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"Steal the gold crate in the axis temple" "Stop the allies from stealing the gold from the temple sarcofage" "Allies have to fight their way to the axis held temple and steal the gold crate from the sarcofage" Axis Objective Descriptions "Primary Objective:**Don't let allied tank get across the canyon bridge." "Primary Objective:**Build the first tank barrier." "Primary Objective:**Build the second tank barrier." "Primary Objective:**Don't let the tank blow the temple entrance." "Primary Objective:**Protect the Gold crate in the sarcophage room." "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from escaping with the Gold." Allied Objective Descriptions "Primary Objective:**Build the tank bridge and escort the tank across the canyon." "Primary Objective:**Don't let axis build the first tank barrier." "Primary Objective:**Don't let axis build the second tank barrier." "Primary Objective:**Take the tank to the temple in order to destroy the temple doors." "Primary Objective:**Steal the Gold crate." "Primary Objective:**Return the Gold crate to the tank."
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