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Spamboard / Please go on the page
« on: 22.09.2013, 19:05:26 »
Hi, all
Please go all to this Page please http:// and then close the page thanks
Your [DooC]*supermeetboy1999

Spamboard / I am away
« on: 26.07.2013, 19:08:30 »
I am in the holiday 1 week and so I can't play Et  :]
And then I am at home 1 week and then I am 3 weeks in the holidays in Hungary
Your supermeetboy1999

Spamboard / A new Wolfenstein came
« on: 21.06.2013, 13:59:59 »
A new Wolfenstein came end of the jear.
Here is the trailer from wolfenstein the new order:

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