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duplex_towers.pk3 MISSION: The year is 1942 and Europe is besieged by war. The Axis has defeated most of Europe. Somewhere in no-man's-land, at the centre of power, the Allies are required to frenetically defend two highly significant installations, the so called Duplex Towers. The Axis war-machine is forced to redefined perfection in order to destroy these heavily defended structures. Will the Axis succeed and dynamite the Duplex Towers? Only one thing is for sure: The amplified adrenaline-pumping mayhemand intense mind-blowing action will destroy the human psyche among both Axis and Allied troops. Are you strong enough to fight at the Duplex Towers? The map has a very simple design. The two towers are situated on top of a mountain. The Axis (attackers) are spawning at the bottom of the slopes. Note: The Axis may spawn at two different locations, at equal distance to the towers. Go to Limbo menu to switch spawn-location. The Allies (who are defending) are spawning at the top of the mountain, close to the towers. They have two spawning locations, at equal distance to the towers, just like the Axis. The fact that each team has two potential spawning locations will reduce the risk of air-strike spamming. Landmines, mortar and air-strikes are enabled. Air-strikes are disabled over the two towers. Air-strikes are also disabled over both the Axis and Allied spawn-locations. Landmines cannot be places on rocky terrain.
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