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DooC-Server / Re: Adrenaline
« on: 12.06.2013, 17:40:30 »
yes remove adrenaline and doublejump
and you'll have an empty server
just remember 1 year ago when everything was disabled
who was playing. tiger and his son againt bots
 :middlefinger: :middlefinger:

General / farewell
« on: 18.03.2013, 14:44:37 »
dear friends
maybe u've realized that i was off these days i sadly announce to you that.But i'll quit
playing ET for now maybe definetly i'm busy with my life i have a job now
I can't be regular anymore
I left ET in 2009 to return on jun 2012 to find panther tiger playing on dooc xD
i discovered dooc by a coincidence but but it was a happy coincidence. I really enjoyed playing
tiger panther ameero mafkaas vengeful my dear south africans mates specially leeven
azarius hancoc $n!p3d  thank u very much
gauki thank you for ur trust mate wish u good luck
kissaki good luck mate
ameero take care my dear
thank u all my friends
good bye

Helpboard / Re: Laggs
« on: 06.03.2013, 22:46:33 »
The bandwidth is not the limit with 24 slots.
I already told some ppl/admins that when the pub server is full the CPU core is at its limit, and that it should keep some reserve for spikes.
However, when its not even at 16 slots the CPU shouldnt be a problem.
Thats also why saying "it lags" is totally useless and needs more information *when* it lags. With the CPU core at its limits, lags would be expected. With just 8 ppl playing not so much.
do you mean that the CPU server usage has a quota or restricted ressources that reach its limit with about 16 players and high?
EDIT what's the amount of ram allocated i mean hunkmegs?

Helpboard / Re: Laggs
« on: 05.03.2013, 22:46:34 »
first try to remove some slots  :))
i dont think  that 24 slots can be the problem unless  server has really limited/restricted bandwidth
look at jay's one : 54 public slots always full and no lag at all and i think he has same engine and mod

Helpboard / Re: Laggs
« on: 05.03.2013, 21:17:47 »
bandwidht hunkmegs engine build number of players some maps with a lot of entities lua scripts soundpack etc
many factors cause the lag
maybe remove some lua scripts (connect autobalance rspree are not needed IMO)
dunno how wide is the bandwidth from new server provider
EDIT: don't forget the mod is still beta test
EDIT2: consider moving to a new engine
what'do u think kissaki

DooC-Server / Re: Server will move
« on: 05.03.2013, 21:08:19 »
what about sl and tb tracking?
only old IP is showed
and some players still connect to it from sl and tb

Helpboard / Re: Punkbuster?!
« on: 04.03.2013, 21:43:49 »
Punkbuster client : failed to resolve
this indicate that pb client can't connect to its masterserver since evenbalance dropped support for ET
u don't need pb ,nitmod does not rely on it to store xp and players data
the problem was
can't resolve 91.xxxxxxx
url didnt work too (/connect

Helpboard / Re: Punkbuster?!
« on: 04.03.2013, 21:23:43 »
i resolv the problem...

Can't connect to
can't connect with /connect

Connected with :
same as you

DooC-Server / Re: How to apply in DooC
« on: 02.03.2013, 16:32:08 »
Welcome Kid are you Hancoc? :D Have fun on Server

We shoot us

Greetz Panther
hancoc is older than your dad

DooC-Server / [info] ban of a player
« on: 20.02.2013, 20:57:11 »
ppll from Italy
banned by [DooC]*XXXX
date 20.02.2013
durantion: permanent
reason:  aimbot + level whining +chat spamming

DooC-Tournaments / Re: The 2nd DooC 1v1 Tournament
« on: 17.02.2013, 19:33:04 »
i'm in too

DooC-Tournaments / Re: 1v1 Tournament Hall Of Fame
« on: 17.02.2013, 19:28:29 »
bloody matchs with close performances

DooC-Server / Re: How to apply in DooC
« on: 14.02.2013, 00:21:12 »
thx panther
i share kissaki opinion
if someone wants to join he must be regular and then ask leeven or azarius in-game 
i really don't care about skill or age
if someone wants to be admin he can ask an admin and must have at least basic administration skills trial time will show if he is a good manager or not


i'm in too
please add me

DooC-Server / Re: New Server name
« on: 02.02.2013, 11:40:38 »
clan name or server name ?

DooC-Server / Re: Kifferstube: Maps
« on: 20.01.2013, 20:25:59 »
is there any new maprotation?

General / Re: DooC-Server Kifferstube Pictures :)
« on: 15.01.2013, 19:53:53 »
 more pictures



General / Re: DooC-Server Kifferstube Pictures :)
« on: 14.01.2013, 19:12:06 »
yep server is growing ;) target is 10 vs 10 :P
if members join the server we would have 10 vs 10  but i think 8 vs 8 is good enough for all maps

General / Re: DooC-Server Kifferstube Pictures :)
« on: 14.01.2013, 18:20:12 »
 :middlefinger: :middlefinger:


DooC-Server / ET gameinfo fix
« on: 13.01.2013, 22:19:26 »
this tiny pk3 add extra gametypes to allow ingame server browser displaying something else than "???" for gametypes above 5 (map-voting, Team Deathmatch and deathmatch)
put it inside your /etmain folder
now when u start the game u will see servers gametypes MapVote TDM and DM displayed instead of ??? in the serverlist browser

DooC-Server / Re: connect with 2.55 2.56 2.60 ---> ET:3.0.0
« on: 26.10.2012, 17:39:34 »
@kissaki a.k.a jan ! kannst du mir da bitte behiflich sein, ich bin genauso wie oben beschrieben vorgegangen !

ich habe die et300.x86 datei..und die habe nach etded.x86 umbenannt. Danach den server neugestartet und der server blieb down. Was mache ich falsch `?

i understand the first part, but the second with ... what do u mean with executable.... i thought linux dont use exe files !? confused gauki :(
gauki put the official release et300 without extension and run it  no need to rename it and no need to add .x86 extension
 linux does not use exe extension it does not need an extension cause it rely on MIME type within the file but executable files should be enabled via chmod command to get permission
btw can u paste the error message u got?

DooC-Server / Re: connect with 2.55 2.56 2.60 ---> ET:3.0.0
« on: 25.10.2012, 01:22:07 »
ET300 is a dedicated  server side only there's no client version
Official download link  is here:
it replaces the ETDED.x86 linux server binary (WolfDED.exe replace ETDED.exe for windows binary)
just put it into ET folder and run it as you run ETDED with the same startup line setting make sure it's set as executable
by default it runs on  ET 2.60b protocol to make it visible to the both serverlists  add +set net_port_extra xxxxxx to the startup line to open another port for the other serverlist

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