potential crash when using !levdelete
Optimized: !levdelete is now safer and way faster than before when migrating large amount of users to another level
Fixed: Don't try to send data to master if connection failed
Added: Global stats for the current player can now be displayed in game using "globalstats" command.
Added: LUA et.n_GetStatsGUID( guid ) - Server admins will now be able to retrieve player stats from master server through LUA.
Fixed: Try to reload XP and Admin info if the server receives client's NGUID too late
Fixed: server crash when client's Admin info was not initialized (happens mostly when ClientUserinfoChanged/ClientBegin is called before the client has finished connecting)
Fixed: Players used to earn XP when selfkilling with Trimines or Poison Gas Landmines
Added: Global stats are now stored on server side for every connected client (for use with future "Real Time Global Awards" system)
Fixed: make sure bots get no global stats
Fixed: Missing obituary message for MOD_POISONGASMINE
Fixed: !delrecords DELETEALL SQLite query syntax error
Fixed: Admin system bug causing potential server crash when changing map
Added: Flag 65536 to omnibot_flags - Bots will use Poison Gas Landmines (if enabled) rather than normal Landmines
Fixed: Aim error after revive for bots (it seems this already happend to me aswell, randomly, hopefully it will fix it too)
Fixed: MASTER_STATS_SCOPEDHS were increased when shooting on bots or shooting on teammates
Fixed: Max ammo was wrong for some weapons, which could result in players having 14 or 16 revive syringes, for example
Fixed: Some weapon scripts had no effects because of hardcoded values
Fixed: Prone bbox height (
Fixed: Some constructibles couldn't be built (
Modified: Rewrote the admin permissions code, it is now faster than before and should reduce server load on large servers.
Added: Backstabs & UniformSteal stats are now sent to the master server
Added: LUA: ReadOnly access to sess.aWeaponStats (ETPub rev 521)
Removed: some unused/useless code
Reworked/Optimized: Inactivity code - Old one was heavy and used to add some useless delays
Added: Client notification popups (First hs/blood, incoming PM/Adminchat, warnings...)
Added: cg_notificationFadeTime & cg_notificationTime cvars to customize notification popups
Fixed: Global stats were incremented during warmup
Optimized: Artillery (Firing for effect) now uses less entities
Reworked tripmine code:

    Tripmines now need to be armed

    Once a tripmine is armed, it takes 1 second to become active (the beam is a little transparent when it's not active)

    If it's not armed, a tripmine will disappear after 15 seconds

    It is impossible to arm an enemy tripmine

    Tripmines can be disarmed (they always did)

    Tripmines can be damaged (2 SMG shots = BOOM) if g_damageweapons flag 32 is set (no big change here)

    Fixed: team tripmine counter was not adjusted if a player disconnected/changed team and n_tripmineTimeout was enabled

    Once a tripmine is placed, player will automatically switch to pliers to arm it

    Tripmine explosions sfx is now the same as landmines sfx (used to be dynamite sfx, too much...)

Optimized: Entities code (Should considerably reduce server CPU usage on maps with a lot of entities or servers with a lot of players)
Fixed: Landmines ammo count could be wrong when too many map mines were planted (on baserace for example)
Fixed: Don't draw crosshair mine ID for map mines
Fixed: Spree/Multikill announce position now changes when client receives a notification popup
Fixed: bug in the SQLite code that could cause some potential data loss/corruption
Added: "globalstats" command will be bound to the "n" key by default if it's not already bound
Fixed: Sten damage did not match ETMain value (was 18, is now 14)
Fixed: Engineer's bomb damage and splash radius were too high
Added: It is now possible to see the Global stats of the player you're following
Fixed: Weapon damage/splashdamage/splashradius values are no longer hardcoded (except for some special weapons that require hardcoded damage values)
Fixed: Crash during intermission if cg_lagometer flag 2 was set (draw snapshots per second)
Fixed: Clients without NGUID should no longer happen
Added: g_hitboxes flag 16 - Players can avoid bullet impacts when they are behind a player who has just been revived (Default ET behavior)
Fixed: Missing weaponstats for Pgas landmine (reported by WoL)
Added: cg_noGreetingSounds client cvar - Allow clients to disable greeting sounds
Fixed: Don't play poison syringe hit sound on clients that we can't poison
Added: g_poison flag 8 - Can't cure poison with medpacks dropped by our poisoner (Required g_poison flag 2 to be enabled)
Added: ETPub style scoreboard double tap to sort players by XP or K/D
Fixed: crosshair names and class icon overlapping for disguised enemies
Added: cg_pmColor client cvar. Ex: cg_pmColor "1" will display red pm's
Fixed: PMSpec was sent as many times as a pm was sent.
Fixed: use non blocking socket to get data from master
Modified: Shuffle is now based on player's Global + local KD Ratio (local KD ratio only if global stats were not retrieved from the master)
Fixed: "globalstats" will be automaticly bound to "N" if no bind is found (it seems that lot of players use "enter" key for "+activate", that's why i changed it to "N")
Fixed: potential crash when closing SQLite database

Added: Client binary checksum verification (SHA1)
Added: Client Cvars Scanner
Added: n_NxAC_CheckClientBinary cvar - Toggle NxAC Client Binaries SHA1 checksum verification
Added: n_NxAC_CvarScancvar cvar - Toggle NxAC Cvar Scanner
Added: n_NxAC_CvarScanWait cvar - How long NxAC must wait before performing the 1st Cvar scan
Added: n_NxAC_CvarScanDelay cvar - How long NxAC must wait between cvar queries
Added: n_NxAC_CvarScanInterval cvar - How long NxAC must wait before performing a new Cvar Scan

Use this build ONLY on IP's you mentionned in the BETA Testers application email.
DO NOT SHARE the qagame_mp_x86.dll and files with anyone.
DO NOT SHARE the zip package with anyone.

Spamboard / facebook reached 50+
« on: 29.11.2012, 03:08:47 »
we have now 50 dooc members/friends/ex members in our facebook group, hope it will raise ^^

DooC-Server / crazy cravity 4 panzerwar
« on: 29.11.2012, 02:36:11 »
just wrote a  config for crazy gravity on panzerwar.

how can i enalbe it only when panzerwar is on `? <-- if this isnt possible.. is there any options to disable it ? !crazygravityON !crazygravityOFF

and and how long it need it ? 10 minutes... if its end.. start it new ?

g_gravity 100
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 500
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 900
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 200
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 700
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 900
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 100
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 500
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 800
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 300
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 100
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 700
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 900
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 600
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 100
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 300
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 600
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 900
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 700
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute
g_gravity 100
wait 60000 //wait 1 minute

should i give admins !panzerwar 1  (on) !panzerwar 0 (off)
and !crazygravityON (the cfg ahead) and !crazygravityoff (just exec nitmod.cfg or g_gravity 800 - standart) ?

DooC-Server / Ban of player...
« on: 27.10.2012, 16:46:32 »
27.10.2012 "lillith a.k.a Bam Bam" from germany got banned by Gauki /// Several reasons (after a huge time of warnings), mainly couze of hardcore spawnkilling, secondly confusing kill rating) - First ban after the last 3 years   :tongue:

DooC-Server / New Server name
« on: 29.06.2012, 19:22:32 »
We discuss that we need a new server name 4 our server. Its must be funny or actractiv for other peoples !?
Ideas !!?!?!?


^2*^+N^7o^+o^7b^+s ^0out ^1of ^3War^2*^5XPS
>Fetzi die lustige Landmine
^8Dusch Lampe
^4Skill von Aldi

DooC-Server / Fun-Bindings
« on: 13.06.2012, 01:42:18 »
Hey here some Fun-Bindings 4 Server, but please dont spam with this ^^

i created a cfg with wordpad, copy it and put it in your etmain folder :) open the console ^ and press /exec example-binding.cfg

DooC :)


say "^1    ____              ______"
say "^1   / __ \^4____  ____ ^1 / ____/"
say "^1  / / / /^4 __ \/ __ \^1/ /     "
say "^1 / /_/ /^4 /_/ / /_/ ^1/ /___   "
say "^1/_____/^4\____/\____/^1\____/ "


"woot" - its not fully working

say "^7                   _         _  ______ ______^1 _______"
say "^7             / /       / // __  // __  /^1/__  __/"
say "^7 ^0^7      ^0^7   / / ___   / // / / // / / /   ^1/ /"
say "^7         / /_/   |_/ // /_/ // /_/ /   ^1/ /"
say "^7   ^0^7   /_____/|____//_____//_____/   ^1/_/"


say "^1    ____              ______ ^4#######################"
say "^1   / __ \^4____  ____ ^1 / ____/ ^4# ^1DooC Search Members ^4#"
say "^1  / / / /^4 __ \/ __ \^1/ /      ^4#   ^  ^4#"
say "^1 / /_/ /^4 /_/ / /_/ ^1/ /___    ^4#      ^1yours Gauki    ^4#"
say "^1/_____/^4\____/\____/^1\____/    ^4#######################"

enjoy and have fun, feel free to use and rework them :)  :middlefinger: :blah: :middlefinger: :))

Spamboard / ex dooc*rocky a.k.a nibbler
« on: 17.05.2012, 16:33:50 »
greeets from our old member rocky @ all :)

die meisten werden ihn nicht mehr kennen, aber dooc rocky spielt derzeit manchmal mit dem namen nibbler bei uns auf dem server :) er spielt sehr wenig und selten, ich soll aber trotzdem an alle einen gruß sagen, auch wenn ihn nicht mehr viel leute kennen xd  :blah: :middlefinger: :blah: :middlefinger:

General / Splatterladder & et.trackbase update DooC
« on: 15.05.2012, 21:35:06 » all activ members of [DooC]

update:  2012/05/15

activ players

[Germany]    [DooC]*Gauki   

[Germany]    [DooC]*Heinrich   
[Germany]    [DooC]*TiMmAe
[Germany]    [DooC]*Leandro

[Finland]    [DooC]*Vengeful
[Finland]    [DooC]*Mr.x
[Germany]    [DooC]*WaLKuerE
[Germany]    [DooC]*Tiger
[Finland]    [DooC]*Pete   

[Germany]    [DooC]*Combojupp
[Germany]    [DooC]*SmokingJoe   
[Belgium]    [DooC]*Loki
[Germany]    [DooC]*Kissaki   
[Germany]    [DooC]*Schatten
[Germany]    [DooC]*Slide   
[Germany]    [DooC]*Pommi
[Germany]    [DooC]*Neji
[Netherlands]    [Dooc]*MaFKaaS   

[Germany]    [DooC]*Panther   
[Germany]    [DooC]*N3J1

removed from sl. page, if they get activ we put them back :)

[Finland]    [DooC]*Rokka
[Germany]    [Dooc]*Proensli   

[Poland]    [DooC]*Weed*   
[Poland]    [DooC]*GreenThumb   
[Poland]    [DooC]*-=DK=-
[Czech Republic]    [DooC]*Lorin

DooC-Server / Poll to enable rating on sl. 4 our server :)
« on: 13.05.2012, 14:19:51 »

DooC-Server / full installer enemy territory in 4 steps
« on: 28.02.2012, 11:55:23 »
1. Download full installer of ET: &

2. get etkey an put it in "etmain" folder  <--- you will need it to save your XP (experiencepoints)

3. update your punkbuster  &
    install this tool if u want to play on servers with punkbuster

4. play play play :)  :blah: :middlefinger:

Helpboard / bluescreen
« on: 28.02.2012, 11:08:16 »
habe diesen bluescreen, weiss aber nicht was er über mein lappy aussagt .. achja system gerade neu gemacht :(

  Problemereignisname:   BlueScreen
  Betriebsystemversion:   6.0.6001.
  Gebietsschema-ID:   1031

Zusatzinformationen zum Problem:
  BCCode:   1000008e
  BCP1:   C0000005
  BCP2:   82098045
  BCP3:   A0740B90
  BCP4:   00000000
  OS Version:   6_0_6001
  Service Pack:   1_0
  Product:   768_1

Dateien, die bei der Beschreibung des Problems hilfreich sind:

DooC-Server / empty et server list ?
« on: 03.02.2012, 22:57:37 »
Here is the solution :)  :middlefinger: :middlefinger: :middlefinger: :blah: X( :evil: :baby:

General / serverzentren
« on: 22.11.2011, 12:14:08 »
hey all, wo stehen den in deutschland große serverzentren ???  wo man server mieten könnte ! frankfurt ? aber wo noch ? würde gerne mal auf einen server in meiner nähe gehen um zu wissen ob ich da wirklich einen bessern ping habe ^^ danke :)

General / christmas soundpack
« on: 08.11.2011, 17:19:43 »
Lieber jan,
da ich auf den ftp ja nicht mehr zugreifen kann (da dieser jetzt höchst wahrscheinlich down ist), wollte dich dich fragen ob du ein backup gemacht hast ?
weil ich ganz wichtiger weise, gerne das winter christmas soundpack vom bersi gehabt hätte. kannst du mir das bitte hochladen oder per mail schicken ? Danke Janni :) also das mit "merry Christmas" "Jinglebells" usw.

oder kann jemand viell. schauen ob er in seinem "alten" etmain/noquarter ordner noch die pk3 finden kann !? wäre wichtig !

ah gefunden ..entwarnunung xD hast du aber trotzdem ein backup gemacht ?

DooC-Server / Server who all dooc play in future mainly
« on: 31.07.2011, 17:08:32 »
Everyone should say 5 Servers who all can play together in future. The server should same(or nearly) like our dooc server kifferstube.
So try ...
My advise:

1. ## Atta way, Baby! NQ XP-Levelsyste...

     This server have pb enabled and no bots no doublejump :( xD

2. *NT* War Hammer

    with bots/ its full like our server

3. ET Oldies XPSave

    this server is empty but in my opinion also good

4. |||  Crazy War Lords  ||| Fun Server #1

   no punkbuster, international clan

5. -ItchyundScratchy-

   often empty but nice players in [is] try it ^^

so please everyone write your favourite ... 1. place = best ... 5. = last ... place of u !!!! come on !!!


General / test
« on: 10.07.2011, 23:36:50 »
:-* test test2 test" standby="loading video�">
Watch at" standby="loading …">

Playlist on Jamendo
[/info]&fullscreen=1" width="480" height="360" style="width:480px; height:360px;">" />[/collegehumor]hihihiihihh
Code: [Select]

Helpboard / no voice sound in ET ?
« on: 10.07.2011, 23:32:57 »
Wer Sounds generell nicht mag kann die Voicechats gerne abschalten. Hierzu bietet sich ein "toggle" an, der dem Nutzer die Möglichkeit bietet, auf Tastendruck den Voicechat AN als auch AUS zu schalten.
In diesem Beispiel wurde die Taste INS/Einfügen zum AN- und AUSSCHALTEN definiert.

bind INS vstr voicetoggle
set voicetoggle vstr toggle1
set toggle1 "set cg_noVoiceChats 1; echo ^7Voicechatsounds ^1Off!; set voicetoggle vstr toggle2"
set toggle2 "set cg_noVoiceChats 0; echo ^7Voicechatsounds ^2On!; set voicetoggle vstr toggle1"

General / sl. Down ?!
« on: 21.04.2011, 00:32:46 »
my lovely page splatterladder is down... Someone know whats happen ro this usefull side ? *cry*

Helpboard / handyvertrag kündigen !
« on: 19.02.2011, 00:12:13 »
hab meinen handyvertrag zu spät gekündigt und deshalb läuft er nochmal 12 monate weiter ... kann ich dagegen was unternehmen oder muss ich das ganz jetzt nochmal 12 monate ertragen !?


Spamboard / Splatterladder / Trackbase Awards Collection :)
« on: 29.01.2011, 22:41:12 »

Spamboard / good and useful ET tracker ^^
« on: 26.09.2010, 16:03:46 » ganz cool ansich ... wusste gar nciht das jan uns da schon so schön eingerichtet hat ^^


funny to see how often s1 is online .. enjoy :D

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