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DooC-Server / Re: about me Anaconda
« on: 02.11.2014, 11:45:18 »
Welcome to the dooc-Clan ^^

General / Re: 11 Years of DooC
« on: 02.11.2014, 11:35:10 »
That's really amazing that this clan existed already for such a long time. A belated "Happy Birthday" to all of you.
Bersi would definitly be totally proud about his work and all of you <3 :baby:

DooC-Server / Re: Neue Maps für ET / New Maps for ET !!!
« on: 02.11.2014, 11:30:47 »
Minas Tirith sounds really awesome. I never saw it on the server but like to. But I also read your comments that it is too big for a small amount of players.
Maybe we can use this one for a special event like a christmas celebration on the server. But we should arrange and announce a date for that or it will not work.
What do you think about that?  :))

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