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DooC-Server / Re: What? Panther is back?! Yeeah :D
« on: 30.09.2013, 14:16:48 »
Ho Ho Ho welcome back

Thx :D

Xp level I don't know. But we will see
Ok :)

DooC-Server / Re: What? Panther is back?! Yeeah :D
« on: 29.09.2013, 14:13:39 »
Yes please :)

DooC-Server / Re: What? Panther is back?! Yeeah :D
« on: 28.09.2013, 22:01:15 »
Thanks, is it ok with my name? And what's with my lvl? :)

DooC-Server / What? Panther is back?! Yeeah :D
« on: 28.09.2013, 10:17:55 »
Heeeey What's up guys,

It seems like I've been a long time away... There are severel reasons.

The biggest reason was the School. I'm now in class 9 and it's very hard, because of this I had to learn a much the past month.
The other reason was that I really had no joy anymore in playing Wolfenstein so I've dicided to don't play it anymore. My notebook also was down so I couldn't play et..

So I needed to reinstall Windows and now ... SHIT happens I deleted my Wolfenstein et Folder out of Windows.OLD -.-' Etkey, and all other things have gone.

So for all my New name will be SantaClaus if this is no problem. I don't know what's with my XP or level, if I can get it back it's your desicion. :D

Well that's all I'll take my time now to start with playing et again and IIIIIII'MMM BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK :D :blah: :middlefinger:

We shoot us Panther :D

General / Re: Panther is back my Friends :**
« on: 27.06.2013, 15:04:14 »
Thx :DD

General / Panther is back my Friends :**
« on: 26.06.2013, 15:26:21 »
Panther is on Board !!!!!!! I just started to play again we will see us on Server my Friends. :DDDDDD :middlefinger: :middlefinger: :middlefinger: :middlefinger:

General / Re: [application] chKaze
« on: 06.04.2013, 15:28:47 »
Idk where he is. O.o

Spamboard / Re: Wörter die euch grad spontarn einfallen
« on: 03.04.2013, 13:05:31 »
Supatomare Energie vergifftung

General / Re: [application] chKaze
« on: 23.03.2013, 17:59:26 »
Von mir ein Ja mein Freund. :) Hab Spaß und sei Akitv im Forum (Und Server natürlich)
(( Recruit I have ever done :P))

General / Re: Application [Read before Applying PLS]
« on: 23.03.2013, 12:46:30 »

#closed <--- pls :P

General / Re: farewell
« on: 18.03.2013, 16:37:33 »
Well, sad to hear but we can't do anything :(

I wish u good luck in your life and I hope we will see you maybe in future :)

Your Panther

General / Re: Donation
« on: 17.03.2013, 19:37:18 »
Will spend too next week  10 Euros :D

Spamboard / Wörter die euch grad spontarn einfallen
« on: 09.03.2013, 18:16:03 »

Schreibt einfach das wort wo euch grad spontarn einfällt, ist zwar unnötig aber macht auch Spaß.

Dann fang ich mal an :

Kuh mißt Euter

Helpboard / Laggs
« on: 05.03.2013, 19:29:50 »
Hey DooC's

i don't know if you see that but the Server is lagging a much in past month.

I don't know why? Do you guys know why?  :middlefinger: :blah: :blah:

DooC-Server / Re: How to apply in DooC
« on: 04.03.2013, 19:50:21 »
I'm sorry, if it felt deprecative to you. I just was a bit angry cause of the explaining so I just post the useless "Omg" at the beginning of the rate I will remove it I'm sorry :)

DooC-Server / Re: How to apply in DooC
« on: 04.03.2013, 18:14:22 »
I guessed that the name will stay but ok on other servers in past I did the same and the name didn't change but different Mode :D Ok just a Example :)

Helpboard / Re: Microphone Problem
« on: 04.03.2013, 18:09:24 »
1dle maybe tomorrow (Thuesday on Germany) I can look after it?

General / Re: Application [Read before Applying PLS]
« on: 04.03.2013, 18:08:11 »
Succesfully Edited :D (added some extras too)

General / Re: Application [Read before Applying PLS]
« on: 04.03.2013, 14:42:46 »
Ok I will add it :P

General / Application [Read before Applying PLS]
« on: 03.03.2013, 17:39:20 »
Dear players,  :blah:

Before making your own applications, you should read our Rules:

1.   Rules on our Server :

Now that you have  read those rules, it's time to make you're own application!!

Use the application example below to make your application, do this in a new topic pls.

Fill in the areas in full sentences and if possible in multiple sentences. A recruiter (Leeven & Azarius or higher (Gauki & Kissaki) or a Administrator (Panther , Tiger , Ameero) will say if you can enter the trial period or not. During 4-6 weeks your trial will be reviewed and Admins will decide if you can get Full Member level.. If you have enough yes-votes you are allowed to join our clan as a level 15 member. If you are beggin or ass-licking for Higher level you will be demoted!

Ingame name:



Invited by:

All rules read:

All rules understood:

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?:

Your own notes:


Incorrect sample of an application:

Ingame name: exampleMan

Age: 55

Country: england

Invited by: leeven

All rules read: yes

All rules understood: yes

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: 2 week trial??what that mean?

Your own notes: DooC is cool , nice atmosphere is in clan and good players play game a lot and im the best

Correctly made sample of an application:

Ingame name: exampleMan

Age: I'm 50 years old, I turned 50 last month ^^

Country: I am born and raised in England and more specifically in London.

Invited by: I was invited by Leeven.

All rules read: I have read the rules.

Are you prepared to enter the 4-6 week trial period?: Yes ofc I’ am ,no problem for me.

All rules understood: Yes I understood it!

Your own notes : I’m playing et for  11 Years I played in [EXAMPLE CLAN] and in [EXAMPLE CLAN 2 ] but now I prefer to join that Clan.

 If you want to join you MUST have read and understood the rules. IF you will break those it will have Consequenses.

It have been Said above, your application will be processed over two weeks. During this time we will try to get to know you and we will see if you have you need to Join the Clan.  Each admin will then vote yes or no. High Admins vote will be more or less powerful. At the end you need enough positive votes if not you will be demoted. Our admins are to be polite and you have the right to report to us if any of the Admins have insulted or bullied you.

Good Luck !!!!!!


General / Re: Donation
« on: 03.03.2013, 13:17:57 »
Well, I think it is a good idea, ofc it'll help Kissaki a much if everyone Help.

If I had a Paypal account and be 18 I'd donate to but my Father can do it too.

***Or I give my Father the money that he can Spend it****

By the way Tiger got rlly good ideas :middlefinger:

Greetz Panther.

DooC-Server / Re: How to apply in DooC
« on: 03.03.2013, 12:46:18 »
It is easier to do it as Comman /!rename et###kid ^1[DooC]^2*^0K^7id^2**   <--- It's just easier as command as Explaining.


General / Re: [DooC]*Mr.x
« on: 03.03.2013, 12:44:46 »
Welcome :D

DooC-Server / Re: How to apply in DooC
« on: 02.03.2013, 17:24:52 »
Well, but I asked him if he's Hancoc and he said yes? :D

DooC-Server / Re: How to apply in DooC
« on: 02.03.2013, 15:01:11 »
Welcome Kid are you Hancoc? :D Have fun on Server

We shoot us

Greetz Panther

General / Re: Gh0sty is here :D
« on: 02.03.2013, 14:58:26 »
Willkommen im Clan hab spaß und sei aktiv ;)

DooC-Tournaments / Re: The 2nd DooC 1v1 Tournament
« on: 24.02.2013, 19:25:30 »
Well, I think et_headshot is a fine map but not so qualifite to a War map.

Ehm if we do a 6v6 Tournament ever we should take only Custom maps

DooC-Server / CHEATER Use Whitelight
« on: 23.02.2013, 20:13:56 »
Hallo Liebe DooC's

Tiger und ich haben einen User namens : Unique : verdächtigt das er einen Whitelight Aimbot hat wie sich heraus gestellt hat war es auch der fall nach der map Siwa_Oasis ist er disconnected.

Ich denke wir haben uns richtig verhalten und vllt. könnte man irgendwas finden was wirklich hack / cheat sicher ist. Wie man leider einsehen muss der schutz vom Server hällt auf deutsch gesagt ein Dreck ab, klingt hart ist aber die warheit.  :blah:

Reason : Whitelight Aimbot /humanaim/ aim on shift

Last : 1 day if he connect 1 more time with aimbot Perma Ban

User that saw it : Tiger / me / Mr.X & Vengefull

Reported by : Panther

Ok wenn ihr ein Record haben wollt fragt Tiger er hat eins gemacht.

Das wars dann.

Greetz Panther

DooC-Tournaments / Re: 1v1 Tournament Hall Of Fame
« on: 23.02.2013, 18:33:03 »
Ah ok, sorry :P I thouhgt the map got a other name.

DooC-Tournaments / Re: 1v1 Tournament Hall Of Fame
« on: 23.02.2013, 11:07:41 »
Yes I played last map valhalla against Venge I winned :P But it was the map as I played Against gauki :D

@1dleispro No I played a other map.

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