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General / Unban request
« on: 21.05.2015, 17:49:47 »
Hello everyone, I stopped playing ET for few months, now im back, and I swear that I'll be acting well.

Hope I'll get unbanned, I would like to play on DooC for fun.  :))


General / N!ce...
« on: 25.09.2014, 14:40:10 »
Hey everyone.. Trying to apply last time... Please all admin to vote.

Ingame name: N!ce

Age: 14

Country: Serbia

Invited by: LeeVeN

All rules read: Yep.

All rules understood: Yep.
Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yep.

Your own notes: Would like to back dooc and all my friends...

Helpboard / Help me about lags!
« on: 12.08.2014, 21:20:55 »
Hello,I have problem on server,Its a lag,I have ping 50,60,70,80 & 90,but there are lags,I tryed to connect to the some nq server,and I lagged too,I just used "/r_primitives 2 " and there was no lags! I tryed on dooc " /r_primitives " but there was default "0" Than I tryed "/r_primitives 2 " and there writed " Server cvar... I think forcing..."

Sorry on bad english.

General / [DooC]* Tags.
« on: 12.08.2014, 14:55:39 »
Hello Everyone,Today I was on server,Played,than someone connected as [DooC] Tag but he arent in dooc clan,he is lvl 4...

Take a look. Here is a screenshot.

General / Rejion Nice ^^
« on: 05.07.2014, 01:26:53 »
Hello I'm Back I would Like to Back To [DooC]  :evil:

Ingame name: Spl@$y.

Age: 14

Country: Serbia

Invited by: /

All rules read: Yes

All rules understood: Yes

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yes,I did played.

Your own notes: Nice atmosphere is in clan and good players play game a lot....

General / Cheater One shot
« on: 06.03.2014, 19:16:00 »
Cheater spoted on 3/6/2014 19:00 Middle Europian time..
Lexxa can confirm.

I don't know how to converte demo so you need to do it on your own,sorry :)

General / One!SHOT! from Canada
« on: 02.03.2014, 16:49:25 »
Hello... again me -_-

I record One!SHOT!,I think to he is wh,I will give this record to Gauki or Leven Email...

Sorry for my English.

General / Can I back to clan?
« on: 25.12.2013, 23:22:51 »
Hey,Here is [DooC]*N!ce,Can you give me chance to back to clan?  Sorry for was leaving,I dk why I was leave -.-...

General / Application - Vladimir
« on: 30.10.2013, 12:54:15 »
Ingame name: Vladimir

Age: I'm 13 years old.

Country: I am born in Novi Sad.

Invited by: Nobody, I would willingly like to join this clan

All rules read: I have read the rules.

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yes,I am prepared to enter this trial

All rules understood: Yes fully understood.

Your own notes : I'm playing et 3 years,I was in clan {PRZ}. I am a friendly player, I like Teamplay and do my field job to my best. I am good at making new friends and especially am a good fan of W:ETow

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