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[b]Sky[/b] ist eine [b]map für Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b], die auf schwebenden Platformen spielt und diese mit Jumppads verbindet. Diese Veröffentlichung ist ein öffentlicher Design Test, bei dem Spieler ihre Meinung zum Design ihm als Feedback zukommen lassen sollen. Vor dem finalen Release soll noch ein Playtest mit funktionierenden Objectives erfolgen. [b]Sky[/b] is a [b]map for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b] featuring flying-platform-fights with jumppads. This is a public design test, which means the author released this map to so ppl could give feedback about this design of a map. Public playtest with working objectives to come before final release, he says. [b]The Author wrote:[/b] Final test version! I'll probably make a final release in a few days depending on what comes up with this last test. One change is to use map sky to launch the game for offline modes insteald of map sky/sky. Some big changes: - Full English localization. - Second objective model revamp. - Added various FX. - Added command map. - Added objective information. - Added full ambient sounds. - Further jump pad flow smoothing. - Misc. performance optimizations. - Fixed crashing with mods? - Fixed multiplay jumppads? The last two points are the ones I'd really like to find out about for sure before a final release. I added networksync and an activation delay to the activating jumppads, which, judging from the retail maps, was a necessary addition. It might stop the mini-jumps or it might just make them a bit slower. I'm pretty sure the crash bug was related to a mod which itself probably modified the same file I did. I'm not touching the damage.defs anymore, so that should be entirely resolved. I'm happy with the map. It's a different style, so it's not for everyone, but I think it's exceedingly cool now with the wind sound effects. Wind is weak near the bottom levels and strong near the top. Sounds add a lot to the feel of a map, which gets me all the more excited to get back to work on the Underwater Laboratory map, which is all about the ambience! Thanks again to all who download and test!

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