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General / Re: Enemy Territory Tournament: Corona Cup
« on: 29.03.2020, 16:48:31 »
Hey, thanks man.

Thanks for your response man.

So do you think you could gather up some people, to match up and play?

3 to maybe 5 players? Just seeing wich clan is the better one?

Frag on


General / Enemy Territory Tournament: Corona Cup
« on: 29.03.2020, 14:58:38 »
Hello everyone,

My name is eMMiel and I'm from Belgium.

As we experience a revival in this game because of the Corona Virus, people having allot of time to play.

I was thinking that it would be really cool to organise an Enemy Territory Tournament: the Corona Cup :D. More clanbased than anything else.
I don't realy have any experience in doing that. But that's why I'm posting it here, so I can see if there is any interest in it or maybe if it could attract anyones attention.

So I was thinking about making some advertisements in the different forums of any active clan. So they can make a team and join up.
I already made such a post in the forums of TeamMuppet. They are a clan based on ETlegacy. And there is already some interest. See link underneath:
Also Hirntot is having some interests:
So if we got some different teams we could make a little Cup with group stages and quarter-finals and so on.
We could do some 3on3 or if possible 5on5.
As for the dates, I'm thinking each Thursday, Tuesday and Saterday of 20:00 CET +1.

Another idea was streaming it on twitch and donate the donations to Covid-19 research.

Well this was my idea, any constructive ideas or you can shoot it down too. It's all welcome.

Thanks for listening to my little dream and (rant),

Have a nice day,


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