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General / [Request server Update] ET: Legacy Version 2.76
« on: 14.01.2019, 00:54:19 »
Hello ET: Legacy Version 2.76  is now qut
so Please update server from  ET: Legacy Version 2.75 to Version 2.76

For clan Leader

General / Please ban For Player CHAOS
« on: 27.01.2018, 02:50:29 »
Name  : CHAOS
date  : 27.1.2018
What Hapeen :
Hello Guys  CHAOS came to the server and cursed at to me and to Clan

Please ban for him

KillerSlovakia Clan Member

General / invite
« on: 23.07.2017, 01:11:51 »
So Guys today and now im create in forum post
Invite to server and Clan

im help clan now

DooC-Server / Dooc Map Pack : Map Pack By KillerSlovakia
« on: 31.10.2016, 22:19:10 »
Map Pack By KillerSlovakia

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory map a-z Pack

General / new Minecraft server
« on: 18.10.2016, 22:29:28 »

Hi preparation for Clan New Minecraft server 1.8.x
under my leadership

it will be Survival Minecraft Server

specially Permission

All Soon

[Ip Add Soon ]

DooC-Server / New Maps 1
« on: 18.10.2016, 16:56:48 »
Helllo all me clan Friends   server is need new Maps

here map list what im Like Add

Rtcw   - Maps From return to castle wolfenstein Mp 
Bramburg Dam
(Bramburg)- Dam Revenge  [Top Map  + me  Favourite map ]
Password 2
ET Beach Invasion
ET Dark -) = ET Dark PHX - a.k.a. ET Dark Road =
Tram Siege ET
Tram Siege RTCW
ET Village
Fueldump Revenge
SW Siwa Oasis TE
Millenium Falcon
Caen 1
Caen 2
Caen 3
Caen 4
Gold Rush GALS
Venice TC
Venice NE3 final [active AT-GUN]* -
All MLB Maps
Eagles 2 Ways
Glider Assault
SW Battery
SW Gold Rush TE
SW Siwa Oasis TE
Rail Gun

im add next map Later

tnx to Read me Idea

and please Add Maps to have new Player
and fan in Server

General / how join to -Mumble- server
« on: 17.10.2016, 21:54:13 »
hello How Join -Mumble-

im use -Mumble- 1st Time

General / Clan application KillerSlovakia
« on: 12.10.2016, 23:38:56 »
Ingame name:

Age: 18

Country: Slovakia  I am born  in Slovakia

Invited by:  nobody

All rules read: yes im Read all Rules  and im Accept Rules If so, I agreed to break the rules of the Demoted from clan

All rules understood:Yes I understood it!

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: im ready to me test  4-6 week trial period

Your own notes:
My ex Clans
1.=K9C= -  Rank in the clan - Member and  Junior Admin
2. -{FOB}- -  Rank in the clan - Member and teamspeak 3  Administrator
I am friends with the guys from Clans
1.  {WeB} -  Rank in the clan - Friends of {WeB}

tnx to Read  me Clan application

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