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DooC-Server / Bugs Fixing Suggestions
« on: 26.10.2013, 17:39:43 »
I'm gonna go ahead and start this topic so everyone could share and give suggestions for any bugs that they think exist on server or in some maps, and work together to find the possibility of solving them if there were solutions.

I noticed few bugs myself and heard other players complaining about them, but i don't know anything about coding so I will leave this to Kissaki, Gauki and $n!iped if you can fix it.

First, the mines bug. When someone change teams, class (from eng to another class), or go to spec his mines don't go away. (so basically for ex. someone could still make kills while being a spectator because they already planted mines).

Second, the prone bug. You can't hit all body parts when someone is on prone, you can only make HS or shoot upper body.

Let us know if its easy/possible to fix such issues. And please feel free to discuss and share any other issues that you feel the server should not be having so we can avoid inconveniences.

Cheers  :evil:

DooC-Server / Adrenaline
« on: 03.06.2013, 16:46:33 »
Hello guys,

Please vote on whether you like adre to be removed from server or not, we want to see what the majority says!


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