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General / Re: Wow im back but just wow
« on: 27.07.2015, 17:30:57 »
lol "late comment" ye i wasnt active but i connect ones in a few days and 0 - 2 players are in the game

General / Wow im back but just wow
« on: 30.06.2015, 20:47:13 »
im back but already more than a few days server is empty...
i guess everyone left?

sorry for not connecting long its just that et has started to bore me so i stopped connecting.

General / Re: being inactive
« on: 26.01.2015, 17:39:00 »
thanks :middlefinger:

General / Re: problem
« on: 26.01.2015, 17:38:32 »
ok thanks

General / problem
« on: 21.01.2015, 16:35:26 »
when i move my mouse up or down it does it really quick but when i move it to the sides it does it really slow and i dont know how to fix it...

P.S. it isnt the sensitivity

General / being inactive
« on: 21.01.2015, 16:22:23 »
sorry at the last few weeks i wasnt active because i was on a little holliday :P but im back to play!

General / Name
« on: 14.12.2014, 18:03:07 »
I think you should rename this guy when you see him :\

General / Re: Mouse2
« on: 27.11.2014, 18:49:59 »
ok thanks

General / Mouse2
« on: 26.11.2014, 19:11:04 »
ive just today reconnected the internet and for some reson it disdone the exec so anyway when i right click the mouse it goes prone and not snipe or somthing like that. can someone help me please?

General / Re: Unban – N1c01ash / N!ce
« on: 25.10.2014, 08:09:39 »
i am going to close this as we have a solution. will re open it if there are problems

so it means n!ce is staying banned?

General / Re: Re: Unban
« on: 24.10.2014, 12:47:00 »
i would say yes if n!ce wont join the server he broke loads of rules we can never forgive (at least i can never forgive :middlefinger:)

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps/ Server Maps Suggestions
« on: 22.10.2014, 20:29:48 »
Golden dunk and fata morgana have to be on this server!!!!!!!!! i dont see anymore servers with this maps and also baserace is pretty fun

General / Re: When you heal a person.
« on: 21.10.2014, 20:15:10 »

General / When you heal a person.
« on: 21.10.2014, 18:52:50 »
Hello DooC members and admins.
I wanted to comment about when you Heal a person it writes it down also for the Enemy team.
I don't think it's so Smart to leave it Because if someone wanna Frag someone else he can see if someone healed him.
I don't think that it's really fair for some people to play like that And i think you should cancel it.


General / Re: Ix!on's application
« on: 16.10.2014, 18:16:45 »
Welcome, I haven't seen you on the server yet.
But because im back from the Army (It was verry short time, I'm pretty surprised.) I will probably see you a lot.
Hope you play fair and Good. :evil:
Welcome to DooC Clan.


General / Re: Lots Of Trouble
« on: 12.09.2014, 17:52:57 »

General / Re: Lots Of Trouble
« on: 12.09.2014, 16:30:10 »
Hello people, Im back from the dead To play ET i just 1st time connected and i already saw someone going to allies team (4 VS 2) so... i see you guys need help :P so ill try my best again :)

General / Re: 11 Years of DooC
« on: 29.08.2014, 19:02:20 »
hope id Be in the server and selebrate :P well anyway happy birthday

General / Re: [DooC]* Tags.
« on: 18.08.2014, 13:52:04 »
Yea my bro says that he played and saw him.
You know being in the army here feels like ET just without names on top of teamates xD

General / Re: Lots Of Trouble
« on: 31.07.2014, 18:33:50 »
Well Got Out For 2 Days Free in home :D
Its Just So Annoying Destroying like 20 million tunnels...
Well See You On Server For About An Hour Today And Tomorrow :P

General / Re: Lots Of Trouble
« on: 26.07.2014, 17:26:35 »
Going in tomorrow...

General / Re: Lots Of Trouble
« on: 19.07.2014, 15:34:31 »
Thank you everyone and lol kissaki how did you get this video xD

General / Re: Lots Of Trouble
« on: 17.07.2014, 18:38:20 »
Thank you, i hope aswell.

General / Lots Of Trouble
« on: 17.07.2014, 17:34:42 »
Lots of trouble in my country and as some of you know im in the army so i wont come back so often because my country  (israel) has lots of problems with gaza So the army might go in there and attack but anyways i wont come back a lot so i wont be in the server online a long time.

General / Re: Rejion Nice ^^
« on: 11.07.2014, 08:46:58 »
N!ce 1 of the rules is not insulting other players....
If you Can't keep to that rule You CANT be a dooc member

General / Re: Rejion Nice ^^
« on: 10.07.2014, 21:03:34 »
still hard to decide :\
+ 14 Seems to young no?

General / Re: Rejion Nice ^^
« on: 09.07.2014, 11:32:29 »
whats with the caps at the start of every word  8o

but i do agree. you need to play on our server again for a bit.

Dunno my PC Is just Controlling it Self  :middlefinger:

General / Re: Rejion Nice ^^
« on: 08.07.2014, 07:51:29 »
I Think Its A Bit of a Problem Getting out and Coming Back in after a Few Months But I Want to see Again How You Play Before I Deside anything :P

BTW Cant Be Really Active On The Server For Now I'm Alot in the Army :|
Hate That I Have To Be In The Army Here

General / Re: Mrice
« on: 31.05.2014, 15:30:50 »
9 months -12 days dooc member :P

General / Re: So maby ........ :D
« on: 30.05.2014, 13:34:49 »
you need to write an application for lvl 18.

yea but i mean what do i do in the aplication like name? stuff like name? o.0

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