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General / farewell
« on: 18.03.2013, 14:44:37 »
dear friends
maybe u've realized that i was off these days i sadly announce to you that.But i'll quit
playing ET for now maybe definetly i'm busy with my life i have a job now
I can't be regular anymore
I left ET in 2009 to return on jun 2012 to find panther tiger playing on dooc xD
i discovered dooc by a coincidence but but it was a happy coincidence. I really enjoyed playing
tiger panther ameero mafkaas vengeful my dear south africans mates specially leeven
azarius hancoc $n!p3d  thank u very much
gauki thank you for ur trust mate wish u good luck
kissaki good luck mate
ameero take care my dear
thank u all my friends
good bye

DooC-Server / [info] ban of a player
« on: 20.02.2013, 20:57:11 »
ppll from Italy
banned by [DooC]*XXXX
date 20.02.2013
durantion: permanent
reason:  aimbot + level whining +chat spamming

DooC-Server / ET gameinfo fix
« on: 13.01.2013, 22:19:26 »
this tiny pk3 add extra gametypes to allow ingame server browser displaying something else than "???" for gametypes above 5 (map-voting, Team Deathmatch and deathmatch)
put it inside your /etmain folder
now when u start the game u will see servers gametypes MapVote TDM and DM displayed instead of ??? in the serverlist browser

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