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General / ET ist just lagging
« on: 05.10.2016, 12:45:53 »
Hey guys,

i tried to reinstall ET and it already worked fine. But ingame is always totally laggy and i got low fps.
Something with openGL? Do you have any ideas?

And nope, my PC isnt shit ;P
Thank you so far.


DooC-Tournaments / Clan vs Regulars
« on: 10.06.2013, 21:17:49 »
Hey guys,

just an idea. What you guys think about a 10vs10 on baserace? Could be for example clanmates vs regular pub guys.
We did it a lot of times at my old clan, and worked really fine.

Just gimme your opinions

General / Hola, Hallo, Salut Servus and Konichiwa!
« on: 12.05.2013, 02:37:55 »
I justed wanted to introduce myself, shortly.
My name is Patrick, i.m 21 years old and living in Dortmund, Germany.
Playing ET since 6 years, i guess. Played a lot of wars and international tournaments.
I really prefer the teamplay and talking on mumble, ts3 or whatever.
My last clan is called eft//, i think some of you gonna remember those guys. They splitted and thats the reason why i stopped playing for, well, 2 years. So i.m since 4 days back in business 8)
I.m working as a webdesginer and doing a lot of graphic stuff like websites, logos, newsletter and so on.
So if you gonna need somethig, just let me know!

I think this was short enough. Have a great time dudes. <3



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