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[Request server Update] ET: Legacy Version 2.76

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Hello ET: Legacy Version 2.76  is now qut
so Please update server from  ET: Legacy Version 2.75 to Version 2.76

For clan Leader

Complete changelog

his release is also shipping OmniBot v0.86 and WolfAdmin v1.2.0

    Fixed MSG_WriteBits for bigger data
    Updated libs to
        cURL 7.63.0
        GLEW 2.1.0
        SDL 2.0.9
        OpenAL 1.19.1
        libogg 1.3.3
        libvorbis 1.3.6
        Freetype 2.9.1
        SQLite 3.26.0
        Jpeg-turbo 1.5.3
        zlib 1.2.11
        OpenSSL 1.1.0j
        latest tinygettext
    Fixed lazy switching between renderers
    Fixed IPv6 buffer & NET_AdrToString not returning port
    Fixed NET_AdrToString returning bad results for unusable address types
    Added trap_SendMessage() syscalls return values
    Fixed engine memory database, now enabled by default - ready to use by Lua scripts
    Enabled IRC feature on the client and server side by default
    Added Cvar_SetDescription and field description to cvar
    Changed to a POSIX compliant way to get file length
    Fixed command line variables not being set correctly
    Fixed pid file check
    Fixed some compiling issues for NetBSD
    Fixed possible buffer overflow in MSG_ReadBits/MSG_WriteBits (CVE-2017-11721)
    Fixed unsigned types where wrapping arithmetic is intended
    Fixed reading crash log when log wraps around buffer
    Added security fixes
    Changed cvarlist command to print default values as well
    Fixed exploit to bypass filename restrictions on Windows
    Fixed VMs change engine latch cvars immediately
    Fixed VMs being able to change CVAR_PROTECTED cvars
    Dropped support for Windows XP and Vista (eol reached in 2014 and 2017, respectively).
    Fixed R_init() throws glGetError() = 0x500 (r1) on init
    Added several descriptions for commands - see /cmdlist
    Added status prints on net_restart
    Fixed some evaluations of FS_FOpenFileRead return values
    Fixed infinite while loop in CON_FlushIn
    Fixed MSG_Read*String*() functions not being able to read last byte from message
    Fixed missing address operator in cm_polylib.c, avoid nullptr dereference.
    Fixed signed bit operations in MSG_ReadBits
    Added network debugging back (packetloss cvars)
    Fixed entity enum types to match vanilla again


    Fixed default font doesn’t have cyrillic support
    Fixed auto correction of s_khz 48 value
    Fixed missing string issue on window displayed after crash
    Changed renderers prefer MD3 files for models instead of MDC
    Fixed client leaking memory
    Renamed cvar joy_threshold to in_joystickThreshold
    Fixed FS_CL_ExtractFromPakFile error case when file is not in path, better error handling in Sys_LoadGameDll
    Fixed black screen at launch due to socket timeout wait
    Removed broken stereo mode
    Fixed crash with Alt-Tab on Linux
    Fixed undefined symbol: "_ZGVbN2vv___pow_finite" error on self compiled Linux build
    Fixed pressing ESC then Backspace shuts down replays
    Fixed ability to open .pk3 files as OpenAL drivers
    Fixed IRC autoconnect
    Fixed shader rotation at high level times
    Fixed deprecated gethostbyname() to use getaddrinfo()
    Added seperation of left and right Alt, Ctrl and shift keys
    Fixed dropping the game when a cinematic file isn’t available
    Added more info prints for download & connect process
    Fixed foliage color/alpha on big endian systems
    Fixed vanilla ET MAX_DRAWSURFS value
    Fixed populating local servers when limit is reached
    Fixed non Q3_BIG_ENDIAN ShaderForShaderNum()
    Optimized coronas
    Fixed VM_Create on UI FAILED issues when connecting to new mods
    Fixed early key pressing exit the demo while playing the first frame
    Fixed exiting demo no longer drop in error
    Fixed videomaps not playing in game
    Fixed client connecting to server with invalid chars in pk3 name
    Increased MAX_PART_MODELS to 7
    Increased host name length from 36 to 72 characters (Legacy only)
    Fixed firstSide values of fog brushes
    Fixed shifting bits out of byte in tr_font.c
    Fixed undefined behaviour due to shifting signed in snd_mem.c
    Fixed not closing 0 length file and path seperator of description.txt
    Fixed unwanted doppler effects
    Added con_notify back
    Fixed a crash caused by func_explosive
    Changed r_showtris to exclude 2d
    Fixed player shadows draining massive FPS
    Changed client default value for cvar rate to 25000
    Fixed reading vanilla demos - use ETL 2.75 to read older ETL demos


    Fixed shader parser issues
    Fixed light shaders no longer using default shader
    Fixed abort of shader parsing on unknown keyword warning
    Fixed leaking memory
    New folder 'materials’ introduced for r2 material definition files
        Added processing of old definition files in 'scripts’ path - if there is no r2 matrial available fallback to r1 definitions
    Fixed skyparam image loading
    Fixed sky on maps with skyboxportal
    Fixed fog
    Fixed normal and specular image loading for map objects
    Fixed shaders using normalzfade/dynamite glow effect
    Fixed GLSL_SelectTexture selecting non existing textures
    Fixed material using 'wave noise’ parms
    Added and fixed coronas
    Fixed skipping the full shader when unknown shader params occure
    Fixed some mod compatibility issues - we are forwarding all vanilla surface flags again
    Added and fixed foliage support
    Fixed discolored shader issues (f.e. puddle on radar)
    Added better lightmap by vertex support
    Added vertex shader for lightVolume_omni
    Fixed fog sorting issue
    Fixed liquid shader
    Fixed lightmaps for flares
    Fixed glsl definition parser not setting initial uniform values (bloom/hdr renderer fix)
    Fixed firstSide values of fog brushes
    Added extra smoothing for normals (experimental - mdc, md3, faces & meshes)
    Added light interaction for foliage
    Fixed construction shader not drawn
    Fixed a crash caused by func_explosive
    Added full support of DBS rendering/fixed normalmapping on lightmaps
    Added reflection mapping/fixed specular reflection for normal mapping


    Invalid binary messages will no longer shut down the server - this is a mod issue
    Fixed mover state for server side demo recordings
    Added better autorecord hooks
    Fixed clients using private slots when sv_privatePassword is unset
    Fixed no longer sending a response to unknown clients
    Fixed systeminfo command - it did actually print server info
    Fixed listen server sending snapshots each client frame
    Fixed possibly leaking buckets
    Fixed exploit to reset player by sending wrong serverId
    Added prevent using connect as an amplifier
    Removed never used 'handicap’ code
    Fixed referencing pk3s with campaign files when gametype is not campaign to prevent clients downloading these files on connect
    Fixed download issues for http download and sv_wwwDlDisconnected 0


    General rework of weapon code
    Removed unused session var coach_team
    Added players loose spawn shield upon firing as a new g_misc option
    Fixed skill rating not updating when specing
    Fixed spectators can’t disable player names in game view
    Fixed main debriefing stats not displayed when skill rating is disabled (also causing intermission chat issues)
    Fixed fireteam control doesn’t work when NUMLOCK is enabled
    Fixed opening fireteam panel stops your movement
    Added UI option to set custom resolution in system menu
    Changed highest experience points award to display XP gained on the current map only (unless in campaign mode)
    Added missing talk/chat animation for players
    Updated world flags (bots now use the UN flag)
    Fixed fireteam chats available to non ft players
    Added playtime statistics
    Fixed client creating player lists each snapshot (multiview only)
    Fixed script events
    Fixed spectator speed boost too high
    Fixed underwater jump movement
    Fixed ability to run on water
    Fixed limbopanel display map time in warmup instead of warmup countdown
    Fixed tagent param values of script_mover ents behind 15 chars
    Removed useless string comparisons at game start
    Removed obsolete script action 'aiscriptname’
    Fixed edv issues/wrong rocket angles
    Fixed non working custom icon of wm_announce_icon
    Added custom icon to cpm console command
    Changed cg_gunX/YZ are no longer cheat protected
    Fixed UI vid_restart and rec_restart menus pointing to non existing menu when they are closed
    Fixed tons of Clang compiler warnings
    Fixed playing 'fancy’ medic scream for MOD_BACKSTAB kills
    Fixed resetting some colors in cgame
    Added UI joystick options to advanced controls menu
    Removed obsolete cg_gun_fovscale cvar
    Fixed ref commands for listen server console
    Fixed spectator commandmap icon use mortar icon instead of a proper icon
    Fixed disguised cover ops vsay subset visible to spectators
    Removed disguised cover ops vsay visible in enemy team chat
    Removed unused cg_stereoSeparation cvar
    Fixed console prints for obituary messages
    Added IRC settings to UI system menu
    Changed double negative cg_noVoiceText and cg_noVoiceChat by cg_VoiceText and cg_VoiceChat
    Added MG repairing message
    Fixed spawntimer displayed for spectator
    Changed current map XPs or campaign XPs only displayed on HUD and scoreboard
    Fixed UI edit and numeric fields not highlighted on mouse over
    Added objective icon and disguised no-shoot icon on fireteam icon on compass
    Fixed objective carrier disappearing from map when far away from player
    Fixed limbo camera not initially updated
    Expanded TrueSkill rating system for map bias and use internal SQLite database
    Changed ranks are now tied to rating instead of skill levels and XPs when rating system is enabled
    Added Best Rating award
    Fixed picking up weapon while reloading or overheating
    Fixed Flame shader and Sten/MG/Browning smoke displayed on respawn
    Fixed smoke grenade cannot break glass
    Fixed model of landmines being planted not visible to spectators
    Added landmines filter on limbo command map
    Fixed oasis spawn counter
    Added existing bug fixes in vanilla maps scripts
    Fixed demo control keys
    Added pm sound file for WA
    Added players rotate on script movers
    Added removal of items in front of movers (tanks etc) instead of being pushed forward
    Fixed EXPLOSIVE_INDICATOR not drawn on command map for opposite team
    Fixed objectives not drawn on command map for opposite team
    Fixed/changed wm_set_main_objective script command (it does no longer expect a number for objective - use the target trigger objective info name - see oasis.script of pak3)
        Added 'oinfo’ cgame cmd to display objective info
    Fixed constructible priority order in trigger areas
    Fixed profiles switching
    Fixed some referee menu actions not working
    Added ALT quick chat - see cg_quickchat cvar
    Added GeoIP.dat
    Added classmenu console command
    Added new spawnflag for SP_Shooter mortar
    Fixed weapon restriction wasn’t counting set mortars
    Fixed third person view axis using wrong weapon skin model
    Fixed flamer dlights in water
    Fixed precaching sounds
    Fixed alpha channel for rank icons
    Fixed some instances where weapon switch were allowed
    Fixed switch weapon was allow while using binocular
    Fixed fast binocular using while switching and prone moving
    Fixed early switch when player was respawing
    Fixed switchbackWeapon wasn’t reset after respawn
    Fixed switch back to scoped weapon with weaponlastused cmd was allow
    Fixed scope reticle wasn’t cleared on prone moving
    Fixed zoom/unzoom effect when player is moving to fast with scope weapon and binocular
    Fixed alt weapon switch didn’t lower speed move when prone moving
    Fixed alt switch animation (riflenade / silencer ...)
    Added a smoother effect when switching with alt weapon
    Fixed spamming alt switch sound
    Fixed hint for mountable entity was visible while using set weapon
    Fixed using MG-Nest when firing with panzer
    Fixed landmine team map data issue on team change
    Added debug info for missing events (g_scriptDebug)
    Fixed machine gun brass model wasn’t used in first person view for weapon with large bullet (MG, rifle ...)
    Fixed brass weren’t ejected on mounted tank MG
    Fixed brass ejection position was incorrect in third person view
    Fixed script G_ScriptAction_VoiceAnnounce implementation
    Fixed equipped binoculars’ animation when pressing "+attack" during "altweap"
    Fixed sending unnecessary fire event when binocular is equipped and class is not field ops
    Changed 9999 damage on crush/suicide/die/pushing to death with minimum damage needed to gib
    Added cg_drawspeed
    Added more info prints when misc_model entity spawning fails
    Fixed firing anim/sound was played when charge bar was too low for firing
    Fixed auto reaload wasn’t unscoping weapon when reloading
    Fixed reloading akimbo wasn’t possible when only the first bullet was fired
    Fixed long host name with colored characters to be displayed in server list without breaking the UI
    Fixed CanDamage function
    Fixed an invalid spectator state of team command
    Fixed team follow1/2 not moving to intermission point after all players disconnect
    Added colored mod name in mod menu
    Fix antiwarp and slow medic regen issue with pmove_fixed 1
    Added lagometer server frame rate
    Rework item list (no more need to sort it by item type.)
    Removed unused item "treasure" from item list
    Removed duplicate item "weapon_medic_heal" from item list
    Removed obsolete/unused item type IT_ARMOR, IT_HOLDABLE, IT_KEY and IT_TREASURE
    Changed fireteam name from NATO alphabet to historical alphabet (one set for each team)
    Fixed player model lights - body. head and acc were not synchronized
    Added new MP34 weapon for axis covert ops instead of Sten
    Fixed trigger_multiple spamming activate event/ignoring specified wait epair set in the radiant
    Added team-specific activate stages for multi_trigger
    Fixed sound issues on fueldump/new sounds for axis when tank is entering the tunnel
    Fixed "give skill" command wasn’t giving the correct amount of skill points
    Fixed message range validity of "give skill" command
    Removed reloadable weapon table
    Changed storing ammo of non-clip weapons from ammo clip to ammo reserve
    Added custom voice chats
    Added CG_AddToNotify back
    Fixed centerPrint and drawObjectiveInfo cut UTF-8 char and color printing
    Fixed cg.hyperspace
    Fixed limbomenu showing wrong weapon selected after map change
    Fixed game configs not loaded
    Fixed blurry hud weapon icons
    Fixed map restart poll
    Added print gametype at start
    Fixed invalid gametypes set will no longer start the game
    Fixed team Num abuse which was used to store dynamite/landmines states
    Changed landmine checking callback frequency by enable it only when landmines are planted and not spotted
    Fixed fast weapon switching right after firing last bullet/missiles (much visible with MG Set and Riflenade)
    Added in weapons files (.weap) configurables values : noAmmoSound, limboWeaponCard, ejectBrassOffset
    Removed credits and website buttons from in-game menu
    Changed default browser servers sort by human players first (etl servers only)
    Added display switch help text on scoreboard
    Changed class restriction color to better differentiate with skill level 4 background
    Fixed g_inactivity and g_spectatorInactivity timer
    Added class selection menu in controls settings (default bind: P)
    Fixed class and weapon restrictions check with /class command
    Added g_stickycharge - controls when powerbar is restored or refilled
    Added alternate switch sound from other player when they are switching alternate weapons (i.e un/mount mortar/riflenade/silencer)

        Updated to Lua lib 5.3.5
        Updated to LuaSQL 2.3.5
        Fixed Lua sqlite3 memory database connections
        Fixed luaPath and luaCPath allowed strings possibly too short
        Added lua_restart command
        Added WP_MP34 and MOD_MP34 constants
        Added powerups constants

For the logbook:
- In November 2016 coverity scan defect density < 0.18 has been reached. About 60 issues detected by coverity have been fixed during the last 12 months.
- At the end of March 2017 we have reached defect density 0.10 with 46!!! outstanding defects. In total 417 detected issues have been fixed!
- At the end of July 2017 we have reached defect density 0.02 with 10!!! outstanding defects. In total 468 detected issues have been fixed!
- At start of October 2018 SGT Pepper managed RPI/ARM to fly with ET: L
- At the end of December 2018 some very old major bugs have been fixed - this is the best ET: LEGACY release ever!

wolfadmin Fine add add Levels for Server

Kissaki  i have special request Abount levels please make all levels from begin

Thanks for the info.


--- Quote from: Kissaki on 15.01.2019, 00:25:17 ---Updated.
Thanks for the info.

--- End quote ---

Np and Clan Leader ?
You have plan do wolfadmin ?
Im go welcome levels good old timea


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