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General / Re: Ix!on's application
« on: 11.10.2014, 20:56:50 »
Thank you, I will :)

General / Re: Ix!on's application
« on: 11.10.2014, 18:30:17 »
Yes kind of, but as i said i have had breaks in this time. For example I now started to play again since september, but before that I didn't play ET almost a year. :)

General / Ix!on's application
« on: 11.10.2014, 16:34:14 »
Ingame name: Ix!on

Age: Turned 17 few days ago.

Country: I'm from Estonia.

Invited by: nobody, heared about this clan by my friend.

All rules read: Yep, all rules read.

All rules understood: Yep, all rules understood.

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Sure, not a problem at all.

Your own notes: Have played ET for quite a long time(around 7-8years) with some breaks between. Have also been in various clans such as H2o, cTRL, Nbs.


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