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Temple Map Final Version MISSION: North Africa: During a fight against Rommel's troops a small spearhead discover Axis activity in a temple in the desert. The temple looks like a source for gold and so the Allies send their troops to the temple to prevent that Axis are getting hand on the gold. OBJECTIVES (ALLIES): Right at the beginning repair the tank and escort it to the bridge which still needs to be build. Look for cover because hostile snipers can show their proficiency in this phase. On the other side is a spawn flag to conquer. Build the command post at the hill. Always accompany the tank very closely on his long way. Blow up the two tank barriers and escort the tank until it shoots the entrance to the temple. You spawn now in the temple and have a few passages to blow up. Blow up the barrier to the sarcophagus, grab the gold and bring it to the tank. Take care because Axis are able to shoot on you from the floor above. OBJECTIVES (AXIS): At the beginning Axis should provide appropriate sniper fire to keep low Allies activity. Engineers should build in the meantime the tank barriers, the command post and dig a few mines in the desert sand. Allies should detained to conquer the spawn flag next to the bridge. If Allies control this point it can be a fast turnover and they control the game. When Allies passed the second tank barrier the barrier to the sarcophagus should be ready. In the passages of the temple Rifles and Lieutnant/Medics team are best do defend. The ways in the temple are very long and Allies can be shoot also from the floor above on their way to the tank. HIGHLIGHTS: From the technical side an average map with two nice features. Axis are able to release via trigger two deadly traps near the gold. To prevent a too long fight already at the bridge starting time for the map is 15 minutes and get extended two times for 17 minutes if Allies reach a certain point.
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