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townsquare_final.pk3 - Map MISSION: After the success D-Day landings the Allied forces are pushing forward on all fronts. As they advance across France each town no matter how big or small becomes a battle field. It's an all-or-nothing fight to the death. The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in an old palace. The Allies must blast their way inside and run off with the loot. OBJECTIVES (AXIS): - MG42 sprengen - Kommandoposten errichten - Wasserpumpe sprengen - Palasttor verteidigen - Gold verteidigen - Verhindern das Gold zum LKW gelangt OBJECTIVES (ALLIES): - MG42 errichten - Kommandoposten errichten - Wasserpumpe reparieren - Palasttor sprengen - Gold stehlen - Gold zum LKW bringen
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