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Public ET Server running legacy mod

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I set up a second public server, et://
it is running the ETL server and legacy mod.

Namely, if you’re not in the mood for Kifferstube - this second server has no double jumps, etpro-like proning (delay for shooting), etc, and resets XP at round end.
It does have map voting.

It has some configs (/callvote config), and I/we may add some more. Sadly, knife-only, head-only, foot, can not be used.

The server is 64 bit, but omni-bot is not. So currently no bots.

Suggestions welcome.

may u write the documentary of this mod please :) xp save? bots are possible to enable i read... but idk how!

I don’t get what you’re saying or asking.

please post the cmds here :)

Gauki restart server please


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