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MISSION: Caen is a small village map with a nice optical design. Allies have control over the place and have build a headquarter along the river. Axis have to try to get control over Caen and to steal secret documents from the Allies armament. The map features some alternatives routes to be successfully. OBJECTIVES (ALLIES): Allies armament is in the defense in Caen. Top priority is to protect the documents. At the beginning Allies have to keep the place (the flag). Near the flag is a command post for both parties. Allies are able to build a destructible gate and to install a MG42. If the place is lost Allies have to destroy immediately the bridge over the river and to build a tank trap. The tank must not reach the headquarter. But be carefully! Hostile Spies are able to infiltrate the HQ. OBJECTIVES (AXIS): Axis have to chase away Allies from the place and to push them back over the river. Axis starts at the outskirts and have to conquer the flag. To do this in a fast way it is possible to blow up a gate. If this is done the tank needs to be repaired to go to the Allies headquarter. Near the flag is a command post for both parties. Two obstacles are on the way to the hostile HQ, a damaged bridge and a tank trap. When the tank has destroyed the Allies HQ the documents must be brought to a boat. Hint! Covert Ops are able to infiltrate the HQ before it is destroyed. HIGHLIGHTS: A map which remembers on RtCW. A fast game stream and a diversified level design raise this map from the bunch of custom maps. People who like camping or complex strategic tactics will not be pleased with this map.
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