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The 3rd DooC 1v1 Tournament

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The Setup:

It will be held here on the DooC War Server: The mod we will be running is ETPro. Same setup as the first one :D
It will take place on the 16th and 17th of November (yes two days). Once all the players have signed up the roster and draw will be revealed and people will need to confirm they can make that time.
Please make sure you can make it. It is funner to play a match than to get a walkover.
Also join mumble whilst during the tournament. Was a great laugh with everyone last time. Doesnt matter if you can only speak a bit of english. :D

The Maps:

Any map suggestions?

All matches will be played in ETPro.
Matches are a best of 3 rounds
Rounds are 5 minutes long
Classes Allowed: Field Ops
Spectators allowed unless players dont want them
Weapon Restrictions:
All weapons a field op has excluding arty and airstrike

The draw will be with tournament brackets so people will progress from 1/8 finals to quarter to semis to final or 3/4 place match.

A map will be assigned at random to your match up. It may be any from the list mentioned above.

The first round is played. The person with the most deaths after 5 minutes loses. Then the players swap teams.
The second round is played. Once again the person with the most death after 5 minutes loses. (note that you will have to subtract the previous round's score in order to get the score for this one but i am sure that shouldnt be too hard.
If the first two rounds result in a tie, 1-1, then a third round needs to be played. Otherwise the winner is crowned and s/he moves to the next round in the tournament.
The loser will then move to the loser bracket where they will compete for wooden spoon so everyone will at least get to play two matches.
If i third round has to played. The person with the least deaths win and moves on to the next round.

We are using the ESL rules for deathmatch maps:
All deathmatch maps have 5 minutes time limit.
Player with fewer DEATHS, after both rounds, won the map.
Self kills are allowed, but will give you a death.
Falling to death is also included to the amount of deaths.
Setting artillery/support fire results in at least losing the round.
In very special cases you even can lose the map.

About the last part setting arty. you wont lose the round but just dont do it on purpose

As people progress through the rounds and the final is reached where the champion will be decided.

Remember it is all for fun and pride

You can now sign up and i will put you in the pot for the random draw.

Good luck and happy shooting. May the best win

Any queries do ask.

Entries end on the 13th of November 2013.


--- Quote ---Spectators allowed unless players dont want them
--- End quote ---
I do not see why we would not allow specs in any case.
We are a community. One should be able to learn from the others. No idea why one would not want other to spec for a good reason.

i just copied and pasted the old one. yea specs should be allowed :p


Lieber Gott lass Hirn vom Himmel regnen und nimm den Bed├╝rftigen die Schirme weg!

So viel vertrauen sollte sein. Wer das nutzt wird disqualifiziert. Und bisher waren wir auch immer zusammen in Mumble, und nicht getrennt.


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