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Games / [Idea] CSS/CSGO/Steam DooC Clan Group!
« on: 05.07.2013, 11:34:44 »
Hello there, after my recent inactivity of studying and school I am back! I have become very good at CS and was wondering would it be a good idea to create a steam group?
Thanks  :rolleyes:

General / Hello DooCLers
« on: 19.05.2013, 14:28:14 »
Hello, DooCLers... I will not be playing ET so much now, because of school and im not allowed to be on my computer that much.
I will still play if I have time, Happy Gaming  :))

General / Inactivity
« on: 26.04.2013, 12:55:44 »
Hello, Dooclers :P
I have been inactive in ET because of family vacation.
My apologies, 1dLe

Helpboard / Microphone Problem
« on: 03.03.2013, 17:56:10 »
Hello all,
I need help with my microphone.
I need to boost it but the problem is my microphone is it is at 100% volume and I have no other options to boost it.
OS: Windows 7
Headset (with microphone): Somic G95 5.1 CH Gaming Headset.
I plug in with USB not with "jack".
Please help much appreciated,

Games / Urban Terror
« on: 23.02.2013, 10:42:17 »
Seeing that there is a new update of UrT do any of you guys play Urban Terror?

Helpboard / Missing packs :(
« on: 02.02.2013, 05:54:10 »
I get this error when I try to join the server ... The following packs are missing: nitmod/nitmod_2.2.1_r764
Anyone help?

General / Love your server love your clan <3
« on: 27.01.2013, 18:42:00 »
Wow thanks for inviting me into the clan and me asking. I just played on your server had an amazing time!
Keep up what you are doing and I hope you keep running the server.
Thanks ,
1dLe :))  :rolleyes:

Spamboard / How many years have you played video games/ET?
« on: 27.01.2013, 10:54:41 »
How many years have you guys/girls 8o played video games?

Software / Fraps full
« on: 27.01.2013, 09:47:30 »
Hey guys , I found a link for Fraps 3.5.9 full version  just thought you might need it. :))


Games / W:ET trick?
« on: 26.01.2013, 19:52:30 »
Hey guys , I was wondering how to get a smaller gun size or like zoomed out HUD or something ... Sorry not to great with this stuff x_x ;(
I've seen it in Fragmovies like this one
Thanks for the help :)

General / My name is 1dLe , Hiya :D
« on: 26.01.2013, 19:44:15 »
Heya guys :) , I am 1dLe and unfortunately I don't speak German but fully functional in English. I live in South Africa like LeeveN, KAKE and Inferno ... I've been playing ET for about 4 Years but I took long breaks in between.
Just overall I've been playing video games from PS1 to this :].
I just want to be active in this community :)).
If you have any questions, just ask me  :tongue:

EDIT: Im 13 and I like the Thompson SMG :)

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