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DooC-Tournaments / Re: The 3rd DooC 1v1 Tournament
« on: 09.11.2013, 11:36:23 »
works like a charm.

General / Re: Complaint
« on: 07.11.2013, 18:02:44 »
I just think you are quite new to ET scene. If u go and try to play some real ET tournaments, youll find that camping is very good strategy for defending. In pub servers, there are always rambomedics who are mostly healing themselves. In our server medics heal very much ther players actually. And if ur not getting healed, its no biggie becuase the spawntime is really short, even if u get full time to wait.. max 15sc i guess vs 30sec in some maps by clanbase rules.

DooC-Tournaments / Re: The 3rd DooC 1v1 Tournament
« on: 03.11.2013, 23:09:20 »
Somehow i cannot connect to server, it just keeps loading...

General / Re: Complaint
« on: 03.11.2013, 22:24:43 »
Not allowing sk is not very player friendly... Because first, there are like 3second spawnshield, second, many players shoot from spawn, third if u need to get thru spawn because behind the spawn is some mortarguy or FOP... And everybody sees the spawn area differently. Not allowing SK is starting lot of pointless arguiments, who did or didnt, why he did and so on. Thats my two cents on SK.

But i think if u make a complaint, make a video out of it. It just he sayd she sayd without it...

General / Re: :/root application
« on: 18.10.2013, 13:41:12 »
Thank you. :)

General / :/root application
« on: 17.10.2013, 09:53:20 »
Ingame name: :/root

Age: 30


Invited by: Leeven, Gauki and some other members have been asking me if i would like to join the clan.

All rules read: Yes

All rules understood: Yes

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: If its needed.

Your own notes: I have played ET for about 7 years with pauses.Skill is low-, in best days it was low+. Clans- mostly scrim clans to practice 3o3 or 6o6. I have been admin in two pub clans before, jaymode and Nquarter. Since i started to play in dooc server, i have invited to dooc clan quite few times so i decided to make an application to join the clan.

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 01.08.2013, 21:56:01 »
Could you add braundorf and stalingrad to the maplist?


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