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HOW TO INSTALL 2.60b patch

2.60 patch Windows
Then u need 2.60 patch

2.60b patch Windows
After that u need 2.60b patch

I will give here short explination how to install 2.60b patch, cuz some ppl dont know what to do.
After download this patch, unrar it first. Then u will have map named Enemy Territory 2.60b. Open it and go at map Win32.
When u open Win32 u will see inside two icons( ET and ETDED).

Copy this two icons and open ur Wolfenstein enemy territory direction that u have ( most of time ur et is installed in C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. It will look smth like this pic, then just paste two icons to this map and ur 2.60b patch will be installed

You also need to updated your pb

Go in pb folder and click pbsetup.exe

By: Splash -

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ET communication

Xfire :
# Download the latest version of Xfire, the free, small, and easy to use instant messenger for gamers.

Download Link :


# mIRC is a popular Internet Relay Chat client used by millions of people,
and thousands of organizations, to communicate, share, play and work with each
other on IRC networks around the world. Serving the Internet community
for over a decade, mIRC has evolved into a powerful, reliable and fun piece of
technology. You can download mIRC here.

Download Link :



# Teamspeak is flexible, powerful, scalable software
which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet.
TeamSpeak consists of both client and server software. The server acts
as a host to multiple client connections, capable of handling literally
thousands of simultaneous users.

Download Link :



# Free real-time voice chat for group communications

Download link :

Client programs - Windows i386 - 32bit - Win2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 (Version 3.0.5) - Windows x64 - 64bit (Version 3.0.5) - Windows 9x - 95/98/ME (Version 3.0.5) - Mac OSX 10.4 or higher - 32bit (Version 3.0.4)

Server programs: - Windows i386 - 32bit (Version 3.0.3) - Linux i386 - 32bit (Version 3.0.3) - Solaris SPARC - 64bit (Version 3.0.3) - Solaris x86 - 32bit (Version 3.0.3) - FreeBSD i386 - 32bit (Version 3.0.3) - NetBSD i386 - 32bit (Version 3.0.3)


better version of ventrilo mix, which allows u to swich between all 3 versions + teamspeak with one program.

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punkbuster settings - reduce lag +task manager

Code: [Select]
There are some settings that I have come across from Evenbalance that
really helped me out. I'll give you guys my thoughts to hopefully
reduce any lag issues you have. Please read the ENTIRE paragraph after
the command so you know when you need to put it in and why you might
need to use it in the first place.

For all of these commands you will need to bring down your console by
pressing '~' key which is just to the LEFT of the number 1 at the top
of the keyboard (NOT THE KEYPAD ON THE RIGHT) All commands are to be
entered without quotes.

Also, ALL commands starting with the letters PB MUST be entered manually every time you close out ET and re-open it.

1) "/pb_lan 1" - Changing /pb_lan to 1 will make PB behave as though it
is not connected to the server. This will reduce the amount of data you
need to send between you and the server. This command works perfectly
fine of course unless PB does find a hack on your system in which case
it will ignore this command and report you for the trash you are.
WARNING: Changing Pb_lan to 1 will NOT allow you to connect to a
server, you must first connect, then set pb_lan to 1 (it resets to 0
after exiting the game)

2) "/pb_sleep 500" - Changing PB sleep to 500 may be redundant to the
first command, has to do with how long PB will rest before sending
data, I always put it in for any chance at yet another possible
performance gain. (Resets to default after exiting the game)

Now, if you have an issue where on PB servers you have a distinct chop
every 30 seconds or 1 minute (But always in an even increment) I would
try this next command.

4) "/pb_system 0" - This command will change the way PB scans your
memory. It was put in place to fix program compatibility issues, but
fixed my lag (Which I believe to be a conflict with my Anti-Spyware -
Spysweeper OR Ewido) WARNING: This setting MUST be set BEFORE joining a
server, However once set you DO NOT have to enter it every single time
- It will retain itself unlike the other listed PB commands

Lastly... for any of you with 'Dual Core' Processors - ET is most
definitely NOT multi-threaded. Therefore, it cannot utilize both of
your "logical CPU's" at the same time. Because of this, I recommend
moving ET to the CPU windows is NOT using for a MASSIVE increase in FPS
(or at least on my machine running a Pentium D 820 - which is not an
impressive dual core)

You can do this very easily, once you have the game open press "Alt +
Ctrl + Del" at the same time to bring up your task manager, right click
on "ET.exe" and choose "Set Affinity" make sure "CPU 0" is NOT checked
and make sure to put a check in "CPU 1" Windows will be running on the
lowest number processor (usually 0) and therefore you'll now give ET a
full CPU (in my case of 2.8 GHz dedicated)

I hope this helps some of you, but I do not certify that it will. I
encourage you to read what each command does and what it effects. I use
all of those commands and they solved massive lag problems I was having
in ANY PB server, not just NQ. Since NQ is always running PB these
commands apply directly. Thanks for reading, enjoy your games everyone!

By: Shitstorm & Fearless Assassins community


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[Lag]Program Against Lag


What does it do?

Leatrix Latency Fix will reduce your online gaming latency significantly by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server. For the technically minded, this is a script which will modify TCPAckFrequency.

You will see reduced latency in many online games including World of Warcraft, Aion, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, et, cod, and more.

System Requirements

Leatrix Latency Fix is supported on these operating systems only.

* Windows XP (SP2 or higher)
* Windows Vista (SP1 or higher)
* Windows 7

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.
Macintosh users should read the relevant section in the FAQ below.

Installation Instructions

In the download, you'll find 3 script files - Install, Remove and Checker. Simply run the Install script and follow the prompts (as shown here). If the script opens in a text editor (or any other application) instead of running, read the first question in the FAQ.

If you're logged into your computer with an account which doesn't have Administator privileges (or you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with User Account Control enabled), you'll be prompted to enter the credentials of a user account which has Administrator privileges.

After the installation, you should see a confirmation window. Simply do what it says and restart your computer. If you don't see a confirmation window, or have any other problems with any of the scripts, read the FAQ below.

Once you've restarted your computer, you can login to your online game with reduced latency!

To uninstall Leatrix Latency Fix, run the Remove script.

Download here

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[HowTo]Make your Own Cfg

Here is a list of enemy territory commands configuration list. Those settings you have to put into .cfg file after place the file into etmain folder in your et game folder, If you don't know how to convert .txt to .cfg so just make copy of some .cfg file from etmain and rename it like "name.cfg".Then connect to server and type in console /exec name.cfg, you can chose any name for the cfg file like mine is adrian.cfg and when i enter a server i just simply exec it by /exec adrian.cfg. if you need any help please let me know.

Code: [Select]
///// Set cg_/////
set cg_announcer "1" ///warwitch prepare to fight! and fight! sounds (1=yes 0=no)
set “cg_atmosphericEffects “1”///Make game works a bit better but spoils the game fun
set cg_autoactivate "1" //pick up ammo/med/obj/guns automatically? (1=yes 0=no)I dont suggest this because it is hard to control your game
set cg_autoaction "0" //save stats at end of round? bitmask, (1=demo 2=screenshot 4=save stats to file) It saves stats at the end of map to stats folder in et game folder.In case of demo it starts recording at the beginning of map and stoprecord at the end.Demo can slow down your game but screen of your stats is nice thing.
set cg_autoreload "1" //automatically reload pistol/panzer/smg/venom when ammo expended? (1=yes 0=no)Default player setting which is handy but some pro players turn that off
set cg_autoswitch "0" //automatically switch to pistol when smg out of ammo? (1=yes 0=no)
set cg_blinktime "100" // It controls how often your character blinks with his eyes.Can be set for fun only imo
set cg_bloodDamageBlend "0.0 " //amount of screen to turn red when shot? (1=full blood splatter .5=half 0=none)The less the better.It much helps on 1v1 fight
set cg_bloodTime "120" //how long (in milliseconds) does blood stay on walls/floor? (0=no blood decals)
set cg_bloodflash "0.0 " //show blood flash (directional indicator) when shot? (1=full blood splash .5=half 0=none) When off  then it makes game work a bit better but spoils the fun imo
set cg_bobpitch "0.002" //amount player bobs forward/back while moving (in quake units) (0=none) It makes your player to lean forward or backward when moving,some older et players set it to 0.000
set cg_bobroll "0.002" //amount player rolls side to side while moving (in quake units) (0=none)
set cg_bobup "0.005" //amount player bobs up while moving (in quake units) (0=none)
set “cg_bobyaw” “0.002”
set “cg_runroll” “0.005”
set “cg_runpitch” “0.002”
set cg_brassTime "2500" //how long do expended shells remain on floor? (0=none)
set cg_cameraOrbitDelay "50" //change the rate at which the camara moves to the next orbit position (higher number=slower) Default setting
set cg_complaintpopup "1" //pop up complaint prompt when TK'ed? (1=yes 0=no) Recommended when server has complaintlimit

set cg_coronafardist "1536" // distance of corona from which you can see it (1=yes 0=no)  Turn off to make game work faster but spoils the fun
set cg_coronas "1" //draw sun flares? (1=yes 0=no)  Turn off to make game work faster but spoils the fun
set cg_crosshairAlpha "1" //level of crosshair transparency? (1=full crosshair .5=semitransparent 0=none)
set cg_crosshairAlphaAlt "1" //level of secondary crosshair transparency? (1=full crosshair .5=semitransparent 0=none)
set cg_crosshairColor "blue" //color of crosshair? Possible values are:
//white black red green blue yellow magenta cyan orange
//mdred mdgreen dkgreen mdcyan mdyellow mdorange mdblue ltgrey mdgrey dkgreen
set cg_crosshairHealth "1" //change crosshair color from to red depending on health? (req:0 for crosshair colors to take effect) ////Nice and handy thing
set cg_crosshairpulse "0" //change size of crosshair depending on accuracy loss due to lateral mouse movement? 1=yes 0=no////Recommened is turned off
set cg_crosshairSize "48" //size of crosshair on screen (higher number=larger)
set cg_crosshairX "0" //alter positioning of crosshair on screen along x axis (in pixels, - numbers move left + move right) You get not adventage while its on
set cg_crosshairY "0" //alter positioning of crosshair on screen along y axis (in pixels, - numbers move up + move down) You get not adventage while its on
set cg_currentSelectedPlayer "0" //default playernumber to spectate upon death
set cg_cursorHints "1" //show dyno/backstab/breakable obj hints? also dyno defuse/plant meter (1=yes 0=no) Recommended
set cg_cycleAllWeaps "1" //cycle non-weapons when using mwheel to switch(needle pliars a/s packs)? (1=yes 0=no) You get not adventage while its on
set cg_deferPlayers "1" //loading of player models will not take place until next map, death, or scorecheck (1=yes 0=no) Leave this
set cg_drawAttacker "0" //Draw the face and nameof who is currently attacking you. 1=yes 0=no // Leave this
set cg_drawCompass "1" //draw compass@bottom of screen (1=yes 0=no) Recommended
set cg_drawCrosshair "5" //crosshair style? (1-10)
set cg_drawCrosshairNames "1" //draw friendly player names under crosshair? (1=yes 0=no)
set cg_drawFPS "1" //draw frames per second displayed? (1=yes 0=no) Recommended to see how your game works
set cg_drawGun "1" //draw gun on screen? (1=yes 0=no)
set cg_drawIcons "1" //draw gun icons on screen? (1=yes 0=no) You gain no adventage when turned off
set cg_drawNotifyText "1" //display console text in notification area on scren? (1=yes 0=no) Recommended
set cg_drawReinforcementTime "1" //display friendly respawn time? (1=yes 0=no) Recommended
set cg_drawSnapshot "0" //display client-server traffic? (for debugging?) (1=yes 0=no) Leave it,you gain no adventage when turned on
set cg_drawStatus "1" //display HUD? (1=yes 0=no) Leave this
set cg_drawTeamOverlay "2" //type of team display (0=none 1=short 2=long)
set cg_drawTimer "0" //draw time left in round? (redundant, already displayed) (1=yes, 0=no)
set cg_drawWeaponIconFlash "1" //weapon icon outline colored based on state: red=firing yellow=reload white=switching (1=yes, 0=no) Leave this
set cg_gibs "1" //draw body chunks when gibbed? (1=yes, 0=no)
set cg_fov "115" //field of vision (higher is wider) By some players considered as cheat because it gives you wider vision,also some servers restrict this. Default is 90 but reasonable is from 90 to 120.
set cg_hudAlpha "1.0" //transparency of HUD? (1=full crosshair .5=semitransparent 0=none)
set cg_impactvibration “0” Dont know,leave this
set cg_lagometer "1" //display lag-o-meter? (1=yes 0=no) Recimmended,green is server and blue is you///yellow marks mean it is bad and red that it is really bad
set cg_marks "0" //draw marks on walls? bulletholes, etc (1=yes 0=no)
set cg_marktime "0" //time in milliseconds to leave marks on walls
set cg_muzzleflash “0” //turns off muzzleflash when shooting,makes game work a bit faster when off
set cg_popupLimboMenu "0" //pop up limbo menu upon death (1=yes 0=no) Recommended to set to 0
set cg_predictItems "0" //use clientside prediction for item pickup (may falsely play item pickup sound when on) (1=yes 0=no) Leave that
set cg_quickMessageAlt "1" //use numbers or letters for voice comms? (1=numbers 0=letters)///Leave this
set cg_selectedPlayer "0" //selected player to spectate?
set cg_selectedPlayerName "HelenKeller" //selected player name to spectate?
set cg_shadows "1" //draw player shadows (0=none 1=circle 2=raycasted) Make game work a bit faster when off
set cg_showblood "1" //show blood when shooting players? (1=yes 0=no) Make game work a bit faster when off
set cg_simpleItems "0" //represent packs/weapons as icons instead of 3d objects? (aids in recognition) (1=icon 0=objective) Leave this
set cg_stereoSeparation "0.4" //amount of stereo seperation in sound output from 0-1/// Gain no adventage upon change
set cg_teamChatHeight "8" //number of lines of text to draw on screen/// 8 is a bit too much,set to 6 or 5
set cg_teamChatTime "99999" //number of milliseconds before drawn text fades// Very useful
set cg_teamChatsOnly "0" //display text from team only? (1=yes 0=no) Leave this
set cg_useWeapsForZoom "1" //use mwheel to zoom in/out when bound to change weapons? (1=yes 0=no)
set cg_viewsize "100" //percentage of screen to display
set cg_voiceSpriteTime "6000" //time for voice icons (exclamation point, ammo, health) to remain on compass (in milliseconds)
set cg_weaponCycleDelay "150" //delay between weapon switching when using mwheel (in millseconds)
set cg_wolfparticles "1" //draw particles on screen (airstrike/artillery/nade/panzer explosions) (1=yes 0=no)// Makes game work a bit faster when off
set cg_zoomDefaultBinoc "3" //default zoom level for binocs/// Leave this
set cg_zoomDefaultSniper "3" //default zoom level for sniper/// Leave this
set cg_zoomStepBinoc "2" //levels of zoom for binocs?/// Leave this
set cg_zoomfov "22.5" //default fov for zoom?// Some of the players see it as cheat
set cg_zoomstepsniper "3" //levels of zoom for sniper?// Some of the players see it as cheat
Set cg_runroll “0”// Suppsignly can improve your aim,may be considered as cheat
Set cg_runpitch “0”//// Suppsignly can improve your aim,may be considered as cheat
Set cg_recoilpitch “0”/// Considered as cheat,punkbuster kicks instantly for that
Set cg_drawSpreadScale “1”//// You gain no adventage when it is on

Code: [Select]
////// Set cl_///////
set cl_packetdup "1" //send duplicate packets when packet is dropped? (1=yes 0=no) That is useful when your internet tends to lose packets (you can check that on lagometer,it is shown with red marks).By increasing packetdup your ping go up.
set cl_allowDownload "1" //allow client to download missing files? (1=yes 0=no) STRONGELY RECOMMENDED
set cl_mouseAccel “0”// It is better to have it set to 0 because your mouse movement are exactly repeated in-game
set cl_timenudge "0" //client lag prediction (negative 1/4 of avg ping is good guide) This can be useful but set it to 0 if you have no lags
set cl_maxpackets "100" //max packets to send per second (higher = smoother play but requires beefier connection)

///// Set r_////
set r_allowExtensions "1" //allow use of opengl extensions? (uses hardware to fullest) (1=yes 0=no)
set r_atmosphereeffects “0”
set r_colorbits "0" //16 or 32 bit color?
set r_customaspect "1" //allow for a custom aspect ratio? (1=yes 0=no)
set r_customheight "1024" //vertical resolution
set r_customwidth "1600" //horizontal resolution
set r_depthbits "0" //how many bits for depth buffer?
set r_detailtextures "1" //use detailed textures? (1=yes 0=no)
set r_displayrefresh "0" //refresh rate (in hz) to use
set r_drawSun "1" //draw sun on screen? (1=yes 0=no)
set r_dynamiclight "1" //use dynamic lighting (panzer lights up area around, guns also) (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ext_compiled_vertex_array "1" //toggle hardware compiled vertex array rendering method (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ext_compressed_textures "1" //toggle compression of textures (uses less vid ram, less quality, and slower loading) (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ext_gamma_control "1" //enable external gamma control settings (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ext_multitexture "1" //toggle hardware mutitexturing (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ext_texture_env_add "1" //toggle additive blending in multitexturing (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ext_NV_fog_dist “0” unsafe
set r_facePlaneCull "1" //toggle culling of brush faces not in view (0 will slow FPS) (1=yes 0=no)
set r_fastsky "1" //display sky as single color or fancy with clouds etc. (1=yes 0=no)
set r_finish "0" //toggle synchronization of rendered frames (1=yes 0=no)
set r_flares "1" //toggle projectile flare and lighting effect (1=yes 0=no)
set r_fullscreen "1" //toggle full screen or play in a window (1=fullscreen 0=windowed)
set r_gamma "1.3" //level of gamma ramping
set r_glDriver "opengl32" //used "x" OpenGL driver (standard OpenGL32 or 3dfxvgl)
set r_glIgnoreWicked3D "0" //when using 3dfx ignore wicked3d drivers? (1=yes 0=no)
set r_highQualityVideo "1" //video sucks. (1=yes 0=no)
set r_intensity "1" //color intensity higher=brighter
set r_ignoreFastPath "0" //gives boost in fps when set to 0, enables prediction in gfx card (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ignoreGLErrors "1" //self-explanatory, chump! (1=yes 0=no)
set r_ignorehwgamma "0" //use hardware gamma? affects operation of gamma controls (1=yes 0=no)
set r_inGameVideo "1" //toggle loading and display of in-game video (1=yes 0=no)
set r_lodCurveError "250" //another level of detail setting if set to 10000 "don't drop curve rows for a long time"
set r_lodbias "0" //change the geometric level of detail (0 - 2)
set r_mode "4" //display mode (3=640x480 4=800x600 6=1024x768 7=1280x1024)
set r_overBrightBits "0" //brightness adjustment (higher=brighter)
set r_picmip "1" //set maximum texture size (0 - 10, 10=fastest 0=quality)
set r_picmip2 “2”
set r_primitives "0" //set the rendering method. (1-3)
set r_rmse "0.0" //blurring for textures, increases fps
set r_roundImagesDown "2" //set rounding down amount (larger = faster, lower = quality)
set r_simpleMipMaps "1" //toggle the use of "simple" mip mapping. (1=yes 0=no)
set r_smp "0" //toggle the use of multi processor acceleration code (buggy)
set r_stencilbits "0" //stencil buffer size (0, 8bit, and 16bit)
set r_stereo "0" //toggle the use of stereo separation for 3D glasses (1=yes 0=no)
set r_subdivisions "0" //set maximum level of detail. (an example would be the complexity of curves. 1=highest detail)
set r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" //select texture mode, linear or nearest
set r_texturebits "0" //color depth for textures? (16 or 32)
set r_uifullscreen "1" //hax for fog removal (1=yes 0=no)
set r_vertexLight "1" //vertex or not? vertex = lower quality, brighter (1=yes 0=no)
set r_mapoverbrightbits "2" //brightness adjustment (higher=brighter)

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How to get started in scripting

How to get started in scripting

To start using more (or not) etconfig.cfg file located in the profile folder: This file resets itself if the content exceeds 16KB.

We'll create another file called autoexec.cfg which is located in the folder etmain and which, as its name implies, will run automatically whenever you start the game

Create your autoexec.cfg

To create your file, you simply create a text document that you rename it. Cfg.
If you do not see the extension, do not panic! Record directly into your text document. Cfg.
If complications arise, do not break your head and copy / rename your autoexec.cfg etconfig.cfg in that you put in your file etmain.
I advise you to do your config once completed.

Open and edit the file using any text editor: Notepad (Notepad), Wordpad, ...

The game does not like big files, so if you exceed 16KB you may need to run it manually as follows:

In the game, open the console using the tilde key and type the following command:

* / Exec autoexec.cfg

When executing a file extension. Cfg is not compulsory.

Difference. Cfg and console

In the console:

/ Command

In. Cfg file:


To set and bind to more than one command you must enclose the quotation marks, as follows:

bind X "Say Hi; vstr haha"

The Binds

To assign your keys ...
Type in your cfg:


unbindall / / To reset all the keys

/ * Movement * /

bind X "forward" / / Forward
bind X "back" / / Backward
bind X "moveleft" / / Left
bind X "MoveRight" / / Right

bind X "sprint" / / ran
bind X "moveup" / / Jump
bind X "movedown" / / Crouch
bind X "prone" / / Lie

bind X "leanleft" / / Lean Left
bind X "leanright" / / Lean right

bind X "activate" / / Use

/ * Weapons * /

bind X "attack" / / Pull
bind X "reload" / / Reload
bind X "weapalt" / / Weapon alternative

bind X "weapnext" / / Next Weapon
bind X "weapprev" / / Weapon previous

bind X "zoom" / / Binoculars

bind X "weaponbank 1" / / Knife
bind X "weaponbank 2" / / Secondary weapon
bind X "weaponbank 3" / / Primary Weapon
bind X "weaponbank 4" / / Grenades
bind X "weaponbank 5" / / Dynamite, AirStrike, Syringe
bind X "weaponbank 6" / / Ammo, Medic, Pliers, Satchel
bind X "weaponbank 7" / / Mining / Adrenaline

/ * General * /

bind X "kill; forcetapout" / / Final Suicide

bind X "toggleconsole" / / Console
bind X "togglemenu" / / Menu
bind X "openlimbomenu" / / Menu Limbo
bind X "stats" / / Player Stats
bind X "scores" / / Players List
bind X "mapexpand" / / Display the map

bind X "record" / / Start recording
bind X "stoprecord" / / Stop recording
bind X "screenshotJPEG" / / Take a screen as JPEG

/ * Votes *

bind X "vote yes" / / Vote yes
bind X "vote no" / / vote no
bind X "ready" / / Ready
bind X "unready" / / Not ready

/ * Teams *

bind X "vstr axis"
bind X "vstr allies"
Set axis "team r; echo ^ 1 - ^ 7Axis"
Set Allies "team b; echo ^> - ^ 7Allies"

/ * Classes * /

bind X1 "vstr medic"
bind X2 "vstr engi"
X3 bind 'vstr fdop "
bind X4 "vstr Panzer"
bind X5 "vstr sten"
set medic "class m ^ 2 echo. 7medic ^ ^ 2 (^ 7MP40 ^ 2 / ^ ^ 7THOMPSON 2)"
Set Engi "class e 1; echo ^ 3. 7engi ^ ^ 3 (^ 7MP40 ^ 3 / ^ ^ 7THOMPSON 3); bind X2" vstr rifle ""
Set rifle "class e 2; echo ^ 3. 7engi ^ ^ 3 (^ 7K43 ^ 3 / ^ ^ 7GARAND 3); bind X2" vstr engi ""
Set fdop "class f; echo ^ 1. 7fdop ^ ^ 1 (^ ^ 7MP40 1 / ^ ^ 7THOMPSON 1)"
Set Panzer "class s 4; echo ^ 0. 7soldier ^ ^ 0 (^ ^ 7PANZERFAUST 0); bind X4" vstr mg ""
set mg "class s 2; echo ^ 0. 7soldier ^ ^ 0 (^ ^ MG42 7MOBILE 0); bind X4" vstr flame ""
Set flame "class s 3; echo ^ 0. 7soldier ^ ^ 0 (^ ^ 7FLAMETHROWER 0); bind X4" vstr mortar ""
Set mortar "class s 5; echo ^ 0. 7soldier ^ ^ 0 (^ ^ 7MORTAR 0); bind X4" vstr Panzer ""
Set sten "class c 1; echo ^ 6. 7covop ^ ^ 6 (^ ^ 7STEN 6); bind X5" vstr fg ""
set fg "class c 2; echo ^ 6. 7covop ^ ^ 6 (^ ^ 7FG42 6); bind X5" vstr sniper ""
Set snipe "class c 3; echo ^ 6. 7covop ^ ^ 6 (^ 7K43 ^ 6 / ^ ^ 7GARAND 6); bind X5" vstr sten "

/ * * Spawns /

bind X "setspawnpt 0; echo ^ 1 [^ ^ 7Default 1]
bind X "setspawnpt 1; echo ^ 1 [^ 7BS-Adler/BS-Frost]"
bind X "setspawnpt 2; echo ^ 1 [^ 7BS-Grush (Allies) ^ 1 / ^ 7BS-Braun (Axis) ^ 1]"
bind X "setspawnpt 3; echo ^ 1 [^ 7Allied Spawn (Goldrush) ^ 1]"
bind X "setspawnpt 4; echo ^ 1 [^ 7Forward Hut ^ 4 / ^ ^ 7CP-supply 1 / ^ ^ 7CP-Braun 1]
bind X "setspawnpt 5; echo ^ 1 [^ ^ 7CP 4 / ^ 7BS ^ 1 / ^ ^ 7BS-Supply 1 / ^ 7BS-Grush (Axis) ^ 1 / ^ ^ 1 7CP-Radar]"

/ * * Fire Team /

Bind X "mp_fireteamadmin" / / Handle the fireteam

Bind X "selectbuddy 0" / / Select the member number 0.
Bind X "selectbuddy 1" / / Select the member 1.
Bind X "selectbuddy 2" / / Select the member 2.
Bind X "selectbuddy 3" / / Select the member 3.
Bind X "selectbuddy 4" / / Select the member 4.
Bind X "selectbuddy 5" / / Select the member 5.
Bind X "selectbuddy 6" / / Select the member 6.
Bind X "selectbuddy 7" / / Select the member 7.

/ * Chat * /

Bind X "messagemode" / / Send a message to all.
Bind X "messagemode2" / / Send a message to your team.
Bind X "messagemode3" / / Send a message to your fireteam.

Bind X "mp_fireteammsg" / / Send a voice message to your team.
Bind X "mp_quickmessage" / / Send a voice message

Obviously you replace X with the keys you want

Keys "Bindable"

If you give functions to keys, it is important to know how these keys must be specified.

Function Keys

F1 / F1
F2 / f2
F3 / f3
F4 / F4
F5 / F5
F6 / F6
F7 / F7
F8 / f8
F9 / F9
F10 / f10
F11 / F11
F12 / f12

Navigation keys

Ins / ins
Home / home
Page Up / PgUp
Page Down / PgDn
Del / del
End / end
Arrow keys

Up / uparrow
Low / Downarrow
Left / leftarrow
left / rightarrow

0 / kp_ins
1 / kp_end
2 / kp_downarrow
3 / kp_pgdn
4 / kp_leftarrow
5 / kp_5
6 / kp_rightarrow
7 / kp_home
8 / kp_uparrow
9 / kp_pgup
Point / kp_del
Between / kp_enter
Plus / kp_plus
Less / kp_minus
Asterisk / *
Slash / kp_slash


Left button / mouse1
Right / Mouse2
Middle button / mouse3
Roulette Scroll Up / mwheelup
Scroll Down Roulette / mwheeldown

Alphabetic keys

y / y
b / b
c / c
d / d
e / e
f / f
g / g
h / h
i / i
j / j
k / k
l / l
m / m
n / n
o / o
p / p
q / q
r / r
s / s
t / t
u / u
v / v
w / w
x / x
y / y
z / z

Numeric keys

0 / 0
1 / 1
2 / 2
3 / 3
4 / 4
5 / 5
6 / 6
7 / 7
8 / 8
9 / 9


Caps Lock / capslock
Pause / Break
Tab / tab
Between / enter
Space / space
Single / quote '
Hyphen / -
Slash / /
Semicolon / semicolon
Egal / =
Left quote / [
Guillement right /]
Backslash /
Point /,
Period /.
Alt / alt
Ctrl / ctrl
Shift / shift
Escape / esc

Attention to the keys "A", "Q", "Z" and "W" if the game settings are set to "English".

there are several resolutions: 1280x1024 for me: 1009:

: 1009: fov went into the console: / cg_fov 90 by default and can go up to 120 I for one am 108: 1009:

: 1009: fps: / com_maxfps 125 and the meter / cl_maxpackets 100: 1009:

: 1009: there are also the spleen: / rate 45000, it will depend on seveur: 1009:

1> Copy paste into notepad config
2> Save the file by adding. Cfg to the name (not important)
3> Place the file in the Etmain (Program Files> Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory> Etmain)
4-To use type in game / exec nomdufichier.cfg in the console (the tilde key)



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=demi tour=

bind f "com_maxfps 40; set cl_yawspeed 13900; +left; wait 2; -left; set cl_yawspeed 140; com_maxfps 76;" // 180-degrees turn

=changement de couleur crosshair=

bind g "vstr ch1"
set ch1 "bind g vstr ch2; cg_crosshaircolor red"
set ch2 "bind g vstr ch3; cg_crosshaircolor white"
set ch3 "bind g vstr ch1; cg_crosshaircolor green"


set ffe "+zoom; +attack; wait 30*; -attack; -zoom"
bind b "vstr ffe"

=changement de pseudo=

set name1 "set name ^1Franky ^7fucking ^1four ^7Fingers ;set nametoggle vstr name2"
set name2 "set name ^0M^5I^0S^5T^0Y^2Q ;set nametoggle vstr name3"
set name3 "set name ^4MOZILLA ;set nametoggle vstr name1"
set nametoggle vstr name1
bind "F8" vstr nametoggle

=changement de réglage Gamma=

bind u "vstr gup"
bind i "vstr gdn"
set gdn vstr gamma00
set gup vstr gamma01
set gamma00 "set r_gamma 1.5;set gdn vstr gamma00;set gup vstr gamma01"
set gamma01 "set r_gamma 1.6;set gdn vstr gamma00;set gup vstr gamma02"
set gamma02 "set r_gamma 1.7;set gdn vstr gamma01;set gup vstr gamma03"
set gamma03 "set r_gamma 1.8;set gdn vstr gamma02;set gup vstr gamma04"
set gamma04 "set r_gamma 1.9;set gdn vstr gamma03;set gup vstr gamma05"
set gamma05 "set r_gamma 2;set gdn vstr gamma04;set gup vstr gamma06"
set gamma06 "set r_gamma 2.2;set gdn vstr gamma05;set gup vstr gamma07"
set gamma07 "set r_gamma 2.4;set gdn vstr gamma06;set gup vstr gamma08"
set gamma08 "set r_gamma 2.5;set gdn vstr gamma07;set gup vstr gamma09"
set gamma09 "set r_gamma 2.6;set gdn vstr gamma08;set gup vstr gamma10"
set gamma10 "set r_gamma 2.7;set gdn vstr gamma09;set gup vstr gamma10"
set gamma11 "set r_gamma 3.0;set gdn vstr gamma010;set gup vstr gamma00"

=knife retour au thompson/mp40=

unbind x
set knifepart1 "cg_drawgun 1;weaponbank 1; wait 2; +attack"
set knifepart2 "-attack; cg_drawGun 1; weaponbank 2; weaponbank 3"
unbind x
bind x "+vstr knifepart1 knifepart2"

=demos on/off=

bind F12 "vstr demor"
set demoon "autorecord; echo ^Q.^PDemo ON^Q!; say ^Q.^PDemo ON^Q!; set demor vstr demooff"
set demooff "stoprecord; echo ^Q.^PDemo OFF^Q!; say ^Q.^PDemo OFF^Q!; set demor vstr demoon"
set demor "vstr demoon"

bind F11 "autoscreenshot"

bind enter "vstr pmove"
set pmove "vstr pmove1"
set pmove1 "pmove_fixed 1; echo "^Q.^PPmove ON^Q!"; set pmove vstr pmove2"
set pmove2 "pmove_fixed 0; echo "^Q.^PPmove OFF^Q!"; set pmove vstr pmove1"

=crosshair forme=

bind h "vstr rcel"
set rcel1 "cg_drawcrosshair 1; set rcel vstr rcel2"
set rcel2 "cg_drawcrosshair 2; set rcel vstr rcel3"
set rcel3 "cg_drawcrosshair 3; set rcel vstr rcel4"
set rcel4 "cg_drawcrosshair 4; set rcel vstr rcel5"
set rcel5 "cg_drawcrosshair 5; set rcel vstr rcel6"
set rcel6 "cg_drawcrosshair 6; set rcel vstr rcel1"
set rcel "vstr rcel1"

bind k"vstr walktoggle"
set walkattackon "+attack; -speed; set walktoggle vstr walkon"
set walkattackoff "-attack; bind MOUSE1 +attack"
set walkon "+speed ; echo ^0>^7Walk^d/^2oN; bind MOUSE1 +vstr walkattackon walkattackoff; set walktoggle vstr walkoff"
set walkoff "-speed ; echo ^0>^7Walk^d/^1oFF; bind MOUSE1 +attack; set walktoggle vstr walkon"
set walktoggle "vstr walkon"

=changement de maxpackets=

bind 7 "vstr mp1"
set mp1 "bind 7 vstr mp2; cl_maxpackets 40; echo "^Q.^P40^Q!" "
set mp2 "bind 7 vstr mp3; cl_maxpackets 76*; echo "^Q.^P76^Q!" "
set mp3 "bind 7 vstr mp1; cl_maxpackets 100*; echo "^Q.^P100^Q!" "

//Changement du MAX FPS: 43/76/125/333

set fps43 "echo ^8.:: ^&FPS limit set to ^q43 ^8::. ; seta com_maxfps 43; set switch_fps vstr fps76"
set fps76 "echo ^8.:: ^&FPS limit set to ^q76 ^8::. ; seta com_maxfps 76; set switch_fps vstr fps125"
set fps125 "echo ^8.:: ^&FPS limit set to ^q125 ^8::. ; seta com_maxfps 125; set switch_fps vstr fps200"
set fps200 "echo ^8.:: ^&FPS limit set to ^q333^8::. ; seta com_maxfps 333; set switch_fps vstr fps43"
set switch_fps "vstr fps125"



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Ventrilo and Teamspeak …
What about Mumble?
Since Mumble, we don’t need the other 2 programs anymore.

Did you re-write the first guide?
It’s pretty bad in choices of words etc.
Also, pbsetup should be used instead of pbweb. Especially on Windows >= Vista.

About the config/scripting,
we also have an in-depth guide on our Homepage, which I wrote some time back.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. :)



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[Scripts]:How to get » marks in game.

Works only in ETpro

1. CMD should be your first word in the sentence
2. Color code ^ = BB
BB = in the game means that you must be a sign -> »
List of most used color codes:
^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Yellow
^4 Blue
^5 Cyan
^6 Pink
^7 White
^8 Orange
^9 Gray
^0 Black

So, it's going to be a bit more complicated. Let me explain all sorts of it.

Suppose that you want now, so if you are going to medic and says:

» Medic

Code would look like this:
I have medic bind F5,you may change it,as you want.

Code: [Select]
bind F5 " class m 1; cmd say_team ^5=BB ^7Medic"

Suppose that you want now, if you are going to medic with "snap" sound, it would play one of your pk3 Sounds.

Code would look like this:

Code: [Select]
bind F5 " class m 1;cmd say_team ^>=BB ^7Medic; play sound/menu/select"

Suppose that, as you want now, if you are going to Medic and it says in echo "Medic".Echo is the actual text, which shows who is killing who, and which are corrected n'stuff.

Code would look like this:

Code: [Select]
bind F5 " class m 1; cmd say_team ^>=BB ^7Medic; play sound/menu/select; echo ^8>^7Medic^0.
Here is picture of codes:

By: Dupstep -


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[Script]Class Selector

This is Simple Class Selector It also can easily edited.

This is the keys you will change the class can be edited.
F6 - Team toggle
F7- Medic
F8 - Field Ops
F9 - Engineer
F10 - Covert Ops
F11 - Soldier
F12 - Spectator

File is attached here

By: Adrian -


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Tutorial:Being a mortar

What is mortar?
The mortar is a indirect fire weapon available to the soldier. This weapon can only be fired once it has been emplaced (weapalt). The mortar gunner starts off with 12 rounds but has a maximum ammo load of 16 rounds. Each shot takes half of the charge bar(Level 3&4 takes 1/3 of bar). Once the mortar is set up, you will see an elevation scale and a traverse scale. This indicates your firing limits. Moving the elevation scale up will cause the mortar round to drop closer to you but will enable you to shoot over obstacles. Moving the elevation scale down, will send your shot in a flatter arc, but you might hit intervening obstacles.

After you fire a round, you will see a set of red marks on your targetting scales. This shows the settings of your previous shot. It looks like 55 degrees gives you the maximum range on flat ground. At 55 degrees, a round will travel about 5 grid squares. I hope you all boned up on your trigonometry.

If a Field Ops calls for artillery fire and the point of impact is within your firing arc, you will see an orange crosshair appear on your targetting scales. This really only indicates the direction of the artillery strike and not the settings you need to land a mortar round in the same spot. In fact, using the orange crosshair as your settings for the next shot, could have disasterous consequences - I blew myself up once.

Another tool available to the mortar gunner is the command map. Call up the command map after an artillery strike by a field ops, or after a mortar shot and you will see either a red, white, and blue bullseye (shows where the mortar round hit) or an orange crosshair (where the artillery barrage landed).

Mortar Tips

   1. Learn how to read the topgraphical features shown on your command map - it will really help you figure out where you're shooting
   2. After you've fired off a round, but before it lands, call up the command map. You will see a marker show up when the round hits and you can get right back to adjusting fire
   3. When trying to determine range, learn how to bracket your shots. If the first round lands short, send the next one long, and successively halve the adjustment. If you try to walk the round up to the target, you could be trying forever.
   4. You can make a range card pretty easily by finding some level ground and practice shooting. Take a piece of cardboard and measure from the center of your symbol to the center of the mortar marker and record the elevation setting you used.
   5. Remember, when shooting from a higher to lower elevation, your rounds will travel a little further. Likewise, when shooting from a lower to a higher elevation, your rounds will not travel quite as far.

Anyone having problems nailing the elevation-to-range issue with your shiny new mortar? One thing you can do is make yourself a simple little range card template to do the conversion for you. Here's how you make one:

   1. Grab yourself a stiff piece of clear plastic (a 4" x 4" piece works for my screen res). I took the cover off an old CD jacket
   2. With a fine marker, draw a line at the 45 degree angle from the edges
   3. Start a local server and spawn with the mortar.
   4. Find a flat piece of terrain to shoot across, set your elevation at 45 degrees, and shoot
   5. Call up your command map and see where the shot land. Now, take your plastic template, hold it over your screen, and place the corner dead center over the icon that represents you. Use the 45 degree line to connect your icon with the icon representing the mortar hit. Make a mark and annotate it as 45 degrees
   6. Continue in 5-10 degree increments up to about 80 degrees
   7. When you are done, what you should have is a range ruler that you can use to measure the distance, and therefore the required elevation, from your position to anywhere on the map. I tried this out and got 4 1-shot hits.

A couple of things to remember:

    * When shooting from higher to lower, your shots will travel further than on level ground
    * When shooting from lower to higher, your shots will travel not as far as on level ground

If you are having problems keeping your command map out, here is a simple script that you can use to pull your map out with one click and put it away with a second click:

I have bind "x" change it to key what you want

Code: [Select]
//Command map script
//keeps map out until put away. used mostly when spotting artillery/mortar fire

set mapout "+mapexpand; +mapexpand; set nextmap vstr mapin"
set mapin "-mapexpand; -mapexpand; set nextmap vstr mapout"
set nextmap "vstr mapout"
bind x "vstr nextmap"

By: Dupstep- 


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Console functions

The console is like a MS-DOS window that allow us to do commands, or write, or see some things about the game which are not usually appearing in the game screen.

We can open it with the key at left side of "1" key. Under "Esc" key, and above the Tab key. From now on, i will define it as "CK" (Console Key)

There exist 3 ways to open the Console:
To open it in normal size: Just press the CK (Console Key).
To open it in Full Screen: Ctrl+CK (Control key + Console Key).
To open it in small size: Alt+CK ("Alt" key + Console Key).

To close the Console, just press the CK again.

When u open the Console, u can scroll up/down with the wheel of your mouse. This is useful if u wanna check something happened in the game, like the things written by the players, or the events (kills, deaths, teamkills, dynos planted or commands posts constructed info, etc...)

If your mouse doesn't have wheel, don't worry... u just can press the "Page up" or "Page Down" (at right side of "Start" and "End" keys. Just above the direction arrows).

Sometimes it happens that u open the console and u only see this:
No problem, just press Ctrl+End, and it will scroll to the End of the Console text.
Notice that the Console space for keep the text and events is limited. I mean that when new text is showed... the text at the top of the console, will disappear. So if u wanna check something, don't do it too late. Hehehe...

You can use the Console to call commands. And to write PMs (Private Messages) too.

Whatever u write in the Console it keeps it in the memory, so u can call again the last text u wrote, only pressing the UP ARROW in ur keyboard, and then press "Enter" to send it again. Each time u press UP ARROW, it will show the last message or command typed, the one before the last one, the one before the one before the last one, and so on....
Notice that the memory for that, is limited too.

U can type !help, so u can see the commands you're allowed to use during the game. Example: !admintest (This will show, your admin level in the server you're connected to)

If you have the WHALECIENT installed (you can get it in our "Downloads" section), you can also call the !pizza, !beer, !coffee, and !cookie commands.

At the time to write and apply game commands, we can write the 1st part of the command, and then press the "Tab" key for a list of available commands for that combination.
So, this way we have...

If you write '/cg_po' and then u press the "Tab" key, the available commands starting with 'cg_po" will appear in the list, so u can choose the desired one.

We don't have to write the whole command, for example '/cg_AtmosphericEffects'

Just type 'cg_Atmos' and press the "Tab" key.

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Nickname colors

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory supports color codes. This means that you can color your nickname in almost every color!

Generally, you can add colors to your nickname by entering a ^ followed by a character in the console. For example: ^1 will create red letters and ^d will color the text blue.

^1[DooC]^2*^0Ni^zck --> [DooC]*Nick

The image below displays a variety of color codes.

You can change your name in the console with the /name command.

By: Ackenar
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Patch selector

download -

extract it to "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory"

then use LNAPatchSelector.exe in Enemy territory folder to change version

Than switch

you must shut down ET to change version !!!

By: BulletZ -


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Tweaking, Cvars, Scripts, Creating a cfg

For more and stable fps and better playing.

/cg_maxfps 125 - best for playing

Disable particles and all that stuff- it will help you much to see better and it gives a slight boost in performance

seta cg_wolfparticles "0"
seta cg_atmosphericEffects "0"  
seta cg_shadows "0"
seta cg_marktime "10000"  
seta cg_showblood "0"
seta cg_bloodFlash "0"
seta cg_gibs "0"
seta cg_coronas "0"
seta cg_coronafardist "0"
seta cg_bloodDamageBlend "0"
seta r_drawsun "0"
seta r_flares "0"

3. This would help with your aim. ♅
Crosshair shouldn't be pulsing and be as small as possible.

seta cg_crosshairSize "45" //size of u crosshair change according to u resolution
seta cg_drawCrosshair "7" //change no. for different crosshairs u like.
seta cg_crosshairPulse "0"
seta cg_crosshairColor "green" // u can also use red,cyan, try whatever u like.
seta cg_crosshairAlpha "1.0"
seta cg_crosshairColorAlt "red"
seta cg_crosshairAlphaAlt "1.0"
seta cg_crosshairHealth "0" // should be zero if u are trying other colours

To see more from game

seta cg_fov "107"

This removes the hit effect up to some extent.

seta cg_bobup 0
seta cg_bobpitch 0
seta cg_bobroll 0
seta cg_bobyaw 0
seta cg_runpitch 0
seta cg_runroll "0"

Some people like to see gun, muzzle Flash and blood..and some dont.

//My personal preference..

seta cg_drawgun "1" // (1=yes 0=no)

seta cg_muzzleFlash "0" // (1=yes 0=no)

seta cg_showblood "1" //show blood when shooting other players (1=yes 0=no)

seta b_tracers "1" // - 0 = draw no bullet tracers, 1 = normal tracers, 2 = only other player\'s tracers ?

seta cg_bloodflash "0"
//show blood flash (directional indicator) when being shot..
(1=full blood splash .5=half 0=none)
(Should always be "0")

seta cg_bloodDamageBlend "0"
//amount of screen to turn red when shot?
(1=full blood splatter 0.5=half 0=none)
(Should always be "0")

Some hub cvars

//My personal preference.. can change them according to your liking.
seta cg_drawfps "1"
seta cg_drawRanks"2"
seta cg_drawTime "2"
seta cg_drawFireteamOverlay "1"
seta cg_drawDisconnectIcon "0"
seta cg_drawWeaponIconFlash "1"//NOT A MUZZLE FLASH =weapon icon outline:
seta cg_drawSmallPopupIcons "1"
seta cg_drawclock "1"
seta cg_popupWaitTime "4000.0" //popup = Messages on the Left ...i.e  !ETplayer  is connecting..
seta cg_popupFadeTime "0.0"
seta cg_popupTime "0.0"
seta cg_numPopups "3"
seta cg_teamChatHeight "8" // Number of rows used chat display 0-8 |0 = no lines
seta cg_teamChatTime "3500" // Sets the time a chat text stay visible 0 - 99999

More Frames Per Second and System Settings
In Game Menu Options

seta cg_shadows "0"
//\"0\" is disabled, "1" is simple shadow, "2" is stencil shadow, "3" is lifelike shadow.
Shadows, file under \"eye candy\". although the FPS boost will probably be negligible. We don''t do eye candy. Disabled, next!

seta cg_wolfparticles "0" //Turns off some of the explosion effects ..
seta cg_atmosphericEffects "0" //Toggles display of map effects like rain and snow
//This are 1 by default. Particles are used to make up smoke and such, which is nice but decreases performance a lot. Disabled for that reason.
If you notice your system slows down any time an airstrike goes off, then turn them off "seta cg_wolfparticles "0". Besides boosting your FPS, turning off particles will also let you see through airstrikes more easily so you can shoot at people on the other side. The only disadvantage is that, without particles turned on, you might run into artillery strikes more often.

seta cg_coronas "0"
//Lighting flare "0" is off
If enabled, show coronas of light around light sources.
Coronas are the auras of light around light sources such as streetlights and such. This is pretty, unnecessary

seta r_roundimagesdown "1"
// Set rounding down amount (lower = quality).
set rounding down factor (larger = faster, lower quality)
Setting it to "0" WILL give sharper textures, but will result in longer load times and increased video load. "1" is default
Default of 1 is recommended.

seta r_fastsky "1" (higher FPS if set to 1)
//If this is enabled RTCW draws an uglier sky that saves performance.
Gives you a slight improvement in your FPS. It's not much, but then again, who cares how pretty the sky looks?

seta r_flares "0" (higher FPS if set to 0)
// Toggle flare effect around certain dynamic lights.

seta r_lodbias "2"
// Level of visual detail, especially at distance. 0 Most detai, 2 Least. This lowers the quality on the players\' models.
Lower quality means better performance (more fps)..change the geometric level of detail on models. 1default....but 2 least as detailed and faster.

seta r_ext_compressed_textures "1" (higher FPS if set to 1)
//Helps FPS at the expense of visual quality, Wether or not texture compression is used
This setting determines if compressed textures can be used. Compressed textures save memory space. Memory space equals performance... Keep set to \"1\".

seta r_picmip "2"
//Raise the value of this setting by one and textures will be half as detailed as before. Higher settings increase performance and create better contrast and clarity.
0 is max quality, 3 for max performance. \\\"PB Limitation\\\"

seta r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST\"
// Sets texture filtering used. , intended to increase rendering speed and reduce aliasing artifacts.
Options from worst to best:
"GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST\" : Bilinear interpolation. Makes the textures looks smoother. Best compromise for speed and visuals.
"GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" : Trilinear interpolation (ie. it interpolates into the 3rd dimension, too). Less flicker on the screen.
This setting lets you choose the method of mipmapping. It is now set to medium detailed method to gain performance while staying within allowed cvars

seta r_lodCurveError "100"
// Determines how quickly polygons are pulled out with distance.
Sets polygon detail distance. Lower setting means polygons will be culled at shorter distance.
RTCW uses a system that makes objects and models less detailed when they are further away because you won\'t be able to see all the details due to the distance anyway. This setting tells RTCW at which distance objects should get less detailed. Lower settings increase performance, although lower than 100 doesn\'t seem to make much of a difference some still use 60.
For optimal image quality increase this value ..Objects will remain detailed for longer but cost FPS
seta r_lodCurveError 10000 – highest quality image,
seta r_lodCurveError 250 is default
seta r_lodCurveError 100 - best FPS -Low Quality image

seta r_subdivisions "999"
// Sets detail of curves, lower is more detailed. 10 to 999 (12 is default) Want raw performance and more FPS ? Set this to 999

seta r_detailtextures "0" (higher FPS if set to 0)
// Want pretty textures..the Small patterns in walls stones get clear as you approach the texture.
Set this to "1". Want raw performance and more FPS ? Leave this at 0

seta r_ignoreFastPath "0"
// If enabled, ignore optimized rendering paths.Optimized is good. Optimized is your friend... keep this locked to \"0\".

seta r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic "0" (higher FPS if set to 0)
// Anisotropic filtering is a nice effect that prevents jagged edges and costs lots of performance. Keep this set to \"0\"

Got flickering???

seta r_ext_compiled_vertex_array "1" If you experience flickering textures in the game set this to \"0\" to make them stop.
Erm... what it says above. This is set to \"1\" for best performance and is the default .
//defines an interface which allows static vertex array data to be cached or pre-compiled for more efficient rendering at the default of \"1\" ....but \"1\" may cause flickering to someone with a big monitor or someone that has brightness set high.

Brightness Cvars

seta r_gamma "1.3" ///Sets overall brightness.
Higher values make your screen brighter, so you can spot enemies easier., allowed values are from 0.0 to 3.0 Be careful you don\'t set it too high .(Default 1.0 or 1.3)...
For some odd reason the brightness calibration in the options menu will only let you set this to a max of 2.0..but 2.1, 2.5 etc.. can be entered manually in the console|cfg..
Punkbuster limits this .. \\\"Most servers PB Limitation\\\"3" is the maximum allowed

seta r_mapoverBrightBits "2"
//Sets factor used to brightens up the map and its surroundings.The higher the number, the brighter the map becomes
Higher values make the shadowy parts of a map lighter, so you can spot enemies hiding in darker areas. Default is 2. Setting it to 3 may help see targets that are hiding in shadows
{0, 1 , 2, 3, 4} (default 2 on most mods) \\\"Most servers PB Limitation\\\"3" is normally the maximum allowed on servers

More Brightness!.... but be careful setting\'s bellow make a big difference!!

seta r_intensity "1.0"
Higher value will make your screen brighter. (Default is 1.0) allowed values are from 0 to 3

seta r_overBrightBits "1"
//Sets overall game brightness above and beyond what r_gamma can do { 0, 1 , 2} (default 1 or 0 depending on mod)
This command defines the brightness level of the map. The higher the number, the brighter the map becomes (0 being the lowest possible value). For some reason this command eats up a shit load of just use the ones above

System Setting

seta com_hunkmegs "128"
Amount of memory (MB) assign to the hunk.
//The amount of memory to use for maps, textures and similar things. Set this to 128 (i.e. ET will use 128MB of RAM). The default value in ET is 56 which often too less and causes problems like Hunk_Allocate TempMemory: failed on 1937504(kicked).
As a rule RTCW should not use more then 3/4 of the total amount of available RAM. You specify the total amount of RAM through com_hunkmegs. Both com_zonemegs and com_soundmegs take a share out of the amount of memory specified with that setting.
Of course there is no reason to let RTCW use less than 3/4 of your RAM either..
Bellow you\'ll probably notice that the maximum value used for com_soundMegs and com_zoneMegs is "64". This is because higher values do not really have an effect. It makes no sense to increase this two memory settings beyond 64 ...but some still use 128.
Most people have more RAM then 512MB, but it is questionable whether RTCW really benefits or can even allocate more but there are settings for more.

seta com_soundMegs "32"
//Sets the amount of memory (MB) to allocate for loaded sound files. default is 16

seta com_zoneMegs "64"
//Amount of RAM to allocate to... Zone. Map & texture loading...can be adjusted to provide better performance on systems with more mb of memory. default is 16


So what should you pick!!!!!

128MB of RAM available. What get a new PC.....
seta com_hunkMegs "72"
seta com_soundMegs "24"
seta com_zoneMegs "16"

256MB of RAM available.
seta com_hunkMegs "124"
seta com_soundMegs "32"
seta com_zoneMegs "32"

512MB of RAM available.
seta com_hunkMegs "256"
seta com_soundMegs "32"
seta com_zoneMegs "32"

1GB + of system RAM
seta com_hunkmegs "736"
seta com_soundmegs "64"
seta com_zonemegs "128"

seta cl_timenudge 0
//Usually the RTCW client waits for two world-updates from the server to extrapolate an accurate depiction of the situation in the game. By entering a negative value here you tell the client to use the information somewhat earlier. It decreases accuracy, but potentially lag as well. Never enter a positive value here unless you want to simulate Internet lag.
NOTE :This is a highly debated cvar. It is not completely clear what it exactly does and what not. It is supposed to be for adjusting prediction for your ping. Many players like to set it to something negative like -10 or -20. But this sometimes makes them appear laggy to our players and isn\'t of much use together with current anti-lag features. Furthermore, on many servers negative values are not allowed and you get banned for them. Set it to 0 to be safe.

seta rate 25000
//Tells RTCW how much bandwidth it may use to communicate with the server
ET's network settings. Set this to 25000 which means ET will use 25 KB/s when talking to a server. Decreasing this value makes only sense when your internet connection is slower than 25 KB's. Values above 25000 doesn\'t make sense as ET supports only rates up to 25 KB/s... but....with new mods like jaymod it can be set up to 45000
Values below 10000 makes the game mostly unplayable and values below 5000 are generally forbidden on most servers and cause a kick.

seta snaps 20
//Sets how many updates you receive from the server
Lower this if your connection sucks.
Higher means more accurate communication but also costs more bandwidth.
Using a value of 20 is generally a good idea. 20 - 40 \\\"PB Limitation\\\"

seta cl_maxpackets 30
//Sets number of packets sent to the server.
If your connection is up to it you should increase this as much as possible.
More packets sent to the server per second means more accuracy. "100" is maximum allowed by Punkbuster.
But.. Setting above 60 may cause simulated Internet lag.. Using a value of 30 to 60 is generally a good idea.

Really usefull

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^q[DooC]^p* --> [DooC]*
Those are NOT the correct color codes for our tag.
See rules.



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Improve your game skill

There are many questions posted about "how to play better", "how can I frag",..
and there are as many answers and tutorials.. but one thing that is common in all FPS games winners and that is not much spoken is
your attitude.. not if you get along with other players but your attitude towards the game..
so where are a few tips.. that may help you became a better player

Be the hunter, not the prey..

If this was real life.. I would agree that you only have one life.. so you should spare it..
But this is a game, and never have I seen a game where you get rewarded by not dying.. games always score your kills.. so..
GET KILLS.. you can be killed as many times as you like.. as long as you kill more..
this may seem a simple observation but means a lot in terms of attitude.. in every game you see new guys hiding in corners and windows.. trying to make kills without dying.. but you never see a pro doing it..
if you are hiding and you see someone passing by don't thing "i'm gonna wait for him to pass again, and see if I can take him"..
GO after him.. BE THE HUNTER.. if you go after him, 2 thing may happen, you kill him.. good.. he kills you.. so what.. you have to wait 10 seconds to respawn.. nothing lost.. but if you had killed him you had all to gain..

If you can see him, he can see you

If you thing you are safe in one spot.. making a lot of kills.. thing again.. the rule cant get any simpler..
if you can see someone to make a shot.. means someone can see you.. even if its just 1 pixel on the screen.. and thats all it takes..
so basically there is no "safe" spots.. and as long as you are in the same place you are a sitting duck.. you may have killed the guy the first time.. but if he is a smart player he will probably find a way to kill you without getting into your line of sight..
this means.. KEEP ON THE RUN.. finding new preys... because if you killed someone in 1 spot.. when he re-spawns he will go there to get you.. again there are 2 ways you can do it.. if it is a big server full of ppl just move on.. forget that guy there are enough ppl for you to kill and to run from.. but if it is a small server.. then a good tactic is to find another spot, but, from where you can cover the old one.. because, since ppl tend to return to the "scene of the crime".. to se if they can find you.. you just wait a few seconds.. and there is another victim for you.. but as soon as you kill him.. move.. and cover the last spot.. and you can do this for ever..

help me help you

for you to make kills, it helps to have a team that puts up a fight. And for this to happen a team must be well balanced..
what's the point of have 8 soldiers if no medic to heal.. or having 8 medics.. and no ammo.. etc..
So when you are playing keep in mind the overall tactics.. and react according to it..
may time I seem medics complaining about getting spawn raped.. when 2 or 3 air strikes could keep the enemy lines back.. but non of them goes field-ops.. so.. DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF.. check what your team needs at that moment and do it.. help the team.. and you will see your side progress.. allowing you to make more kills.. and kills can be done with any class..

Shoot, Move, Cover, Reload

LEARN HOW TO MOVE IN THE BATTLEFIELD, and progress in the terrain.. you probably have already seen many of those scenes in Hollywood movies.. even if much is fake.. there are some real thing to it.. so you don't need a field training.. you just have to pay attention..
This may be a game but, the rules still apply.. you can google a bit.. but here are some bullet points
-Always watch you back - keep you back to a wall.. if you cant.. make a 360 from time to time..
-Only stand still if you have cover - a moving target is harder then a sitting one..
-If you are not shooting you should be reloading - if you are not reloading you should be shooting
-Don't cover ground that is already covered- If someone is already pointing there, you should point somewhere else
-Keep a someone by you side - two have a better chance then one
-Give room to maneuver- never stand too close.. you don't want one grenade to make two kills, instead of one
there is many more that can be said.. but the point is even if this is a game.. in warfare (game or not) those rules are common sense..
and will help you a lot.

Offense wins the game, but defense wins the championship

Never dismiss defense.. doesn't matter if you are the attacking of defending team.. always keep an eye on the objective behind you..
Always have a backup plan.. and always be prepared to fall back..
Because PLAYING SMART wins more games then playing good.. a simple example is this..
many times I see ppl on the defending team pushing forward trying to spawn rape the other team..
this mean that when you kill a guy.. 10 seconds later you have to kill him again..
but if you hold you line farther back.. and he has to spend 10 seconds to get to you.. means you only have to kill him once every 20 seconds.. making him waist time to get to you.. only to get killed..
of course you shouldn't defend on top of the objective.. but the further you go the less it serves you.. so be smart about how you play

And I guess that is it.. for now.. don't know if any of this made sense to you, or if they will help..
but I wast just trying to make you realize that to be a good player there is much more that just good aiming and good luck..
and if you sum it up.. it wont even make half of it.. because the reason why good players are good.. is there attitude in the game..
they think like warriors, hunter and soldiers...
anything other than that and..

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How take demos and screenshots

What is the CONSOLE? How do I open it?

* What you should do is is to press the button with the ~ sign on it. You may have heard it called the ?tilde? key before.


You can take a demo doing this:


This is to start recording.(It goes into the console)


And this is to stop it. (It goes into the console)

Other way to take a demo is inserting this in your cfg:

Bind F12 "vstr demotoggle"
set demostop "set demotoggle vstr demostart; stoprecord; echo ^(Stopped Demo
set demostart "set demotoggle vstr demostop; autorecord; echo ^(Recording Demo
set demotoggle "vstr demostart"

This gonna start recording when you press "F12",and then stop it, when you press it again.

The videos that you take,gonna be placed here: Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etpub(jaymod/nq/silent/etc)/demos Well, this is the default location.

To see the video,you only have to start the game W:ET,go where it says "MODS",clikc in the "MOD" that is your demo,then,go where it says "REPLAYS",and open your demo.

If you want to share your video or post it in forums,you can do it from here: Mediafire


You can take a screenshot in ET doing this:


(It goes into the console)

Other way to take a screenshot is inserting this in your cfg:

Bind F11 "Autoscreenshot; screenshotjpeg"

This gonna take a screenshot everytime that you press "F11"

The screenshots that you take,gonna be placed here:Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etpub(jaymod/nq/silent/etc)/screenshots Well, this is the default location.

If you want to share your screenshots or post it in forums,you can do it from here:

I hope that this can help you.

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for those who just want to install game and no big stuff: ET Ultimate Installer


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How to fix OpenGL errors?

Your computer doesn’t have OpenGL compatible drivers (for your graphics card) installed. This normally occurs when the standard windows drivers are used.

How to fix it?
Go to the website of your Graphics Card manufacturer and download the newest drivers for your videocard.
ATI owners -
Nvidia owners -

This error can also occur if you have a wrong video mode selected for your system (monitor). For instance a too high resolution of 1600x1024 may not work depending on your monitor and/or graphics card.

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Knowledge of ET classes

Here's a tutorial of the different classes of Enemy Territory

In ET there are 5 classes to choose from. Each has a number of weapons and special abilities, some of which make them essential in any team that wants to win. The 5 classes available are:


Engineers can install and remove dynamite, mines, explosive charges enemy, build things and repair weapons and vehicles. Almost all targets in ET require the skills of an engineer.
Engineers can choose between two two-handed weapons. Allies can choose between the Thompson and Garand Rifle. The Axis can choose between the MP40 and the K43 rifle. K43 Rifle and the Grand rifle have a grenade launcher. To load grenades press the alternate fire button, and then shoot. The grenades used by the grenade launchers and hand grenades are independent.

Weapons and special items

Engineer's Tool

Is selected by pressing "5." They are used to assemble, clear, repair and build. An icon appears gray with pliers on the screen when you're in a place where needed. To use, press and hold down the key or button that you assigned to the shooting. Holding it down you'll see a blue bar growing under the icon of the pliers. When the bar disappears it means you've finished.


Is selected by pressing "6". Once you have selected the dynamite press the button or trigger to release it. Tools automatically switches to the Engineer. To arm the dynamite, crouch beside her, pointing with the Engineer's tool and press
the button you asigned to the shooting, a bar will appear and you have to wait until the bar is completed.


Are selected by pressing "7." The mines are placed in the same way that dynamite. Once you've armed the mine you and your friends will see a flag indicating the position of the mine on the floor. The mines can not be placed on hard surfaces. The mines will damage the enemy when he walks over the mine and the mine fires. There are three types of mine: ''S'' , ''M'' and the Poison Gas mine.

Special Skills


Engineers can defuse Dynamite, remote explosive charges and mines. To disable them use the Engineer's tool.


Engineers can repair damaged vehicles and weapons. It uses the tools of the engineer.


Engineers can build Command Posts and other items during the mission moving towards them and using their Engineer's tool.


Level 1 .- Improved use of Explosive Ammuniation: (20). Will have 4 extra hand grenades and four extra shells for your rifle grenades.

Level 2 .- Improved Dexterity: (50). Arm and disarm mines and dynamite in half the time than before.

Level 3 .- Improved Construction and Destruction: (90). Build, repair and make dynamite and mines cost a third less energy bar than it did before.

Level 4 .- Flak Jacket: (140). It protects 50% of all damage taken by explosives.

Field Ops

Field Ops are responsable for the supply of ammunition for his team and heavy fire support.
You see a lot of people call Lieutenants. This is because in the original game (Return to Castle Wolfenstein and RTCW) this class was called so.
The Field Ops can distribute ammo packs his teammates, allowing them to continue fighting when they ran their initial rounds of ammunition. They are also capable call Air Strikes by throwing a can of smoke and they're capable of calling artillery strikes on distant targets using their binoculars.

Weapons and special items

Air Strikes and Artillery Support

Choose smoke pot with "5" key. Throw it to where you want the air strike to be and see how it starts to smoke the color of your computer. Using this skill completely consume the energy bar of Field Ops. Since the attack is made from a plane and the smoke is the visual cue that allows the pilot to know where to drop bombs, you can not use the air strike in covered areas. Throw the smoke canisters always outdoors. When the plane's pilot locate the smoke will give you a notice informing you that radio is ready. If you can not see the smoke because something covers it will alert you that you can not make the passing game. Keep in mind this so jump attacks more effective. The Air Strikes can damage you, but not your teammates. They will just ''fly'' because of the impact. Smoke pot will explode after 5 seconds, causing an effect similar to a hand grenade, if the Air Strike it's not available. Air attacks can be blocked by any player. If you get reminded that the smoking pot will explode, you should go away. To call Artillery Support you have to use your binoculars and press the shoot button. The difference between Air Strikes and Artillery Support is that Air Strikes is done once and Artillery Support multiple times. Air Strikes and Artillery Support can't be called by 2 players at the same time in the same team.

Ammo packs

Select packages of ammunition pressing "6". Click the shooting button to release packages. The ammo packs can be caught by anyone, enemy or friend.


Level 1 .- Improved Resources: (20). The ammo packs now contain an extra charger and giving ammo packs now costs 15% of the energy bar instead of 25% so far.

Level 2 .- Improved Signals: (50). Air strikes and artillery attacks consume two thirds of the energy bar.

Level 3 .- Improved Air and Ground Support: (90). Improving air strikes and artillery. The air strikes are now double bombing produced two lines perpendicular to each other. The explosions caused by artillery attack were reduced from 8 to 4, but are much more powerful.

Level 4 .- Enemy Recognition: (140). Discover the Covert Ops infiltrates, getting a message saying "Disguised Enemy!" (Enemy in disguise) if you aim on him.


The medic can heal his teammates with packages of life and can revive fallen comrades, recovering to fight without needing to wait for the next reinforcement. The medics help his colleagues to continue fighting. It is the only class in which your life will slowly regenerate, so if you come across a doctor, do not let him escape, and that soon they will again with the entire life.

Weapons and special items


Is selected by pressing "5." It is used to revive fallen comrades. To do come close to a partner that has the symbol of a syringe over your chest, bend, and stick him. Colleagues who do not have syringe are those that have been auctioned or those who by choice have become part of the reinforcements. You can not revive enemies. Normally a medic is a maximum of 10 syringes.

Packages of Life

Are selected by pressing "6". You can drop packages of life, which will restore 20 points of life to your teammates or yourself. The packets can give life to all the players, even enemies, so watch where you let them.


Level 1 .- Medic Ammo: (20). Extra ammunition and grenades.

Level 2 .- Improved Resources: (50). You get two extra syringes in the next respawn medicine packages and spend 15% of your energy bar instead of 25% as before.

Level 3 .- Adrenalin Needles: (90). Revive your teammates with full health.

Adrenalin level 4 .- Self: (140). Select the syringe 2 times to prick yourself and gain unlimited stamina for 10 seconds. During these 10 seconds plus the damage received will be halved.

Covert Ops

The Covert Operations Specialist (Specialist Operations Infiltration) or Covert Ops is the expert in espionage and reconnaissance team. His skills are stealing clothes and made enemies, mine detection and the use of weapons with telescopic sights. Is also capable of infiltrating enemy positions as enemy positions while wearing costumes can open the doors of the enemy strongholds. You can also give vital information to their peers.

Weapons and special items

Sten, FG42, K43 and M1 Garand

Have the option to choose between three weapons of two different hands: the Sten Mk IIS, the FG42 or a rifle (the M1S Garand for the Allies and the Axis K43 for) equipped with a telescopic sight and silencer. Pressing the alternate fire use the scope, and while we can use the Zoom (by default mouse wheel) to zoom in or out. When we use the scope you will see a bar to the left indicating the movement caused by the pulse. This bar changes color to indicate size and all that move. We can reduce the size of the bar changing posture (squatting than standing better and better lying to crouch). Ideally, get to have the red bar. Green indicates that moves a lot and orange indicates a moderate movement.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades produce a small smokescreen for a short period of time after being released, is ideal for concealing troop movements and remove visible defenders.

Poison Gas Grenades

Poison Gas grenades produce damage while standing close do it. It's a green smoke that damages for a short period time and then disappears.

Explosive charges

Explosive charges or Satchel Charges are explosives that can be detonated remotely. When you throw a load automatically switch to the remote control that allows you to detonate. If you press the shoot button while you have selected the remote control, the explosive charge is detonated. The Satchel and the Control have a limited scope, but need not have a clear line of sight to the load. The green light indicates that these remote control within reach, the red light indicates you are out of it. Engineers can disable enemies Satchel charges.

Special Skills

Dress up

The Covert Ops can take the uniform of a dead enemy (and finished) and put it as a disguise. To do over the dead enemy position yourself so that it appears a gray icon with a picture of a uniform. Press the activation key (default F keys and Enter) to take the uniform of the enemy and put it on your own. Changing of uniform takes a while, hold down the action button until you see the blue line that appears below the icon disappears.
While wearing the uniform Covert Ops enemy is able to open doors can only open enemies.
A disguised Covert Ops remains dressed while using silenced weapons or knife. Lose your disguise when you're seen shooting at an enemy, use grenades or die.
To prevent disguised Covert Ops will be fired by his own comrades an icon "Do not shoot" when you pointing. If you see a banned icon when you point at an enemy, do not shoot, yours is a partner in disguise.


Level 1 .- Improved use of Scoped Weapon Ammunition: (30). Each package contains additional ammunition for the weapons with telescopic sights.

Level 2 .- Improved use of Sabotage and Misdirection: (60). Energy cost of smoke grenades and Satchel charges is reduced .

Level 3 .- Breath control: (90). The movement of the weapon while using the scope is reduced by 50%.

Level 4 .- Assassin: (150). If you hit an enemy once with knife it's instant death (Not throwing).


The Soldier has no special abilities, but instead is the only one who can carry heavy weapons like the MG42 Portable, mortar, flamethrower and Panzer.

Weapons and special items

Heavy Weapons

The Soldier can choose between 5 Weapons: The MP40 or the M1A1 Thompson (depending on whether the axis in the first case, or ally in the second), the Panzer, the flamethrower, the Mobile MG42 and mortar. The Panzer and mortar expend energy. The Panzer while lying can not be used.
To use the mortar you need first place it by pressing the alternate fire. When ready you can press the shoot button to launch the first projectile. The elevation and direction can be altered using the guide. The lower the angle of shot, but far will the projectile. You can see how your projectile is intended for reference of where to throw the next. To find the exact spot where you can look down your map command (button "G" by default). The Field Ops can mark for you a target using artillery.You can use this information to your mortar fire knowing that it will fall near the artillery attack.
The mobile MG42 can be placed on a bipod to make it more accurate, losing a lot of mobility. The MG42 also can be shooted
while you are moving, but the shots are very inaccurate.
When carrying any kind of heavy weapons (Panzer, flamethrowers, mobile MG42 or mortar) your movement is much slower. It is advisable to change the gun to move more quickly and switch back to heavy weapon when in the desired position or in a place favored by the enemies.


1 .- Improved Projectile Level Resources: (20). The Panzer and mortar now spend a third less energy bar of what they spent before.

Heavy Weapons Level 2 .- Profiency: (50). The MG42 that heat cools twice as fast.

Level 3 .- Improved Dexterity: (90). Go with heavy weapons as fast as the light.

Level 4 .- Improved Weapon Handling: (140). Now you can choose as a first weapon Thompson or MP-40, apart from the gun.

All classes can have a secondary weapon, you can choose it by pressing ''L'' choosing the class and clicking on ''2''.

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Tutorial about binding keys with sound or chat

This tutorial is about to help random players who wanna know how to make binds, what key they can use and how to use shortcuts, first we need to start take a look to what key or button are available on both Keyboard and Mouse

I- Available Keys


Function keys:
F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11 and F12

Numbers Keys: (not the numeric pad)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0

Alphabet Keys: (uppercase letters or not! it's the same, A = a)
Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U, ...M

Punctuation Keys:
- [ ] / \ ' . , ; ~ =

Special Keys:



Numbers Keys or Numeric Pad:
. -> KP_DEL
+ -> KP_PLUS
* -> *
0 -> KP_INS
1 -> KP_END
3 -> KP_PGDN
5 -> KP_5
7 -> KP_HOME
9 -> KP_PGUP

2) Mouse:

Left Button <-> mouse1
Right Button <-> mouse2
Middle Button <-> mouse3
Back Button <-> mouse4 (some mice have this extra button)
Forward Button <-> mouse5 (some mice have this extra button)
ScrollUP Button <-> MWHEELUP
ScrollDown Button <-> MWHEELDOWN

II- Basics Knowledge about Binds

There are two kind of binds, bind Command or Bind say/vsay, in this tutorial we are going to focus in say/vsay command and how to use it. Say/Vsay can be used in different ways, Text or Voice or both, and we can classify say OR vsay in 3 categories:

Global Chat/Voice :
Say / VSay : Let all players read/hear your message

Team Chat/Voice:
Say_team / Vsay_team: Let only your team to read/hear your message

Fireteam Chat/Voice:
Say_fireteam: Let only your fireteam read your message

Voice chat also available in fireteam, using this form:
Vsay_buddy class_number number_of_players list_of_players_fireteam_IDs vsay_string
class_number: -1: any class 0: Soldier 1: Medic 2: Engineer 3: Fieldops 4: Covertops
vsay_buddy 1 0 NeedMedic

III- How to make Binds

We gonna start by choosing what kind of binds we gonna use:

Binds that will be used to show only TEXT MESSAGE
Binds that will be used to show TEXT MESSAGE and Play SOUND(voice)

that mean:
TEXT: say/say_team/sayfireteam
TEXT+VOICE: vsay/vsay_team/vsay_budy

To bind a key with Text or Voice you need to use this form:


Bind P "Say ^2You're Going To Play This Game Or What!!!"

it will show to all players on server this text message:
You're Going To Play This Game Or What!!!


Bind P "Vsay Hi ^2Hello EveryBody On The Server!!!"

it will Play Sound "Hi" and show your CUSTOMTEXT to all player on the server:
Hello EveryBody On The Server!!! (With Voice Of "Hello")

IV- Make Binds With Shortcuts:

Shortcuts can be used in conjunction with binding keys. it come in ET MODS that use Shrubbot (like jaymod, etpub, nitmod or noquarter) All f|a Server have shortcuts enabled, Shortcuts can be used to make useful or funny customized vsay/say to all players or only to teammates

There are others shortcuts that come in new update with different MODS, so you need to check mods site for more, but here we have the most common shortcuts for listed mods above.

Code: [Select]
[A] - Past person who gave you ammo.
[D] - Last person who killed you.
[H] - Last person who gave you health.
[K] - Last person you killed.
[L] - Your current location. (Coordenates in where u are)
[N] - Your nickname.
[R] - Last person who revived you.
[P] - Teammate you are pointing at.
[S] - Your health (HP).
[W] - Weapon you are currently holding.
[T] - Ammo u have in current weapon.

You can use shortcuts with both form:


Shortcuts can be used in conjunction with binding keys, in Or with CUSTOMTEXT


/bind P "vsay_team EnemyDisguised ^1Watch Out Guys!!! Enemy in disguise! Coming From [L]"
Watch Out Guys!!! Enemy in disguise! Coming From E, 5

/bind I "vsay NeedAmmo ^4Ammoooo Please!!! ^1Only [t] Ammo Left For My [w]!"
Ammoooo Please!!! Only 11 Ammo Left For my Mortar!

/bind O "vsay GreatShot [d] ^8You Are The Man, But Next Time You Will Taste My [w]!"
ETPlayer You Are The Man, But Next Time You Will Taste My Knife!

All binds can be added from Console or save in your config

Voice Available:
11 - Path cleared. - PathCleared
12 - The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
13 - All clear. - AllClear
14 - Incoming! - Incoming
15 - Fire in the hole! - FireInTheHole
16 - I'm defending. - OnDefense
17 - I'm attacking. - OnOffense
18 - Taking fire! - TakingFire
19 - Mines cleared. - MinesCleared
10 - Enemy in disguise. - EnemyDisguised

2. Requests
21 - Medic! - Medic
22 - I need ammo! - NeedAmmo
23 - I need backup! - NeedBackup
24 - We need an engineer! - NeedEngineer
25 - Cover me! - CoverMe
26 - Hold fire! - HoldFire
27 - Where to? - WhereTo
28 - We need Covert Ops! - NeedOps

3. Commands
31 - Follow me! - FollowMe
32 - Let's go! - LetsGo
33 - Move! - Move
34 - Clear the path! - ClearPath
35 - Defend our objective! - DefendObjective
36 - Disarm the dynamite! - DisarmDynamite
37 - Clear the mines! - ClearMines
38 - Reinforce the offense! - ReinforceOffense
39 - Reinforce the defense! - ReinforceDefense

4. Talk
41 - Yes! - Affirmative
42 - No! - Negative
43 - Thanks a lot! - Thanks
44 - You're welcome. - Welcome
45 - Sorry! - Sorry
46 - Oops! - Oops

5. Global
51 - Yes! - Affirmative
52 - No! - Negative
53 - The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
54 - Hi! - Hi
55 - Bye. - Bye
56 - Great shot! - GreatShot
57 - Yeah! - Cheer
581 - Thanks a lot! - Thanks
582 - You're welcome. - Welcome
583 - Oops! - Oops
584 - Sorry! - Sorry
585 - Hold your fire! - HoldFire
586 - Good game! - GoodGame

7. Objectives
71 - Command acknowledged! - CommandAcknowledged
72 - Command declined! - CommandDeclined
73 - Command completed! - CommandCompleted
74 - Destroy the primary objective! - DestroyPrimary
75 - Destroy the secondary objective! - DestroySecondary
76 - Destroy the construction! - DestroyConstruction
77 - Construction underway! - ConstructionCommencing
78 - Repair the vehicle! - RepairVehicle
79 - Destroy the vehicle! - DestroyVehicle
70 - Escort the vehicle! - EscortVehicle

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Mumble tutorial

The dooc clan is using mumble. As you may have noticed, which is a bit more complex than Skype mainly because of it's channel based construction. I've constructed this tutorial to help make Mumble easier for you to use.

If you don't have Mumble, you'll have to get it -

When you install and run mumble for the first time, you will most likely be presented with the audio tuning wizard.

Follow the on screen instructions. This wizard will help optimize the audio settings within Mumble.

You may also see a Certificate wizard. Just create a new certificate and enter the info as requested. Don't worry, your info will not be shared with anyone however the admins on any server can see it so it is recommended that you put something fake in the name fields.

Once you've passed all this, you will see a screen that looks like this:

This is the Mumble window. From here, click the globe button (the one next to the i)

This will bring up another window

Click "Add New..." and fill out the form as I have here, putting your chat nick in the Username field

Servername: [DooC]
Username: Nickname

After this is done, click the connect button and you will connect to DooC's server

You have to register yourself than. To register yourself on the server, right click yourself and click register.

--Setting up an avatar and a comment--
Avatars and comments are used to describe someone on Mumble. It's like your status in skype.
However, unlike skype, Mumble comments can have certain HTML elements in them. This includes links, images, and text styling.

--Setting up an avatar and a comment--
Avatars and comments are used to describe someone on Mumble. It's like your status in skype.
However, unlike skype, Mumble comments can have certain HTML elements in them. This includes links, images, and text styling.

To edit your comment, simply click the "C" Notepad in the toolbar.

To edit your avatar, click the self menu and click change avatar.

--Echo cancellation--
Echo cancellation is very important. Unlike Skype, Mumble has to be configured to cancel out the echo. It will try to do so in the audio wizard, but doesn't always work.
You must have echo cancellation setup properly in order to cohost. If an echo is heard, you will be muted and instructed to adjust your settings to reduce echo.
To get to the audio settings, choose settings from the configuration menu.

To set the echo settings, you must have the advanced checkbox (circled in red) checked. (Mac users will find this at the top right of the settings window)
From here, set Echo to Multichannel (Highlighted).

If this does not work or if your echo settings are grayed out, raise the Silence below slider until the echo stops or change Transmit to push-to-talk. (Push to talk is, by default, set to left control, but can be changed in the shortcut settings)

--Hearing an echo?--
Try turning your mic volume down. If this doesn't work, tell the person that the echo is coming from to read the next section of this tutorial.

--Causing an echo?--
----Have Speakers?----
Try turning your speakers and/or your mic sensitivity down. If this doesn't work, try changeing the echo settings in Mumble and raising the silence below slider until the echo is gone.
----Have a headset?----
Try the above steps. If this doesn't work, read this:
From the Mumble Wiki:
Unfortunately, a lot of popular headsets produce tiny traces of echo. In other VoIP products, you will not notice it because the echo is lower than the noise level, but as Mumble dutifully removes all noise, the echo suddenly becomes clear. There is little the person hearing the echo can do, but there are a few things the person producing the echo can do. On Vista, we support echo cancellation for any sound card. On Linux, we support echo cancellation when using PulseAudio, and on Windows XP we support echo cancellation using ASIO (which unfortunately requires a very high quality soundcard with ASIO drivers).

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for those who just want to install game and no big stuff: ET Ultimate Installer

I do hope everyone here knows we have our own complete installer
After all it’s linked to from the Homepages ET-Info and in Mumble. (and probably some other places)



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Saving your ETKey