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good news

General / Re: Feedback nitmod_2.3b1
« on: 10.02.2015, 12:42:57 »
link is not public

General / Re: wtf bann?
« on: 26.10.2014, 15:28:38 »
We were able to verify that you were using a sophisticated aimbot.
Thus, you are kicked from the clan and banned from the server.
how are you sure?

DooC-Server / Re: Item Balance
« on: 15.10.2014, 18:31:46 »

Btw, last week(end?) I tested lying hitboxes with Supermeetboy and FuckBird for a brief moment.
They seemed perfectly fine.
A day later, when I was on the server again, the hitboxes of someone else seemed totally off again. I wonder if it has something to do with fancy settings or higher ping or something.

that's because g_antiwarp is enabled

General / Re: 11 Years of DooC
« on: 31.08.2014, 14:06:34 »
Wunderbar !!

DooC-Server / Re: Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 09.02.2014, 19:19:59 »

// TunPal: extra spwan trigger
         description "Axis Room"
         message "Axis Room"
      wait 50
      setstate goldrushroom_obj invisible
      setstate goldrush_spawn invisible


   trigger on
      setstate goldrushroom_obj default
      setstate goldrush_spawn default
      wm_announce "^AAxis Room spawn enabled!"
      trigger off
      setstate goldrushroom_obj invisible
      setstate goldrush_spawn invisible

trigger goldrushroom_obj on
      //TunPal alert entiry before enabling the extra swpan
      alertentity goldrush_spawn
      wait 50
      setstate goldrushroom_obj default
      setstate goldrush_spawn default
      wait 150
      setautospawn   "Axis Room"   0

DooC-Server / Re: Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 09.02.2014, 19:10:50 »
you've already uploaded and tested? let me try height, that seems to be the problem, gimme a few hours to get the server to play the map
no i've tried it on local server
i changed that positions, player entity spawn with no issue.The extra spawn is named Axis Room  and enabled when allies blow the bank door

// Last edit by TunPal: extra axis spawn point
      // axis room spawn
                   scriptName "goldrushroom_obj"
                   classname "team_WOLF_objective"
                   targetname "goldrushroom_obj"
                   origin "503 -397 24"        // z = CC_FILTER_AXIS(5)
                   spawnflags 1       // TEAM_AXIS

                     classname "team_CTF_redspawn"
                     scriptname "goldrush_spawn1"
                   targetname "goldrush_spawn"
                     spawnflags 1  // TEAM_AXIS
                     origin "922 -384 8"   // this origin works fine, just stay standing each time and copy positions ok?
                     angle "-89"

// TunPal: hide the extra spawn point
      trigger goldrushroom_obj off
      setstate goldrushroom_obj invisible
      setstate goldrush_spawn invisible
        //TunPal autospawn fix
      wait 100
      setautospawn   "Tank Depot"   0

      wait 2000
      wm_announce "^3TunPal's Extra spawn "

DooC-Server / Re: Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 09.02.2014, 17:36:44 »
the autospwan works
[503 -379 24] for the flag
i tried the second origin [629 -379 24]for spawning player entity
player spawns but i can't move it's too low look at screenshot attached
you should view postion while standing

DooC-Server / Re: Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 08.02.2014, 23:38:07 »
give me the positions and i'll try
i'm too lazy to view positions myself  :)
but remember many scripts out there are broken.Setting many extra spawnpoints is badely handled by server engine due to restricted spawn allocation

DooC-Server / Re: Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 08.02.2014, 13:41:17 »
the additional players can spawn here, providing overhead cover or simply just jump over the railing or use the ladder, a suggestion
we had a problem with spawn allocation it's not easy to add 2 extra spawnpoints, autospawn will not work
the first spawn is ok it can handle more then 10 slots the room is large enough we need positions (via /viewpos) for each slot, other players spawn on the default axis spawn

DooC-Server / Re: Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 05.01.2014, 11:39:12 »
leeven ,where is the script?

General / Re: Help!
« on: 30.11.2013, 12:41:50 »
or just save your et key snd save me the trouble :p
nitmod does not need/use etkey, only nkey is needed

DooC-Tournaments / Re: The 3rd DooC 1v1 Tournament
« on: 03.11.2013, 18:52:09 »
open tournament or for members only,

DooC-Server / Re: Bugs Fixing Suggestions
« on: 28.10.2013, 22:14:34 »

so we have this nice prone hitboxe

this is the default etpro style hitboxe , you can hit the body boxe above the head but unlikely in shoulders  , distant proning player is hard to hit specially with unstable ping
a stable high ping does not cause lag with skip correction on (which i guess the current server setting)

DooC-Server / Re: Bugs Fixing Suggestions
« on: 28.10.2013, 20:31:34 »
for the problem mentioned by ameero i think the it comes from his connection or from hitboxes' cvars
look if those cvars have 0 value
seta g_hitboxes 0
seta g_realBody 0

DooC-Server / Re: Bugs Fixing Suggestions
« on: 28.10.2013, 20:24:42 »
Currently g_realbody is 0.
(But realbody implies it makes things better? Maybe it should be enabled?)
Not really, realBody makes nitmod hitboxes more "pro" than etpro
take a look here

and here for the last revision changelog

DooC-Server / Re: Bugs Fixing Suggestions
« on: 27.10.2013, 19:51:50 »
 didnt play for a long time but what revision is installed?
i don't think it's a bug
never heard about it
if g_realbody is 1 turn it off

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 23.06.2013, 04:20:49 »
yes clients will autodownload it keep in mind that the server is pure only
clients need the pk3 for sounds (HQ announcements) and textures (the transparent river textures)
you can move  caen2.script to nitmod's mapscript directory and remove it from the pk3 if you want to keep it for yourself ;) add the mapscriptDir in your nitmod.cfg
if you want to use the mapscript only without the pk3 it will work except sounds for HQ annoucements when a teams capture the city flag, and of course the alternate river textures
you can edit the mapscript to remove the MG in axis spawn road (pointed against allies) or remove the allies door from the objective upper entrance or remove the alternate tank skin
search functions like this syntax
this is an etpro function (supported by all modern mods) , etmain will not recognise "create" and the server will crash if you put the pk3 in /etmain

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 21.06.2013, 02:07:42 »
hey dont put the pk3 in etmain folder it will not work

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 21.06.2013, 02:00:56 »
do u want the mapscript only or the whole pack
because the soundfix requires client side soundscript
the added HQ sounds requires client side sound files
the transparent river textures requires client side files too (textures and shader)
together the client side pk3 has a size of about 1 MB
there are many alternate scripts for caen2 with "create" etpro function
there is  create axis mg in the spawn road against the allies one
create teamdoor only in the upper entrance of the objective  blowable when the tank breachs the  objective wall, and create bugfixes scripts
to edit the mapscript remove those additions between {}

//script name

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 18.06.2013, 03:15:07 »
do u run any particular mapscript for caen2 ?
i made a small patch pack fixing some issues:
here what i've done (scriptfix, soundfix , textures update, antiwalljump script
- merge  MG clipping exploit fix by mortis the wise Mar 5 2006
- merge Ragnar's pillar exploit clip brushes and trigger_hurt combo Mar 5 2006
- add river texture from caen4 found in phis_caen2_script_v1
- add  HQ voice announces "we're gaining/loosing ground" for capturable city flag (sounds from italyfp3 mappack)
- fix sounds in .script and .sounds scripts
- add location names override database by antman ( caen2_loc_dat)
- add Phishermans Phriend caen antiwalljump mapscript
i merged codes and add missed sounds and fix soundscript
i tested it in a local silent server

DooC-Server / Re: Disconnections due to file download
« on: 15.06.2013, 13:34:56 »
but not this file
here's the problem
a mappack was present in your webspace
the client download subsystem try to get it.
redirection shut down the client and the web browser show 404 message
i think it is a reandom problem

DooC-Server / Re: Mumble Server
« on: 15.06.2013, 13:31:27 »
i see you're a mumble contributor or developer right?
where can i find it please i mean your contributions

DooC-Server / Re: double jump on supply and fuel dump
« on: 15.06.2013, 13:10:32 »
i think disable double jump is ok couse i know that if a good player can Trickjump he dont need doublejump ....he can find a way for jump over Wall  :middlefinger: :baby: :baby: :baby:
with doublejump OFF and fixed physics ON or pmove fix (which is the default setting on most servers) it's impossible

DooC-Server / Re: Disconnections due to file download
« on: 15.06.2013, 13:07:49 »
Where does it send you to then?
The webserver logs do not seem to indicate not-found hits.
the pk3 fix was downloaded without any problem
but me too i had this issue with you webspace i remember reporting it to gauki months ago
the server redirected me to 404 NOT FOUND page
i think it 's/was a bug from your side

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 13.06.2013, 23:20:02 »
i dont see any problem either
yesterday minas_tirith keep restarting when !nextmap is executed.
try to enbale a watchdog map after goldruch edit that line and add com_watchdog_cmd map 'nextmapname';vstr com_watchdog_cmd
or maybe it's a mod bug
or you have bad setting in cvarlist

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 13.06.2013, 23:01:02 »
what do u mean? map reloaded when finished?

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 12.06.2013, 19:32:11 »
it's a good map specially for large servers
 but for small teams there is a tiny scriptfix made by Molotov from bunker clan
unzip it in nitmod folder if u have ftp access
or ask kissaki/gauki
 in the pk3 : soundfix ,timefix and objective description or briefing

DooC-Server / Re: Mumble Server
« on: 12.06.2013, 17:45:43 »
opus codec?
what's that? new format never heard about it
 8o 8o

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 12.06.2013, 17:43:06 »
which maps do u mostly dislike ? choose two !
add timefix to minas it's too long  1 entire hour  X( X(

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