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bot problems with map xposed


since adding the new maps or changing botsnames the server have a big problem.
Always if the map xposed appears - the server add automatically a lot of bots. The server ist totally full - noone are able to connect :(

I dont know why this happen.

Idea the mapvotecycle of nitmod is not completly or a issue with the new bot setting.

but we have to solve the problem!

edit: a server restart change nothing :/ also reset bots or add/kick bots...

Oh, it’s on xposed?
You sure about that? Is that the first map the bot number increases on?
I went through all the maps to make sure the cycle is correct. It did not happen then.

It has happened the last several days (almost?) every day in the afternoon, as far as I saw.
I’m not sure what the cause of this is.
Sadly, bot maxbots does not display the current value, which I would suspect to increase, but searching configs did not reveal any such thing either (like a map specific config).

To fix this, I always restarted the server.
Don’t know where it is coming from.


please add to server  max 10 Bots

5v5 Tnx You

use as IP always IP: :)


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