Author Topic: Jump Server and Jump Maps  (Read 6015 times)


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Jump Server and Jump Maps
« on: 11.07.2020, 16:32:39 »
Last weekend Darki and I put our Trickjump Server online again (ip: We were not sure which maps to use/were good so we had to check what we had in the past. Our webspace has over 150 maps with the words [j]ump and [t]rick in them. As an initial documentation of what we tested, here are my notes:

The term gamma jump seems to be for bunny-hopping across gaps, across platforms, and across (increasingly) big distances. Most of these seem impossible with standard, normal physics and be intended for either ETRun with a different physics engine, or something else (I remember competitive rules always restricted the `snaps` setting because that could other settings could give advantages/inconsistencies between them).

With a no-damage setting kill switches (trigger areas that kill you to reset you) do not work. Teleports are much preferred. And most maps unfortunately miss checkpoints or teleport resets.

* bbtrickjump_beta: standard jumps, dead end, gamma jumps, broken hard jumps
* bee jump b2: gamma jumps
* bibi mania: keine checkpoints
* Blackjump: gamma jumps
* blunt arrow: fun jumps, gmama jumps, (not very good)
* bullit jumps: gamma, good, crashed twice on one of us (et: legacy)
* bxjump: gamma, fine
* caryjump: gamma
* circle jump b2: gamma, nice fun stuff, good teleports, various types
* dark jumps 1: custom jumps, too hard
* ctrl jumps 2: interesting custom jumps, bunny jumps, hard
* desert jump: cool map, custom jumps, fun, killswitches
* dimijumps: gamma
* divine jumps: gamma (allies), axis: custom jump, hard
* dw trick jump b1: custom jump, dead end, short
* dzm trickjump: custom jumps, hard~
* elite jump: gamma
* engi jump: gamma
* eni jump: gamma
* eup jump beta1: jumps, maps, gamma, ++
* eup_casteJumps final: kill triggers, custom jumps
* ewp trickjump b9: gamma + map/cust map jumps, good, hard
* Fly Xtrem Jump: ++, gamma, steigernd, slide ice labyrinth, dead ends
* Fly Xtrem Jump V2: gamma, 1 life?
* forgotten jump: gamma, strance custom slide, 1 life?
* FP jump: custom slides + jumps, mit bunny jump, -invisible walls
* Full Crazy Train Jump: ++ ~
* Fun Jumps Map: gamma
* Gravinjump b4: interesting
* Godjump: ~, gamma, ice interesting
* Gravity b4: broken?
* Green jumps: gamma
* hankjumps: gamma
* Hex trickjump b3: a lot of standard maps, no skip, gamma
* Ice jump: gamma, some slide, bad