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General / DooC Clan Birthday - We just turned 15!
« on: 27.08.2018, 12:20:19 »
Happy birthday to us! :D

Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
« on: 16.08.2018, 22:41:39 »

Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
« on: 06.08.2018, 22:03:21 »

Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
« on: 05.08.2018, 12:47:33 »

Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
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Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
« on: 29.07.2018, 22:13:03 »

Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
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Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
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Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
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Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
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Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
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Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
« on: 28.04.2018, 00:21:44 »

Games / Lethal League [FREE]
« on: 21.03.2018, 16:52:52 »

General / Re: Please ban For Player CHAOS
« on: 28.01.2018, 17:04:44 »
Alright. I appreciate you realizing you're in the wrong here.

like to apologize to you

Please note though that you should not just apologize to only me. As a member you also represent the clan. And you targeted someone else, namely chaos. So you should apologize to him as well.

I appreciate you would like to stay in the clan and that you seem invested.
I know you're an active ET player and you have tried to contribute in the past.
We don't do much together, I'm playing different stuff than you, but I do see your activity and investment.

As this is your first (big) misbehaviour I’m fine with this - with you seeing your wrongdoing, with your apology, and if you will explicitly apologize to chaos here and personally should you see him again.
Then you can stay in the clan.

General / Re: Please ban For Player CHAOS
« on: 27.01.2018, 17:07:53 »
Name  : CHAOS
date  : 27.1.2018
What Hapeen :
Hello Guys  CHAOS came to the server and cursed at to me and to Clan

Please ban for him

KillerSlovakia Clan Member

Thank you for the report.

I would have preferred this to be in our internal forums, not the public one. But I guess I'll keep it here for now, as it's already posted.

I checked the server log and can see not chaos was the problem but you were.

* You opened the conversation with calling him "loser"
* You kept discussing until he left
* You made empty threats
* You lied about your powers
* You lied about that you talked to "a/the clan leader on discord"
* You lied about him getting banned
* You never said why you would ban him (you calling him "loser" and he simply replying "you" is not a bannable offence)
* You called a mute vote for no reason and as an inappropriate means
* The most baffling statement you made is "you are lucker im need go sleep cya Kid" which again is untrue (you kept discussing) and clearly ironic, as you're the immaturely acting kid, not him
* You tell him he broke server rules, but not which
* You insulted him more than once

So… you tell me, what should I do with you?

What is obviously clear is that you are the one who misbehaved and who should be apologizing.
To me it is obviously clear that you must not have extended permissions (which you requested at some point in the past). You're obviously not mature and rational enough for that.

I guess I'll now have to think about if and how to punish you as well. Maybe this warrants a clear warning, maybe a kick from the clan.

Should chaos read this, I would like to apologize to you in the name of our clan. His behavior was not acceptable, and is not condoned in this clan and on our servers.

For reference, and everyones entertainment, here's the log:
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2Loser
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2you
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2im can ban you
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2you're the one teamswapping because you're losing
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2i see why this server is empty
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2from serber
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2you act like a douchebag
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2get over yourself and let other people play
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2im clan member im permission to ban you
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2please do. i plan on reporting your behavior to your clan
callvote: 7 MUTE ^vchaos
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2all of this is being logged.
Kill: 7 7 59: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7 killed ^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7 by MOD_SWITCHTEAM
Vote Failed: (Y:1-N:1) MUTE ^vchaos
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2why you not left
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2and remember, you're the one who called me a loser for trying to keep things fair
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2or im go report you to sevrer site
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2and you can het nam
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2they will read the log you little douchenozzle
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2you are lucker im need go sleep cya Kid
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2!ban
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2gnight liar.
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2im clan Member
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2you brocked server Rules
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2yes, and you are bullying people.
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2you not recpekt clan Membmer
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2the clan member disrespected me first
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2so?
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2so
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2i'm sorry you re a sore loseR?
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2im just talk to clan Leader in disocrd
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2and
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2you get to baneed
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2cya
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2i'll just report you to the same dude. googling all this info is easy
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2cone report
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2for threatening to use power you don't ahve
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2you report go Denieed
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2abusing server players
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2the clan leader will read all of this
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2you abusing server
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2and see how you are acting
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2you will get in trouble
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2and i will stay
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2im c am member 5 Years
say: ^7^1[DooC]*^2K^di^3l^3l^5e^kr^7: ^2cya Kid
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2congrats.
ClientDisconnect: 7
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2blazko
say: ^7^vchaos^7: ^2this server is full of douchenozzles. you can do better.
ClientDisconnect: 4 (^vchaos)

say: ^7^3Blazko ^2Wazowski^7: ^2k, it's late, gotta go
legacy popup: ^7allies^7 planted "Boat Barrier #1"
voice: ^7^3Blazko ^2Wazowski^7 Bye
voice: ^7^?TorBjorn^7 Bye
ClientDisconnect: 6 (^3Blazko)

General / Re: Gaukis birthday
« on: 31.10.2017, 18:10:23 »
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, und alles Gute! <3

Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
« on: 28.10.2017, 17:36:51 »
Yo Dredd!


DooC-Server / Re: Public ET Server running legacy mod
« on: 28.07.2017, 03:17:58 »
Works for me. I connect, and get instantly promoted and have 79 XP.

DooC-Server / Re: Public ET Server running legacy mod
« on: 26.07.2017, 01:49:14 »
See above, was fixed last week

DooC-Server / Re: Public ET Server running legacy mod
« on: 25.07.2017, 17:37:20 »
Now new players are also announced.

I also enabled displaying killers HP.

DooC-Server / Re: Public ET Server running legacy mod
« on: 23.07.2017, 23:11:25 »
I implemented a fun interaction: Every death is now announced on our Mumble server in the W:ET channel:

DooC-Server / Re: Public ET Server running legacy mod
« on: 23.07.2017, 21:20:39 »
I fixed xpsave and country flags not working. Both work now.

General / Re: invite
« on: 23.07.2017, 10:53:44 »
Thank you for your efforts!  :))

But please remove my email address from that post. I don’t want that posted like that.
I don’t even know where you got it from.

General / Re: Board/HP Update
« on: 11.07.2017, 00:31:52 »
Videos hinzugefügt zu Spieleliste

General / Re: Board/HP Update
« on: 10.07.2017, 10:45:28 »
* Webseite Verlinkungen aktualisiert und bei den fehlenden ein Icon hinzugefügt
* Spiele-Logos auf die Startseite
* Minimale Breite angeben dass das Layout bei kleinen Auflösungen nicht kaputt geht (mobil)

DooC-Server / Re: Help!!! Server down
« on: 29.06.2017, 22:08:35 »
Habe ihn neu gestartet (per Web-Adresse die du auch hast).

DooC-Server / Re: Public ET Server running legacy mod
« on: 02.05.2017, 11:51:33 »
Restarted, and fixed port in top post.
I'll look at fixing the restart url.

Games / Re: BF1 oder Playersunknown Battleground
« on: 05.04.2017, 23:37:46 »
Ich habe beides nicht :)

Spamboard / Re: Countingthread
« on: 17.02.2017, 20:10:46 »

General / Re: Happy new Year 2017
« on: 01.01.2017, 18:11:14 »
Ein gutes Neues! :)

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