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This evening a chat with the developers of Warsow, the free and open source, fast-paced shooter, has been held in IRC on Quakenet. For anyone interested, the Chatlog follows:

[quote] Good evening everyone! Welcome to the developer chat with the people behind Warsow Please do not ask any questions yet, the developers will start by introducing themselves in a moment After that, we will move on to a Q and A session where you can fire your questions at them Here we go! Hello, my name is Victor, one can say I’m the lead coder and a bit of all-over-the-place guy. I’m mostly concerned with technical side of things rather than gameplay. <ORDERKILLME> Hello I'm KILLME from Germany, I'm mostly doing some 2D artwork and videos for Warsow. <ORDERKILLME> Right now I’m working on the 0.6 trailer and new armor skins. hello to all, I’m Fabrice Demurger, Warsow’s founder/owner Hai! I do news/PR stuff. And manage Facebook and Twitter (@tweetsow)! Hello, i’m crizis, and I do pretty much everything I get my hands on in Warsow, maps, code, gfx, gametype scripting. I also host some of the most popular warsow servers in EU, ohai, I’m FrooP from Germany, I’m doing 3D artwork and videos for warsow o/ <`36> Why hello thar friendly friends, I am 36, I’ve been mapping for warsow for 3+ years now and will soon be releasing the bomb map Depot

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  • h1o gives channel operator status to maggot|toukka Hi. I’m Anthy and i do mapping for Warsow. <maggot|toukka> Hi, I’m toukka and I’m the new guy (coding) Inane asked: Is there a finalized outlook on the two movement types yet? Such as removing or tweaking New/Old movement? crizis answers: For now, both movement styles are are here to stay. Most of the old players and people who already know strafing techniques, prefer old movement. However, especially new players in Bomb&Defuse gametype are very unexperienced with Quake-style games. New movement fits them perfectly. We think both of them are nicely balanced and having 2 movement styles won’t cause any problems. Thats it for the introductions. Lets move on to the Q and A part They will answer as many as they can, but remember that you usually ask more than they can reasonably answer Please ask your questions by typing /msg warsow questionhere , for example, /msg warsow How long have you been working on the game? Inane asked: CTF is a very unpopular gametype in Warsow. Do you think there is still a way to tweak it right to attract people to the gametype? If so can you share any of those ideas? crizis answered: I wouldn’t call it unpopular. CTF is regulary played in #warsow.pickup, also changes to it were made mostly when community requested them. CTF is CTf, wether you like it or not ShayG asked: ORDERKILLME: are there plans for a Warsow 0.7 or 0.8? <warsow> ORDERKILLME answered: Well we just released 0.6 and we will head straight for 0.7 which will come with some new features such as matchmaker, new UI and probably new maps and some more tweaks. MichaelMeiers asked: Which tool do you use to create your movies? Greetings from Germany ;) FrooP answers: mostly adobe after effects and sony vegas DuRzAn asked: Will you ask acid to rejoin the dev team? 36 answers: Unfortunately Acid won't be rejoining the DEV team. He left due to disagreements on the visual style we aim for in Warsow that were made in 0.4. <warsow> Roaa asked: Which language is the game coded in? do you guys use any frameworks/game engines which one? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: The game is mostly written in C with gametype scripts written in AngelScript. The game can be easily compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition for Windows, or just regular make/gcc for *nix. That's it. <warsow> Viderizer asked: maggot|toukka: How hard it is to code the game? Greetings from Finland <warsow> maggot|toukka answers: its coding and as simple as coding <warsow> [M-I]rufuz0r asked: Why are you using this comic style? Just for fun? <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: We think that the comic style is fitting warsow nicely and goes and in hand with our “clean and stylised grapihcs” philosophy. [EdN]Runis|afk asked: is that a clone of quake 3? do you really think q3 players will swap to this game? it looks good but it just cant be better than q3 crizis answers: Warsow is not a clone of Q3. Warsow was actually originally born out of ideas how Q2 could be better and new ideas how movement in fps games in general could be getter. That’s how walljumps and dash were born ;) vdQDigZz asked: What would you say to people who think your game is just a pointless reskin of quake live? Also are you looking to make this an eSports competitive game? if so - how are you going to help the scene grow? machinemessiah answers: I’d say that Warsow came before QuakeLive TRanC3 asked: wtf is warsow? <warsow> SoLomonK answers: Warsow is Abrt of Respect and Sportsmanship Over the Web <warsow> aClmxnuNca asked: Is everyone working for warsow a volunteer, or is there any compensation, since Warsow is free to play? 36 answers: Everyone working for Warsow does so completely voluntarily and no one receives any compensation. All donations go towards community events such as LANs and online tournaments. <warsow> aClmxnuNca asked: Is working for warsow a fulltime job for you guys? crizis answers: no, this is purely a hobby for all of us exixt asked: Are there any 3rd party C modules involved when coding Warsow? machinemessiah answers: We use some external libraries: libcurl, libjpeg, libogg, libvorbis, libtheora, zlib, angelscript ShayG asked: Do you plan to you more game modes ? greetings from Ireland ORDERKILLME answers: As it is realy easy to create new gamemodes with Anglescript I'm sure there will new ones follow, there are also many nice gamemodes released by the community. You can find them at the forums. <warsow> MichaelMeiers asked: what was the idea behind the game? i mean... it looks a little bit like unreal tournament ;) <warsow> SoLomonK answers: the original concept of Warsow was made in 2001-2002 and was about to make is a mix of Jet Set Radio and Quake 2 <warsow> DuRzAn asked: What do you think about the german community site "Warsow Arena"? <warsow> FrooP answers: cage full of trolls <warsow> Arschglatt asked: Why are there so few official Clan Arena maps for warsow? And why did you remove wca4? <warsow> crizis answers: Guess it's mostly because of wca1 success. Personally I tried to make wca3, but fact stands most of the CA players stick to wca1. There's a lot of cool community ca maps out there that get WAY too little love, try jerms_ca4 for example! or maps in community map pack <warsow> DanSouthy asked: What is the end game with warsow? A competitive esports game? A fun easy to pick up game? Thanks <warsow> 36 answers: A fun, fast and free game that is also suitable for competition. bonbonsauswurst asked: Do you plan to offer the game in steam machinemessiah answers: From what I heard Warsow is actually incompatible with Stream license-wise Dvl-Anders asked: Is there level or tier system in Warsow? ORDERKILLME answers: No there is none. <warsow> Akiraa asked: can warsow accomodate outdoors maps <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Yes, due to the introduction of Vertex Buffer Objects support, althought older hardware is still going to choke on such maps <warsow> quinnw asked: How long have you been working on the game? <warsow> crizis answers: first public release of Warsow was in 2005. So warsow has been around for a long time. The original concept by solomonk is from 2002 iirc. <warsow> xoxo^PANIX asked: FrooP, what is the point of not making me an awesum laz0r movie? <warsow> FrooP answers: still charging em <warsow> Khaze asked: Are you planning to distribute via Desura? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Possibly, yes. <warsow> DuRzAn asked: Can you show me some examples of KILLME and FrooP? <warsow> FrooP answers: -> <warsow> QUIKI|fa asked: I wanted to know will you consentrate on Warsow in future or do you have ideas to make "new" game or something like that? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Warsow is currently the only game in development and no other games are currently planned to be developed. <warsow> Gloop asked: Do you think cel shading is important and possible future for first person competive gaming? With games like team fortress and battlefield heroes using it we know its good and increases clarity, but other titles such as Call of Duty use realistic graphics to good effect too, is it just a stylistic or do you believe its better? <warsow> crizis answers: I think it's more about making coherent and fitting game style in general. Celshading is just an effect amonst others. <warsow> KillaloT asked: Is it possible to see some of the new content you're planning on wsw .7, like the new UI you were talking about? <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: We will release some screenshots later in here. Spam_One asked: Hello, Spam_One from (Pads4Fags). What do you think about consoles and the influence today which it has on the world of the jv generally (casualism, simplication of the gameplays, excessive DLC) ? IS this change your plan for the game ? Do you want to go on console a day (understandable, just for money you can make). Do you think console are late on their controllers ? Thx a lot… ETR answers: Warsow is an FPS. FPS belong to PCs imo :D. A console version is not to be expected in the forseeable future Breaker- asked: How does one host a server for Warsow? is it possible in beta/future? crizis answers: Warsow includes dedicated server binaries for Linux and Windows, so it’s just matter of having compatible distribution and starting them! orbital asked: Are there any plans for 0.61 yet? machinemessiah answers: Yes, the plan is to fix as much as bugs as possible, then provide a binary update. DuRzAn asked: Is there a modding scene in warsow? ORDERKILLME answers: Yes it's realy easy to modify warsow. New mods are usualy released at the forums. <warsow> ShayG asked: Is there plans for a 0.7 or 0.8 <warsow> crizis answers: Big plans for 0.7 and above for us it o develop new ui and get match maker done (login+stats like in QL) <warsow> schaaf asked: Is warsow going to stay for free for ever? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Yes! <warsow> exixt asked: In what program do you make the graphics for Warsow? <warsow> Anthy answers: 2D in Gimp, Photoshop; 3D in Maya, Blender; Maps in NetRadiant <warsow> DuRzAn asked: How can I support this game? <warsow> ETR answers: PLAY! (and get your friends to play :D) <warsow> Calinou asked: Is the game really excluding beginners, leaving a game only for experienced gamers? <warsow> crizis answers: Warsow is challenging for sure, especially in duel. Most of the ppl are either experienced FPS players in general or old CPM pros, but Bomb&Defuse (think of warsow version of CS), there's a lot of new players enjoying the game. I recommend all new players to try bomb! <warsow> Inane asked: Are there any future plans to change anything about the warsow movement physics? From dash speed to jump height, walljump height or gravity in general. <warsow> 36 answers: There aren’t any current plans, no. vcruxFatu asked: Will the new matchmaker system be player or clan based? <warsow> maggot|toukka answers: Currently plans are that they are player-based <warsow> orbital asked: (When) Will we have an account system for warsow? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Hopefully it'll be implemented for the next version. <crizis> !answer 31 There's no funding, we do this just for fun <warsow> XPlanet|James asked: How do you sustain the game and development,e.g. fund it? I mean it appears to be free? <warsow> crizis answers: There's no funding, we do this just for fun <warsow> iym|tami asked: What is warsow actually ? im new <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: Warsow is a fast paced first person shooter based on the Qfusion engine, it features comic gfx and fast movement. Download and try it ———————————————————————————- REMEMBER! to ask a question to the Warsow developers use /msg warsow [question here] ———————————————————————————- ROLFMADAZONHA asked: will be warsow ready to ban cheaters?! machinemessiah answers: At some point after the introduction of an account system, yes (hopefully). auroraasked: As a mapper, I would like to know if a greater entity count in maps will be possible, up from the current 256 limit (iirc). <warsow>36 answers: We shall look into the issue! Dvl-Anders asked: How can you keep up your communication when it is ‘just’ a hobby? ORDERKILLME answers: It's easy we mainly use the forums and irc. <warsow> iym|tami asked: isn't warsow much copied of quakelive? <warsow> FrooP answers: no warsow existed long before quakelive <warsow> Zir0h asked: can you implement a "shuffle" callvote that mixes up the teams? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: An interesting idea. Post your suggestion at the forums @ so it won't get lost. <crizis> !answer 39 Yes, it is. Even Richard Stallman himself blessed way of having open engine and restricted artwork. All code in Warsow is open source, artwork is not. <warsow> [-z-] asked: do you think distributing warsow as one package is legal under the licensing terms? <warsow> crizis answers: Yes, it is. Even Richard Stallman himself blessed way of having open engine and restricted artwork. All code in Warsow is open source, artwork is not. <warsow> Camci asked: The reason you did not go for the Unreal Engine? <warsow> ETR answers: The Unreal Engine didn't exist back when development started on Warsow :). Next to that, the quake-like movement and tricking system is an important aspect of the game. <warsow> DuRzAn asked: How many players play Warsow? Do you have any statistics or something like about that? <warsow> FrooP answers: we dont have exact numbers about players but so far we have about 17.000 downloads <warsow> iownu asked: do you have any intention to revise the tdo score system, (or to release a parallel tdo gt) especially that this gt is rarely played in public <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Everything tdo-related is really low priority atm. We do accept patches though. <crizis> !answer 42 Yes, all of us work on warsow on our free time. And no "paid staff" :) <warsow> Rutix asked: This more a general question than a question which applies to the gameplay or technical but I noticed that you guys have alot of staff from different countries. Do you guys work on the game in your freetime? Or do you also have people who work fulltime on it. <warsow> crizis answers: Yes, all of us work on warsow on our free time. And no "paid staff" :) <warsow> exixt asked: What C IDE is used? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008 <warsow> qah-WoOdY asked: will there be a monkeypirate playermodel in 0.7? <warsow> 36 answers: Yes! (no :() Shadowi asked: do you have leaderboards? machinemessiah answers: No. HIzXnfJHmrdgiSa asked: Hello I have a question! ORDERKILLME answers: Many people have. <warsow> Akiraa asked: what other interesting free FPS engines do you think there are out there? <warsow> ETR answers: Nexuiz and AlienArena are interesting indie games :). All games are very different though, but similar in development style I assume. <warsow> Huksi asked: Do you get lots of questions now? Anthy answers: 200+ so far grandma asked: what’s the current focus in developement? machinemessiah answers: The new user interface, match making. We’re also planning to switch to Inter-Quake Model (IQM) Format for models. Akiraa asked: and what current proprietary engines gets you most excited? ETR answers: Misunderstood your previous question. There are plenty of interesting open source engines I guess, but the fact is we (machinemessiah) have been improving too much on the Q2 engine, so I’d say QFusion is BEST :D kckzi asked: Are there any plans to add NEW maps in later version that are CURRENTLY being worked on? Anthy answers: Of course we will add new maps ! DuRzAn asked: Do you have contact to the developer of other games like the Pad Man Dev Team? machinemessiah answers: Yes, I keep in touch with other developers from the Quake-scene. That’s mostly it, I guess. np asked: Are you still using ST8’s music track in the Warsow’s menu ORDERKILLME answers: jihnsius made a new soundtrack for warsow, which is awesome! <warsow> xoxo^PANIX asked: from where did you get the concept/idea to create the style of warsow? i mean, what are your influences? It was clearly recognizable that wdm5 was inspired by tron, but what about the other maps? Any movies, books or anything else which created the oncept/style of warsow? <warsow> ETR answers: inspiration comes from for example Jet Set Radio Future, and anything cyberpunk :) <warsow> nujabes asked: Will there be modding capabilities? warsow fortress? :) <warsow> crizis answers: Warsow has always had good modding capabilities. You can do full mod of Warsow code and host it in 'mod' dir, also you can write your own gametypes! <warsow> r2 asked: how big do you think the wsw players community is? <warsow> SoLomonK answers: quite hard to say, as there's several quite differents communities behind warsow <warsow> thelawenforcer asked: can we expect to see any improvements to the clientside effects? impacts, explosions etc <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Yes, we're going to copy&paste them from nQuake (just kidding)! <warsow> Inane asked: Will Warsow ever have a Trackmania-like mode for race? <warsow> SoLomonK answers: would be great <warsow> ORDERFalcky asked: Hmm will you change anything in the current duel system? Like armors etc? crizis answers: Like you know this was tried a gazillion times during .6 development, but ppl chose .5 armors everything, so not likely. OrkSovaj asked: Do you plan to sell pressed discs to support Warsow ? It would be very cool to share the game with people who don’t know the game. machinemessiah answers: I don’t think what you’re suggesting isn’t economically feasable. Although I admit some branded USB-sticks would be cool :) Calinou asked: Why did the old wdm2 and the wctf2 got removed? (in the 0.31, etc) ETR answers: The mapper disagreed with the visual style of Warsow at some point. He disallowed us to touch the maps to match the visual style of Warsow. We had two options: either keep them in, and be inconsistent with the rest, or pull them and work on the other maps. We chose the latter. schaaf asked: What is your motivation for developing warsow? crizis answers: It’s fun. Mostly =) thelawenforcer asked: no seriously, are there any plans to improve them? (they suck atm!) machinemessiah answers: No, nothing is planned at this moment. homart asked: is there any plan of adding new ca map in the near future? imp4sse asked: are there any plans about a complete tutorial section inside the game to help players from beginner to advanced (with demos possibly, like tricks etc.)? ORDERKILLME answers: We are planning to make interactive ingame tutorials showing you the weapons and movement system. Right now there are just some tutorial videos ingame and arround the community <warsow> xoxo^PANIX asked: would you mind if me and the austrian player farmup would burn copies of warsow to cds/dvds and would give them to random people in the inner city of vienna,austria? <warsow> SoLomonK answers: np as long as you make no business <warsow> DuRzAn asked: A new try to ask my question (please now a serious anwser): What do you think about the german warsow community "Warsow Arena"? <warsow> ETR answers: The German community has been really strong and numerous since a long time (GIGA ftw :]). I think it's awesome that the German community is that stable and enthousiastic :) <warsow> tritochbusy asked: in most other games, in ctf mode you walk over to pickup and walk over to capture. warsow uses timers. would it be possible in future releases to make it an option as to instant or timer? e.g. /g_ctftimer 0 machinemessiah answers: No, I think we want to keep CTF gameplay consistent throughout the servers. Having a myriad of variables radically altering the gameplay doesn’t help that. DuRzAn asked: What do you think will be the advantages for Warsow when it will use Desura? ETR answers: I guess anywhere between 20-30ish xoxo^PANIX asked: how long will this chat be up? ORDERKILLME answers: till our fingers hurt. <warsow> BA asked: How old are the developers on average? <warsow> ETR answers: I guess anywhere between 20-30ish <warsow> Shadowi asked: can you change the language of the game? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: No, but you can chat in different languages. User interface is english-only at the moment. <warsow> Overactive asked: what do you think of the weapon balance in this game? Do you think recent weapon balance changes have made the game more fair for duel, bomb, clan arena or all three? Motivate please :) <warsow> crizis answers: Weapon balance is fine. If you think some weapon sucks, please duel h1o. He can beat you without using weapon X in question =) <warsow> FragStealer asked: how can i stream my Demo in http serveur ? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: You need to make a prerecorded demo file avaiable from your HTTP server <warsow> homart asked: Have you started doing 0.7? what new content is already added?? =) <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Visually the development is currently focused on the new user interface. <warsow> Overactive asked: Do you have any plans on how to improve instagib? Considering its the most played gametype in warsow it get gets quite little attention. (For example adding more insta-gametypes, achievements and such) <warsow> SoLomonK answers: instagib is perfect as it is, maybe igungame or iagungame could bring some real freshness <warsow> smop asked: will you be adding an online server browser similar to the ones that exist now? <warsow> crizis answers: Most likely, yes. <warsow> koo asked: what about the Warsow plugin for Firefox which was on development ? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: It is currently on hold because there seems to be little interest in it. <warsow> tsopin asked: do u play any other genre games? :P <warsow> machinemessiah answers: I'm currently playing StarCraft 2 :) Not sure about the other developers <warsow> Camci asked: Do all the dev know eachother in RL or are there people that lives on the other side of the world? <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: We are scattered across the world but some of us (the ones living in the same country or who have been to a lan together) know each other. smop asked: will there be an ipad version of warsow? ETR answers: no. rad1rad1rad1 asked: could you add ingame voice chat ? Do you have any plans for that ? ETR answers: Warsow has Mumble support! Check it out: WaterKnight asked: What do you think why are there no/hardly medieval fantasy shooters for competive multiplayer out there? machinemessiah answers: We don’t know, Sir WaterKnight! Overactive asked: My earlier question of weaponbalance was more a question about what your thoughts about the changes through warsow history are. Why did you decide to change rockets for 0.6? Was it for a specific gametype or for overall gametype? (For example rockets was not used as much before by bomb players but in duel it was popular) crizis answers: the only difference with .51 rocket vs 0.6 rocket is +25 ups in projectile speed, just in sake of getting nice 1200 ups number.. smop asked: will warsow support xbox controllers and the new razer controller ORDERKILLME answers: We don't plan to add particular support for them but you can get them to work. BUT I would not recommend that as warsow is way to fast to be played with a controller. <warsow> DuRzAn asked: Who had the idea for this chat? I like it! <warsow> crizis answers: h1o <warsow> Shadowi asked: what kind of gamemodes are there? <warsow> Anthy answers: Ctf, Tdm, Duel, Bomb, Dm, Da, Race and much more ! <warsow> qah-genTly asked: Do you work on any new playermodels? <warsow> crizis answers: unfortunately no <warsow> GoReY asked: i somehow feel warsow duel gameplay isnt as solid as in other games as lets say cpm, painkiller etc, its too overspeeded, how do u plan to fix a certain balance in duel? <warsow> crizis answers: If you expect warsow to be equal to game X, then no. <warsow> rlx|Schakal asked: Will there be any improvement in gametype race in future? <warsow> crizis answers: Race is mostly, and will be, handled by awesome people at Just watch out for racenet releases! ;) <warsow> clownFart asked: Is there any progress or near future plans to update the HUD script in any way? <warsow> crizis answers: As you know it's 3 weeks since the previous release. So no plans about this so far... <warsow> InFerNo_ asked: I've read the user interface is English only at the moment. Is there any support for localization build in and is it possible for me to work on a Dutch localization? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Making Warsow localizable is a difficult task and we don't have any plans for it at the moment. English (probably) works for 99% of players. <warsow> imp4sse asked: when will see warsow in big esport events? i mean it deserves it <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: There were some in the past like cdc3 and 4 in the netherlands and the dash4cash lan in paris. Hopefully we’ll be able to host some LAN’s this year too. (Most of the lans were organized by the community) DuRzAn asked: Do you work with zolex together? ETR answers: Racers seem to want to regress to old movement types most of the times. We won’t support that :p. I think zolex does a great job, pleasing the race community with racesow :) daxioz0r asked: do you ( devs ) still belive this game has some kind of erm, lets call it “FUTURE” or you’re just doing it for own satisfaction and for bunch of people that just loves this game ? SoLomonK answers: future of esport is about ethics and educational =) Darkwave asked: Are you planning on any gameplay changes/balancing for the future or are you happy with the current result and consider it as a “final version of warsow”? ETR answers: ‘Final’ version of Warsow is non-existant. Work goes on forever :d Inane asked: Will you ever make a HUD generator for Warsow? (Like namad did for QuakeLive) machinemessiah answers: There are no plans for making a HUD generator at this moment. issac asked: What is the race game type? I played once before but this sounds fun ORDERKILLME answers: In Race you try to finish a parkour as fast as possible. Weapons are only used to move yourself. There are many trickjumps you can do, some people even play it freestyle on huge maps and do awesome tricks! <warsow> Shadowi asked: does the game have bullet-time like in matrix? <warsow> Anthy answers: No <warsow> grandma asked: will wsw be a rolling release (like some linux distro's) with the auto-update? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: We already provide automatic updates distributed to and via game servers. The core binaries aren't updated in this way though. <warsow> rad1rad1rad1 asked: you should do own league for warsow! or is it played in esl and such? <warsow> crizis answers: as far as we know, yes warsow, especially iduel has been played in esl for years :) <warsow> ScHlAuChi asked: where did the name warsow come from <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: there is the ESL ( and clanbase ( but unfortunately they are pretty inactive right now (You can change that! :D ) Shadowi asked: can you fly in warsow? Anthy answers: Flying pigs, thats all about warsow! xoxo^PANIX asked: are there any future plans for setting up a teamspeak 3 server over the ? machinemessiah answers: No, there are no such plans. daxioz0r asked: will you ever remove instagib from warsow ? SoLomonK answers: ofc not jewzr asked: will there be some changes about stun or are you happy with it as it is atm ? crizis answers: yes, we’re happy about it how it’s in 0.6 mod_killy asked: will you ever remove bipbeta from warsow? machinemessiah answers: bipbeta isn’t part of Warsow. DuRzAn asked: What do you think is the reason for the many instagib players? Is it the easy gameplay? SoLomonK answers: yup instagib is a cool way to get introduced to wrsow, from instagib scene, many players turn into ne normal weapon for more challenge clownFart asked: Is there any plans to include jetpacks in the next release? crizis answers: Maybe when duke nukem forever gets released !answer 281 it comes from Warsow, which was the original name of a UK rockband in the eighties : Joy Division, I simply replaced the 2d A by a O answer 281 it comes from Warsow, which was the original name of a UK rockband in the eighties : Joy Division, I simply replaced the 2d A by a O IrReeL asked: when we could watch the 0.6 trailer ? crizis answers: as soon as killme finishes it! :P DuRzAn asked: Will you add the custom map bipbeta to the official mappool? crizis answers: no! Akiraa asked: are you planning on eventually turning warsow into a money making thing? machinemessiah answers: I’d love to be able to learn a living developing for Warsow but it looks unrealistic at this moment. imp4sse asked: i think this devchat is a good idea, why don’t make it a monthly (or bimonthly or when you want…) date? ORDERKILLME answers: Yes I think so too but that'd probably be too much work for us and the Qnet staff. Also other games want devchats too! <warsow> InFerNo_ asked: Do you know DNF will be released this year? So bring on that jetpack! <warsow> crizis answers: yeah! i heard dnf was released in 1999 too! twice! <warsow> smop asked: are there plans for singleplayer beyond indepth tutorials <warsow> crizis answers: no. although if community comes up with something clever, single players mods are more than welcome. <warsow> KoNa- asked: so how i get job on warsow? <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: Ask at the forums and tell us what you can do! :> dahack asked: What kind of experience / education did you have as developers when you started the project? machinemessiah answers: I was a student at the time I joined Warsow development team, studying computer science. I guess this is more or less the same for the other devs. smop asked: can i use a wsw community site in my portfolio SoLomonK answers: sure i encourage you to turn your gming experience into smtg constructive ———————————————————————————- REMEMBER! to ask a question to the Warsow developers use /msg warsow [question here] ———————————————————————————- ORDERKILLME answers: It's fast, colourfull, well balanced and realy fun. There are many nice people playing it and the we always have an open ear for suggestions. <warsow> namreeb asked: second try at asking this: will you have some anti-cheat protection against things like aim bots? <warsow> crizis answers: This is one though area, we don't unfortunataly have people capable or willing of developing anticheat at the moment. <warsow> Master-Guy asked: I'm not here to turn down a game, that I do not know, in any way, but I do want to let you know my initial thoughts, so you might be able to improve the game: My first though was: "Another quake-engine game with bad looking character and weapon models, but the map(s) look nice" <warsow> machinemessiah answers: In my opinion, Warsow is probably the best looking and the most polished game based on a Quake1/2/3 engine out there, go figure... <warsow> DuRzAn asked: What was the job of micros in the dev team? <warsow> SoLomonK answers: maybe I'm wrong but Mikros was in fact Kurim who was a coder for wsw from 2002 to 2006 <warsow> orbital asked: Are there plans for Coop-Gametypes like "Attack of the Zombie Pigs" or sth in that direction? : <warsow> h1o answers: I believe that there already is a coop mode for the 'Retard' gametype <warsow> mxc asked: What do You think about account system in warsow and have any work on it been started machinemessiah answers: A similar question has already been asked and aswered. In short: yes. lep asked: Why is there no halfbeat strafejump? I was my favourite in Q3. ORDERKILLME answers: because warsow has more aircontrol than Q3 thus it's not possible. <warsow> namreeb asked: if you do not have people capable/willing to do anti-cheats, my next question is are the developers for this game strictly volunteers? are you looking for others? what is your relationship to each other? <warsow> crizis answers: Yes, everyone in the devteam in contributing on their free time. And yes, we're always looking for new contributors! (free slave work!) <warsow> Boost asked: How is Warsow better than Nexuiz/Xonotic? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: It's playable. <warsow> mxc asked: What do you think about changing weapons damage based on gametype to balance how a gametype is played machinemessiah answers: We typically try to avoid that. Hunden asked: Do you see any influence of Starsiege:Tribes in Warsaw? crizis answers: Starsiege: What? :D r2 asked: Many players are enjoying the unsupported “freestyle” game mode. Any plans to include it in vanilla warsow? ORDERKILLME answers: That one is part of racesow if I are correct, they're doing a good job developing it :> <warsow> Darkwave asked: 2 questions: Can we expect a new update with new content this year? Do you plan on creating an QL-account based system within the next 6 months + server browser to <warsow> crizis answers: 6 months is a bit optimistic, but yes we plan create that. It's just matter of when we get everything finished. <warsow> DuRzAn asked: There was Solomonk's story at the beginning and then? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: In the beginning there was a word :) An early history of Warsow is covered here -> <warsow> iioran asked: Is it planned to change hitboxes to hexagonal or octogonal hitboxes ? <warsow> machinemessiah answers: Maybe some time in the future. <warsow> DuRzAn asked: Why did you not release warsow 0.6 at the same date like Duke Nukem Forever? <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: Because we’re nice and want to give you new awesome stuff so the game advances. BRUNS asked: With Quake Live lessening Warsow’s player count further in the last couple of years, you are in my eyes (like it or not) competing with a game that has a much larger existing player base and a wider appeal to the casual gamer. Do you feel that in order to increase Warsow’s playerbase that it is important to differentiate Warsow from other ‘arena fps’ titles such as Quake Live? (also I have no crizis answers: id software obviously has a lot of cash, QL affects all free games. However, Warsow has been growing steadidly, mostly thanks to bomb and that’s nice. Free games are always pretty much ‘small community’ games and I doubt that’ll change in the future. We’ll do our best to provide fun game for free for you guys. clownFart asked: What type of music to you listen to while playing? (and don’t say the soundtrack :D ) crizis answers: i personally have soundtrack at s_musicvolume 0.1 and i enjoy it =) clownFart asked: How many hours weekly do you put into developing the game? machinemessiah answers: 0 - 40 smop asked: has anyone ever been so far as to can has what looks like? ORDERKILLME answers: noone has ever been as far go want liek this <warsow> YemminatoR asked: why did you removed the cyberspace graphic style (tron like) on warsow instead of the fucking streets style (tf2 like)? (i still love the old cyberspace style of warsow :( ) <warsow> SoLomonK answers: the tronish style had its chance, it was time to bring freshness into wsw <warsow> Hunden asked: I haven't played the game in 1 year, what reasons do you have to get me interessted again? <warsow> ORDERKILLME answers: New maps, gamemodes, visuals and weapon tweaking! It’s a lot of fun than older versions imo! Ok! That wraps up the Q and A session. Now we will post the screenshots of the new UI menu and the new maps and a little thankyou from one of the warsow people Breaker- asked: I tried the game a few days ago and it was really hard to bind few of the keys in your keyboard setup, Im an old player that still uses mouse2 for walking, x for backing, z to crouch and cv for strafe, and the mousebuttons are really hard, are you planning on doing something custom for those who dont use WASD? Anthy answers: You can change keyboard controls in main menu so before showing you some wip screenshots it’s time for some credits Firstly, I’d like to give a big thanks to our community, both veterans and newcomers, for their support and their passion.

warsow< You put discussion and decisions on open development (publicly accessible code repository, being able to track and thus submit patches to up-to-date code) until after the 0.6 Release. Do you plan on discussing it now? What is you plan on future development and community involvement? Do you plan on changing discussing or just keep it like it currently is? Also how does each of you individually feel about these questions / topics? (sry for lots of q. in one) -warsow- Your question has been relayed to the #warsow staff. I also wanted to say a huge thank to my team about 0.6. Thanks one more time to the veterans as Jal and Vic, Blx, Etr etc. for their incredible skills and tenacity. Thanks to Crizis who clearly became a major contributor and a good dev leader. Thanks to Jihnsius for the wonderful work on the music. Thanks to Froop, 36, H1o and to all who contributed to make the dev alive and helped to keep a good mood on our private IRC channel, and a good internal spirit in the dev. almost 10 years after the beginning of the story, Warsow remains to my eyes the best game and most innovative esport oriented fast person shooter. glhf to all and thanks for your attention =) And now for some amazing new screenshots! This is from the Bomb & Defuse map emtown, it is made by el_moto We also have some lovely screenshots from 36’s bomb map Depot, previously known as Downtown And last but not least a picture of the new menu Also I would like to give a big thanks to Quakenet, Sorcerer and meeb for organising this wonderful Q&A session and to all people for showing interest Have a good evening and don’t forget to PLAY WARSOW and those who don’t already have warsow, you can download it for free at ! Download Warsow 0.6 NOW FOR FREE from for Windows, Linux & Mac! That was it. Around 500 people were present during the chat Feel free to idle here and ask questions once the channel has been unmoderated This channel will remain moderated and in auditorium mode for a short while (+Dm) until you lot calm down and we can remove +Dm without insane amounts of spam occuring Thanks to the people from warsow for this chat and I wish you all a good evening! tschuss ! <ORDER`KILLME> Thank you all it was realy fun, cya ingame! #warsow.pickup for pickups! [/quote]

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