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Über Uns

Wir sind DooC – Dudes out of Control. 2003 als Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Clan gegründet hatten wir zeitweise bis zu 4 ET-Teams die regelmäßig Trainierten und in Ligen spielten. 2005 nahmen wir mit Guild Wars unser erstes offizielles zweites Spiel auf. Aber davor wie danach haben wir auch gerne andere Spiele gespielt; so etwa Trackmania mit eigenen Strecken und einem kleinen Wettkampf-Cup. Im Laufe der Zeit haben wir viele – einige Hundert – Mitglieder kommen und gehen sehen, freuen uns aber nach wie vor über neue Mitglieder.

Heute spielen wir verschiedene Spiele – einige von uns natürlich auch immer noch ET und Guild Wars – aber viele auch eher spontan und ganz verschiedene, andere Spiele. Von Starcraft 2 über League of Legends, Minecraft und Bf:BC2 zu weiteren. Einige von uns sind auch immer noch für “ernsthafteres” eSport offen, mit regelmäßigem Training und Wettkampf. Andere dagegen spielen nur zum Spaß. Für das eine wie das andere sind uns neue Mitglieder – oder auch einfach nur Mitspieler – sehr willkommen. Wir legen lediglich Wert auf angemessenes Verhalten und ein bisschen Spaß. :)

Schaut sehr gerne mal in Mumble vorbei.



New Coleader $n!p3d

I am very please to announce that $n!p3d is now Coleader!

As a member since 2012, he was an immense help administrating the ET server, he organized ET tournaments, and has always been a well valued, mature discussion partner. As such, he already fits the role of Coleader perfectly, and is now also labeled as such.

We are looking forward to your continued support! :)

ET: Legacy stable release

The combined community effort of updating and maintaining the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory source code as ET: Legacy just released the first stable release 2.71a.

We have been recommending using ET:L over W:ET (2.60b) for some time now. The updated input and graphics libraries fix issues for some people (the biggest issue being AMD graphics FPS issues). Other security and bug fixes, as well as additional features make it an easy recommendation over the original W:ET distribution.

Thank you for to everyone who contributed to this release. A bright day and future for ET :)

11 Years of DooC

We turned 11 years this week! Congratulations to everyone!

10 Years of DooC Celebration!

Tomorrow our clan will get 10 years old!

To celebrate this we set up a public Powerball server. We’d be happy to see you on it!
It will stay online for at least this week. Probably longer. or Powerball for 10 years of DooC celebration!

Join directly via: TBAPP, Xfire, HLSW, GT-Lite

Ten years is a long time. A lot happened. A ton of members joined, enjoyed and left. We had numerous teams playing competitively and others playing just for fun, and we played different games. Our original game - W:ET - stayed as the most important one, and we celebrate this with a bit of classic Powerball. :)

Thank you to all members and visitors staying and playing with us!

Second DooC 1v1 tournament

Thank you to all participants of our second 1v1 tournament and the organisator $n!p3d! It was a lot of fun again!

Kissaki was able to defend his champion title from the first tournament against $n!p3d, in a close match again.
This time Panther took the third place and Neji[SK] became the wooden spoon champion, winning against Leeven.

Congratulations to everyone.

We hope to see everyone in our next tournament. Check back on our tournament forum section to register for it once information comes up!

GW2 adds positional audio support

With its recent update, Guild Wars 2 now supports native positional audio in Mumble!

DooC 1v1 tournament - Day 2

It has been a great tournament! Thank you for everyone participating, playing or spectating, and a big thanks to the organizator $n!p3d!

The results:

Winner: Kissaki
Runner-up (second place): $n!p3d
Third places: Gauki and Neji[SK]
Wooden-Spoon Winner: Devil

DooC 1v1 tournament - Day 1 round up

In what was supposed to be the first game of the tournament it turned out to be a no show. Idle has progressed to the next round at the cost of Mehu. Idle plays Neji next at 12:40pm (UK) on Sunday.

So the first game of tournament was Tricks vs Devil as they were both present at the time. The first round was a tight battle with Devil just edging it 12-11. The second round was more one sided going 17-9 to Devil. Lag was a bit of an issue for Tricks which may have affected his performance. Devil will now have to face Gippi at 2:20pm (UK) on Sunday.

The second game was Tiger vs Tashiel. The first round was very tight and Tashiel took the lead 1-0 after winning the first round 8-7. Tiger then was axis and had his preferred gun the MP40. Tiger stormed back taking the round 20-10. 1-1. Tash won the coin toss and choose to go axis. The last round was tight all the the way through, With 1 minute to go it was 11-11 in the round. The match seemed to be heading for a tie. Tiger then activated god mode according to Tashiel and grabbed the win 14-12. By winning Tiger now will play Azarius to kick off the sunday with the first game of the day at 12pm (UK).

The third and final match between Inferno and Panther was next. on goldrush arena Panther used his spawn as an advantage when being allies luring in Inferno whilst waiting to pounce when he would come in. The first round in the end went to Panther 18-12. The second round Inferno started brightly but Panther soon found form and finished the job. 19-10. As a result Panther progressed to the next round where he will face Gauki at 2pm (UK) on Sunday.

Finally Ameero had to pull out of the match with Kissaki due to connection issues. Hence Kissaki will move to the next round to face W!nx at 1:20pm (UK) on Sunday.

Kake and Leeven still need to play their game which will likely occur before Sunday. The winner will immediately progress to the third round as Opal wont be able to make it.

That is all for day 1. Ill be commentating on Mumble on Sunday kicking off at probably 11:50am (UK) so tune in :D

As written by our tourney organizer $n!p3d in our forums.

Arenanet stellt zwischenzeitlich den GW2 Direktverkauf ein

Arenanet hat ihren Direktverkauf von GW2 eingestellt, um das Erlebnis der Spieler zu bessern. Sie haben offensichtlich, und korrekterweise den Eindruck, es gibt zu viele Spieler. :)
Verkäufe anderswo sind weiterhin erhältlich.

Erinnerungen des Reisenden

Wer noch eine Qualwaffe abstauben möchte (Charaktergebunden) oder sonst Lust hat am Abschiedsevent von Guild Wars teilzunehmen, der kann sich unter dem folgenden Link mal umtuen. Das Event läuft noch bis zum 30.8, viel Spaß euch dabei.