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Spamboard / Kissaki Steam :)
« on: 25.10.2016, 13:03:35 »
Hey Kissaki i added u on steam (Dragonite)

But u declined my friend request and blocked me :)

Could u add me back? or unblock me?

General / Clan Application By KubieSlijmYT
« on: 23.10.2016, 10:46:49 »
Ingame name: My ingame name is KubieSlijmYT

Age:im 12 i turned 12 a few months ago

Country:i was raised and i live still in the Netherlands

Invited by: I am invited by Target

All rules read:Yes i did

All rules understood:Yes i understood them all

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yes i am

Your own notes: I realy like the friendly staff and the fun server and i realy want to join the DooC clan :)

DooC-Server / More Items
« on: 23.10.2016, 10:25:51 »
I suggest those items:

Stamina Booster
More tripmines and landmines :) for fun ofc

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