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Spamboard / Artwork
« on: 25.02.2015, 20:18:04 »
Lately signature artwork ive done ^^ any feedback is welcome and you can order signature from me if you want, the size of signatures are atm 500x280 but i can resize them ofc. And if you want to request signature just tell me wich subject and colors you would like on the signature ^^

Games / wildstar and dark souls 2
« on: 06.08.2014, 18:26:02 »
Okay so i want to ask that does anyone have any experience about wildstar or darksouls2 as ive intrested about both of em so if you have any experience of theae games feel free to rate em and tell about em if you want :)

General / Murdah re-application
« on: 05.08.2014, 20:05:50 »
Hello, Im back to playing ET, i think most of you know i left dooc to help my friends clan to raise, But the clans future couldnt be good one by knowing numerous problems. And ive talked whit 1 guy from dooc;). And i was thinking to re-apply cause i have to admit dooc is a good clan and i like it here! So just say your opinion that do guys want me back in clan or not. Ill ask you all questions what you need :)

Ingame name: Crownclown, at the moment. Old was Murdah

Age: 17

Country: Finland

Invited by: Dont know can i put $nipeds name here? He said i could reapply here

All rules read: Yes

All rules understood: Yes

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yes

Your own notes:  Rejoining to dooc

Helpboard / [GUIDE] How to set signature on forums
« on: 01.05.2014, 16:34:48 »
Some of you may not know how to set signature on your profile at forums, wich everyone sees if you post on a thread under your message

- Like this

What you have to do to set signature on your forum profile? Follow these steps!

1. My way how i upload my signatures on forums is to copy forum IMG codes from photobucket! So register first at and Upload your signature there so you can easily just click the Forum IMG code at photobucket and paste it on your forum profile!

2.  You need an signature(small as possible) and and url for it! I use signature size as 500x130 or 500x140
3.  Go to your forum profile

4. Copy Your Signatures URL and Paste it here!  Now you just have to wrote these forum codes between your signature's URL in the same way as the picture -->

5. Go to your photobucket library or some else website image uploading site! Click the wanted sig and you should see at mid corner 

6. Now the final step is to paste the IMG code to your forum profile signature!

Enjoy.  :middlefinger: :middlefinger: :middlefinger:

General / Memberlist?
« on: 24.04.2014, 10:47:51 »
I was thinking that is there some memberlist existing so everyone would know who is inactive and who is active and who still is in [DooC] clan ;)

i could volunteer making it

Spamboard / Post Your Favourite Artists/Songs!
« on: 15.04.2014, 12:48:28 »
Post any of your favourite artists/songs/music style ;)!

Ill start

My favourite music styles ;)!

Liquid Dubstep
Rap(a lil)

i cant even remember what different music styles i listen :D

My favourite artists?

Studio Killers
Dimitri Vegas
Calvin Harris
Sebastian Ingrosso
Knife Party
Swedish House Mafia

My favourite songs :)

DooC-Server / Spec999 cmd
« on: 09.04.2014, 17:35:07 »
I think spec999 cmd should have for lvl116 member atleast, ive seen many levlist systems and many has !spec999 cmd even for unmembers because you cant cause harm using it

Spamboard / Say No To Panda Commercials... :D
« on: 09.04.2014, 14:10:54 »
Never say no to panda XD

On the other side. [.youtube][/youtube] links doesnt work on forums? O.o

Spamboard / Some GIF's i made XD
« on: 08.04.2014, 15:15:24 »
So from now on ive started doing gif's, someone who doesnt know what a GIF is you could say its a moving picture who repeats itself ;) usually they last 2 - 15 seconds and heres 2 Gif's ive made myself for example ;)

You can request for a gif from me for now on or make yourself.

How to request A GIF :

- Link video of what you want GIF to be from

- Say time of the GIF's starting and ending : Max 15sec!

Spamboard / SMACK CAM!
« on: 06.04.2014, 20:45:18 »
Watch this video of smack cam ;DDDD
Heres 2 GIF's i made of it :D

This one failed =/

General / Mumble Problems :D
« on: 03.04.2014, 15:42:14 »
Okay so im beginner mumble user as ive always used to talk whit voices skype whit my friends and im not sure that is it asking me somekind password when i try to connect DooC- Mumble server? HELP! :DDD ?( ?( ?(

Spamboard / Anyone plays LoL?
« on: 26.03.2014, 14:19:08 »
I was thinking to ask that does sum1 play LeagueofLegends cuz ive seen at here forums some threads about lol :) 8o 8o 8o 8o

Spamboard / Signatures
« on: 21.03.2014, 13:55:45 »
I made thread to request some amateur signatures made by me :)
You can request signature for yourself if you want.

Information To Refill :

- What subject is the picture is about?

- Colors to avoid?

- Bright or dark picture?

- Anything else you have in mind?

- Text?

Heres some sigs/pics ive made :)

Spamboard / Funny Pictures :)
« on: 21.03.2014, 13:29:29 »
Okay so i was thinking just forfun that we could make here a thread where anyone can post some funny pictures :)

ill start whit this;)

General / Murdah's application to [DooC]
« on: 18.03.2014, 13:20:36 »
Ingame name: Murdah?

Age: 16

Country: Finland, Espoo

Invited by: None

All rules read: Yh ive read em

All rules understood: Ofc

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yh done before

Your own notes: Well ill tell little bit about myself, im 16 year old finnish boy and im studying on welding&Sheetmetal worker job at vocational school and its my first year studying at vocational school
Then my gaming site of me, I play alot of different games Like : Neverwinter 2(nw2), LeagueOfLegends(LoL), W:ET, Prototype. After my 2 years pause on W:ET i decisided to download it back and play a lil bit and i found DooC clan wich has standed from beginning when i played first time W:ET when i was 13, thats why i was intrested to join because DooC is kinda one of the "oldschool" clans left here. Ive havent yet gotten played much on your servers yet i got sumthing like 1k exp, but ive small talked whit [DooC]*Target and i tought he was nice :). So i tought to make application to DooC even im not regular yet on server but its still worth to try.

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