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Map t_outreach.pk3 It's in the twilight hours of the war and the last of the hardcore axis are hold up in a very remote part of Northern Europe. They recently captured an important Allied officer from the 5th Infantry Division and are in the process of a brutal interrogation. At the same time the Axis are using a multi-rocket launcher to harass the advancement of the allies in the far off village of Prujeck. The locals of Prujeck are worried that the desperate Axis will level a medieval abbey near their fortification inside the mountains. The Allies only hope of success is through the element of surprise by a very late night time raid. The local resistors of Prujeck have supplied the allies with a truck and supplies for the raid, Operation Outreach. Can the allies secure the last stronghold of the Axis, rescue the officer, and save the Abbey before it is too late? The outcome of Operation Outreach will be decided by you!
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