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Saberpeak_final -Map A small secluded beach resort proved to be the ideal place for the axis to establish a secret docking station for their u-boats. A small group of allied forces were sent on a mission along the coast to find the secret base and destroy any u-boats in its hangar. This will prove quite difficult since the axis have heavily fortified the resort turning it into an impenetrable fortress. To make things even worse an ammo shipment sent to supply the allies assault boat was intercepted by the axis leaving the allies severely weakened. OBJECTIVES (ALLIES): Primary: 1. Escort the assault boat to the old dock. 2. Steal the ammo from the truck and load it onto the boat. 3. Escort the boat to the resort gates and use the boat cannons to destroy the entrance. 4. Destroy the submarine. Secondary: 5. Destroy the side wall 6. Construct the command post OBJECTIVES (AXIS): 1. Don't let the allies steal the ammo. 2. Stop the boat from destroying the resort gates. 3. Protect the submarine. Secondary 4. Construct the command post. HIGHLIGHTS: It looks like Far Cry !
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