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Help me about lags!

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Hello,I have problem on server,Its a lag,I have ping 50,60,70,80 & 90,but there are lags,I tryed to connect to the some nq server,and I lagged too,I just used "/r_primitives 2 " and there was no lags! I tryed on dooc " /r_primitives " but there was default "0" Than I tryed "/r_primitives 2 " and there writed " Server cvar... I think forcing..."

Sorry on bad english.

[DooC] Murdah:
Do a full computer antivirus scam?

And secondly please dont use trackbase signature whit tags [DooC] on your name, Youre not apart of Dooc clan nice

Yes,I have antivirus,server just have cvar with " /r_primitives " Everytime setting to "0" - Default,But it need to be "2"!!!

I remove signature...

[DooC] Murdah: Read this topic to see if the lagg will be fixed after youve done those phases

It still doenst work,just not valid " /r_primitives " setting as default 0 but it need to be " 2 "


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