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Helpboard / ET connection
« on: 12.02.2015, 21:21:09 »
Hello i have a little problem  :tongue: with my ET connection.

My internet is working (32 ping is good i think :))) i play 4.5 min and than

all interrupted so i don´t know what i do now  ;( ;( so maby someone can help me

greetings FuckBird :))

General / So maby ........ :D
« on: 17.05.2014, 23:40:08 »
So i thinke i am 1 year in clan, but i have so long lvl 17 so maby higher lvl maaabbbbyyyyy :D :D

To make vots (nextmap) or give players who want to join [DooC] lvl, or what ever so maby

when it is ok a higher lvl.

thx Birdyy :D :D  :middlefinger:

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