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General / Wow im back but just wow
« on: 30.06.2015, 20:47:13 »
im back but already more than a few days server is empty...
i guess everyone left?

sorry for not connecting long its just that et has started to bore me so i stopped connecting.

General / problem
« on: 21.01.2015, 16:35:26 »
when i move my mouse up or down it does it really quick but when i move it to the sides it does it really slow and i dont know how to fix it...

P.S. it isnt the sensitivity

General / being inactive
« on: 21.01.2015, 16:22:23 »
sorry at the last few weeks i wasnt active because i was on a little holliday :P but im back to play!

General / Name
« on: 14.12.2014, 18:03:07 »
I think you should rename this guy when you see him :\

General / Mouse2
« on: 26.11.2014, 19:11:04 »
ive just today reconnected the internet and for some reson it disdone the exec so anyway when i right click the mouse it goes prone and not snipe or somthing like that. can someone help me please?

General / When you heal a person.
« on: 21.10.2014, 18:52:50 »
Hello DooC members and admins.
I wanted to comment about when you Heal a person it writes it down also for the Enemy team.
I don't think it's so Smart to leave it Because if someone wanna Frag someone else he can see if someone healed him.
I don't think that it's really fair for some people to play like that And i think you should cancel it.


General / Lots Of Trouble
« on: 17.07.2014, 17:34:42 »
Lots of trouble in my country and as some of you know im in the army so i wont come back so often because my country  (israel) has lots of problems with gaza So the army might go in there and attack but anyways i wont come back a lot so i wont be in the server online a long time.

DooC-Server / golden dunk
« on: 07.04.2014, 20:35:14 »
BTW sorry for not puting link i just cant find the omnibot thingy...

General / WTF
« on: 21.03.2014, 17:53:10 »
wtf is going on? im coloring my name on server then instead of panzerice it writes panz...

General / [DooC] clan tag!
« on: 20.03.2014, 18:57:44 »
I have 2 stuff to say:


is it allowed to color the [DooC] Tag on name?
i see a lot of dooc players do it ^^


i see sometimes people use the [DooC] tag withou them being clan member.
I say for them to take it off and sometimes warn them and they dont listen to me... what can i do?.

General / Aplication For DooC Member (Dominik)
« on: 27.12.2013, 16:58:25 »
Ingame Name: Dominik

Age: 13

Invited By: PanzerIce

Country: slovakia

All Rules Read: Yes, ofc.

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yes.

All rules understood: Yes I understood it!

This is for dominik hes just new on forum so he doesnt know how to make a new topic :)

Helpboard / Problem
« on: 12.12.2013, 15:38:39 »
Every time I try to log into the server I have to download a file.
It shows it for 1 second and then it goes out of ET.
The file is xmas mode, can anyone help me?

General / Hackers
« on: 02.12.2013, 19:20:06 »
Here i Put All videos Of hackers...

General / i have a question
« on: 24.11.2013, 18:13:40 »
why when i do /bind up vsay /spec *Spec
its says for me up isnt a key but i want to use the up key
why do i need to write there?

General / Who is better?
« on: 20.11.2013, 19:29:38 »
Who do you think is Better?

General / lol...
« on: 20.11.2013, 18:02:32 »
Everyone are asking who is the best player...
Im asking who is the worst player :P
if you ask me PanzerIce is really crappy XD
who do you think?... :middlefinger:

General / Complaint
« on: 20.10.2013, 18:56:57 »
i was playing in gold rush in the server and then ment0r is all the time spawn killing and i couldent play like that...
I dont want you to take him out of DooC but Seriously at least warn him he isn't stopping!  X(

General / Add new maps
« on: 18.09.2013, 09:10:50 »
Please add more Maps its Boring all the Time playing in the Same maps....  :O

General / Question
« on: 12.09.2013, 17:37:56 »
Who Made this DooC Clan?  :askGoogle: :lame:

General / Maps
« on: 10.09.2013, 17:44:08 »
 Why are you not puting Trick-Jump World There are The Most Fun Worlds I Like them The most  ?(

General / Mrice
« on: 08.09.2013, 16:12:25 »
Me can join Dooc Clan Please I Like Helping people and playing Your server :D

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