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DooC-Server / Re: Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 09.12.2013, 20:39:09 »
yes, once doors are destroyed

DooC-Server / Spawn points for goldrush
« on: 08.12.2013, 21:11:03 »
As many of you may know axis has a disadvantage once the tank is stolen, spawn killing. So we've decided to enable a second spawn point for axis, there are 2 choices and would like your input, any other suggestions and your selection.

General / Accusations made
« on: 03.12.2013, 09:58:12 »
Its been noticed that many members are accusing other players/members or hacking. That needs to come to an end. On our server we have a program that detects if a player is trying to enter with a hack and kicks him/her. I for myself have received numerous complains about this from members and other players on the server and Facebook. However it is still possible that a handful of hacks are not detectable if you still feel that the player is hacking, bring it to the attention of an admin in the form of a personal message, who will decide and take further action, don't just accuse people of such things

General / Re: Who is better?
« on: 29.11.2013, 10:31:34 »
i don't see the point off this but i'll vote anyway :]Y

General / Re: Application for membership.
« on: 26.11.2013, 07:05:41 »
1 big happy family :P i agree..lets place him on trial

General / Re: Azarius
« on: 26.11.2013, 07:03:57 »
i'd like to see him back in the clan..why not, as gauki mentioned

DooC-Server / Re: Arty on spawn
« on: 16.11.2013, 21:20:59 »
as shown today, for those that arnt familiar the area, it is the axis spawn exist below the bridge..just the exits

DooC-Server / Arty on spawn
« on: 16.11.2013, 16:47:07 »
While playing on goldrush today I for myself have received a numerous amount of complaints of arty's and airstrikes being called on the spawn are near the bank and me, myself have have been killed by them alot, after looking for a solution. Ive seen a script that allows an overhead cover that blocks these airstrikes, providing cover for the players
Attached below is the script for this, probably it can be tested on our war server if not the public one at first, just a suggestion.

General / Re: Application for membership.
« on: 14.11.2013, 22:51:13 »
hey hey Laki, glad to see you could make it here, I've met you on the server more often than not. No hold backs i say yes

General / Re: Mrice
« on: 11.11.2013, 22:07:44 »
i'd say yes

General / Re: Complaint
« on: 05.11.2013, 19:11:35 »
another topic called "Kritik" has the same arguments about camping, running around and healing and stuff, so instead of replaying the entire scenario, those that are not familiar with it, have a look
and i agree with sniped, just that some are not online at its peak moments and think otherwise of the server

General / Re: Application for Membership
« on: 01.11.2013, 19:19:40 »
makes 2 of us

General / Re: Application
« on: 01.11.2013, 19:19:01 »
couldnt agree more trial it is

General / Re: Application
« on: 30.10.2013, 18:28:48 »
i'd say yes...walkuere lost me there though :/

General / Re: Application for Membership
« on: 28.10.2013, 21:05:56 »
for us to decide further, i would like to ask you to be more active on the server, we will later inform you about the progression of your application :))

General / Re: Kritik
« on: 27.10.2013, 19:18:15 »
will do

General / Re: Kritik
« on: 26.10.2013, 21:35:36 »
as said by walkuere, such stuff is happening on the server, But its out of our hands to do anything about it.
Some other thing caught my attention on the server, a player from etc by the name "maxkill" or something of that sort along with many others are breaking the rules, perhaps somethings could be done about that, as follows:
1st time, personal message the player asking to stop and if continues to do so until the,
2nd time, warn the player making it global and if continues to do so until the,
3rd time, nade the player and if continues to do so until the,
4th time, spec the player and if continues to do so kick for 5 mins
just a possible suggestion

General / Re: Complaint
« on: 25.10.2013, 19:05:20 »
I'll get a few next time this happens

General / Re: Member
« on: 25.10.2013, 09:08:20 »

General / Re: Complaint
« on: 22.10.2013, 08:15:47 »
after asking by myself, he did stop.

General / Re: :/root application
« on: 17.10.2013, 14:26:55 »
i am in agreement with acceptance

General / Re: Application for membership
« on: 14.10.2013, 21:12:46 »
thanks guys ;)

General / Application for membership - Leeven
« on: 08.10.2013, 20:05:01 »
Hi all,  :))

Application for membership

For those that dont know me, i am Leeven with an ingame name "Leeven and Legend SeconD". I am 18 years of age and reside in South Africa. I have read and fully understood all the rules and regulations of the clan, I am prepared to enter the trial period.

I am friendly with other players, active to a more than often extent, teamplay is another good quality of myself, Ive been playing et for a year+ now and enjoy the game settling down and representing a clan is what i like to do.

Greetz  :evil:

General / Re: Ban appeal
« on: 28.09.2013, 00:56:45 »
Little misunderstanding..nothing more, of course. Will be seeing you'll there ;)

General / Re: Ban appeal
« on: 26.09.2013, 11:53:25 »
im with WaLKuere on this one..

General / Re: Ban appeal
« on: 25.09.2013, 20:48:58 »
i'd prefer you rethink and restructure your "jokes" properly before posting isnt amusing in anyway :|

General / Re: Ban appeal
« on: 24.09.2013, 22:14:30 »
ofcourse..everything makes sense now, the date helped out recall everything and now that i have realized who bongi was..*would not like to mention his "undercover" name*, i saw a skillful player, well bongi correct me if i am wrong, all i asked was "do you play here often?"..i didnt get a reply therefore i didnt respond back, the reason for me wanting to know was so that i could make a new pal on the server, prehaps learn a few techniques from him, never did i ask him to leave the server and join another :/ it was a misinterpretation which is out in the clear

General / Re: Ban appeal
« on: 23.09.2013, 16:53:49 »
yes azarius i know who bongi is and i do have a different GUID and nick, reason being i run 2 et games off 1 pc, i am not calling anyone a liar, all im asking is that if bongi can recall that "incident" as to when he was asked to leave the server and by whom? what was the name of that player?

General / Re: Ban appeal
« on: 23.09.2013, 15:33:53 »
the 'legend second' cfg file

General / Re: Ban appeal
« on: 23.09.2013, 15:07:27 »
that was a wide accusation made there azairus and it is quite unfair that you're blaming me for all this, i did not call anyone dumb, neither am i lying

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