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DooC-Server / Jump Server and Jump Maps
« on: 11.07.2020, 16:32:39 »
Last weekend Darki and I put our Trickjump Server online again (ip: We were not sure which maps to use/were good so we had to check what we had in the past. Our webspace has over 150 maps with the words [j]ump and [t]rick in them. As an initial documentation of what we tested, here are my notes:

The term gamma jump seems to be for bunny-hopping across gaps, across platforms, and across (increasingly) big distances. Most of these seem impossible with standard, normal physics and be intended for either ETRun with a different physics engine, or something else (I remember competitive rules always restricted the `snaps` setting because that could other settings could give advantages/inconsistencies between them).

With a no-damage setting kill switches (trigger areas that kill you to reset you) do not work. Teleports are much preferred. And most maps unfortunately miss checkpoints or teleport resets.

* bbtrickjump_beta: standard jumps, dead end, gamma jumps, broken hard jumps
* bee jump b2: gamma jumps
* bibi mania: keine checkpoints
* Blackjump: gamma jumps
* blunt arrow: fun jumps, gmama jumps, (not very good)
* bullit jumps: gamma, good, crashed twice on one of us (et: legacy)
* bxjump: gamma, fine
* caryjump: gamma
* circle jump b2: gamma, nice fun stuff, good teleports, various types
* dark jumps 1: custom jumps, too hard
* ctrl jumps 2: interesting custom jumps, bunny jumps, hard
* desert jump: cool map, custom jumps, fun, killswitches
* dimijumps: gamma
* divine jumps: gamma (allies), axis: custom jump, hard
* dw trick jump b1: custom jump, dead end, short
* dzm trickjump: custom jumps, hard~
* elite jump: gamma
* engi jump: gamma
* eni jump: gamma
* eup jump beta1: jumps, maps, gamma, ++
* eup_casteJumps final: kill triggers, custom jumps
* ewp trickjump b9: gamma + map/cust map jumps, good, hard
* Fly Xtrem Jump: ++, gamma, steigernd, slide ice labyrinth, dead ends
* Fly Xtrem Jump V2: gamma, 1 life?
* forgotten jump: gamma, strance custom slide, 1 life?
* FP jump: custom slides + jumps, mit bunny jump, -invisible walls
* Full Crazy Train Jump: ++ ~
* Fun Jumps Map: gamma
* Gravinjump b4: interesting
* Godjump: ~, gamma, ice interesting
* Gravity b4: broken?
* Green jumps: gamma
* hankjumps: gamma
* Hex trickjump b3: a lot of standard maps, no skip, gamma
* Ice jump: gamma, some slide, bad

General / DooC Clan Birthday - We just turned 15!
« on: 27.08.2018, 12:20:19 »
Happy birthday to us! :D

Games / Lethal League [FREE]
« on: 21.03.2018, 16:52:52 »

DooC-Server / ET Public Server Map Suggestions
« on: 30.11.2016, 15:57:23 »
Omni-Bot waypoints are available at
Please only suggest maps for which waypoints exist.
For more info see official Waypoint intro.
For documentation on how to create waypoints, see Waypointing

We currently have over 500 maps prepared on our servers, but new ones can be uploaded.
Our current mapvotecycle can be seen at mapvotecycle.cfg

This is a new topic to provide some additional documentation and information in a first post. Previous discussion: Kifferstube: Maps and Server Suggestions

DooC-Server / Scheduled Server Downtime 26.10.2016 9:00
« on: 26.10.2016, 16:57:20 »
Today evening/night, our server will go down multiple times between 13:00 and 9:00 for maintenance.
This is hoster-side, so we have no control about when specifically this will happen.

Games / Paragon
« on: 18.04.2016, 10:32:34 »
Slow-mo teamfights - looks gorgeous

Games / The Gallery - VR game
« on: 30.08.2015, 20:01:23 »
My god … This looks so great; just imagine having a VR headset on, and two controllers in your hands to grab the stuff.

Games / Guild Wars 2 goes Free 2 Play
« on: 30.08.2015, 17:32:58 »
The Guild Wars 2 base game is Free 2 Play now.

The expansion is going to be sold as usual.
Still a great deal for a great and big world.

Mainly to prevent spam and fraud, a free account has some limitations; for normal players noticeable are limited chat (like unability to write in map-wide chat), no daily login reward, and no in-game gold to in-game currency exchange.

Guild Wars 1 was the second big game for our clan.
For Guild Wars 2, we have a Guild you are free to join (you can even join multiple guilds), but less of an active community.

General / Clanbirthday 2015
« on: 25.08.2015, 23:42:20 »
It’s our birthday this week!
Any plans for the weekend? :)

I’d be more than happy to play Dirty Bomb.
Maybe some W:ET.
I doubt we’d be able to get a GW2 group (>3 ppl) together?

Games / Dirty Bomb - (Another) spiritual successor to W:ET
« on: 04.06.2015, 20:25:57 »
Splash Damage, developer of the original Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, as well as the two spiritual successors Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Brink,
released the free-to-play, open beta of Dirty Bomb on steam.

It does feel a bit like W:ET.
Objectives similiar to W:ET, and 3 classes to start with.

It’s fun.
But I’m sceptical about the pay-to-win model; you unlock avatar upgrades randomly, with 3 stat boosters of increasing power.

Anyway, try it out! :)
What do you think? Do you enjoy it?

Games / Gigantic
« on: 12.05.2015, 17:13:48 »

Thoughts? :)

Games / Evolve
« on: 19.01.2015, 21:17:09 »
I’d like to encourage you not to buy the game Evolve.
It looks really cool and fun, but the announcements of exclusives and DLCs are a big red flag to me.
Check this reddit post for a readable overview.

Wow, the video of OP is even better.

DooC-Server / Guide to maintainable et server installation
« on: 17.01.2015, 17:11:56 »
I wrote an article about well-structured et server setup
making use of fs_basepath and fs_homepath, and subfolders, to create a maintainable categorization of server configuration.

DooC-Server / Public ET Server running legacy mod
« on: 10.01.2015, 19:20:48 »
I set up a second public server, et://
it is running the ETL server and legacy mod.

Namely, if you’re not in the mood for Kifferstube - this second server has no double jumps, etpro-like proning (delay for shooting), etc, and resets XP at round end.
It does have map voting.

It has some configs (/callvote config), and I/we may add some more. Sadly, knife-only, head-only, foot, can not be used.

The server is 64 bit, but omni-bot is not. So currently no bots.

Suggestions welcome.

Games / ET: Legacy stable release
« on: 04.01.2015, 12:07:05 »
The combined community effort of updating and maintaining the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory source code as ET: Legacy just released the first stable release 2.71a.

We have been recommending using ET:L over W:ET (2.60b) for some time now. The updated input and graphics libraries fix issues for some people (the biggest issue being AMD graphics FPS issues). Other security and bug fixes, as well as additional features make it an easy recommendation over the original W:ET distribution.

Thank you for to everyone who contributed to this release. A bright day and future for ET :)

See also: written news on our homepage

DooC-Server / Server moved
« on: 19.10.2014, 23:55:12 »
All right, I think I moved all data and settings.
If you didn’t notice a move, all went well. :)
Everything is accessible through the domain like before.

Please report any issues you notice.

Known issues:
Website Mumble info not showing
Website Stats not working

DooC-Server / Item Balance
« on: 04.10.2014, 11:23:29 »
Let’s talk about balance.
When I played on our Server again yesterday, it was not really fun to play.
And it’s not the W:ET I liked.

In W:ET (as in any other good competitive game) each item you can use has its pros and cons, has its strong sides and its counters.

With a panzerfaust you only have a pistol as your secondary weapon, and you can only shoot one at once at the start. On our nitmod configuration, you can shoot two and have an SMG as well - eliminating all downsides.

Landmines can only be placed on specific parts of the map to prevent unpassable passages. Where they can be placed, if you activate them and survive by jumping of - as a medic you survive, as an engineer you can still be revived. They can be spotted by a covert ops. They then can be exploded by grenades. Engineer can defuse them - and easily reach them doing that.
Lasermines are a big problem. They do not have any counters. You activate them, you splat. As anything besides engineer , you can do nothing except die to detonate them - and when you're back, they were placed again. Even as engineer they are sometimes very hard to reach - behind a corner or up on the ceiling, where you have to jump to even reach it. And worse of all, the laser mines can easily and entirely block any entrance - they can be placed anywhere on any walls.
I’m fine with not seeing them and dying. But not having any counter for them with their power is just bullshit.

Rifle grenades. Once you shot rifle grenades you are left with the rifle, a strong but non-automatic and less accurate weapon compared to SMGs.
Not on our server though. After Shooting two rifle nades, you can still either use your rifle for strong close combat, or switch to your SMG for any other situation.

Another big issue for me is the hit detection. Bad hit detection all right, but the lying hit boxes are total BS. Whenever someone lies down I feel like rage-quitting, because hits don’t detect.
I remember from some time ago that I had to shoot feet in order to register any shots.
I would love to analyse and fix theses - but that would require some time sadly. They are sooo bad.

Other things I noticed, that are not necessarily too bad:

In W:ET as I know it, you can actually use grenades to fight.
The skill of ticking nades the right amount of time, and then throwing them in someones face to instantly gib or at least kill them is totally nullified. I did some nice grenades yesterday. None killed anyone.
On our server, the only useful use for grenades I can see now is spam-throwing them into the direction of the enemy, just to maybe do some damage - no skill involved - or to throw them at objectives.
I always loved nadeing. Not possible here.

I am wondering right now if double-jump works the way it should work. Currently, a second jump can only be performed if you are still on the rising part of your first jump. Would it not be more fun if it still worked at any part of the jump (being in the air)? Any reason for it not to work like that?

What I would like to ask you is, first of all, do you have fun on the server?
Do you see these issues as I do? Or are all those skills and items you can use what makes it fun? (I much prefer the classic 0-levels at the start of the round - fair start for everyone.)

Games / Canyon Capers
« on: 21.09.2014, 14:28:05 »
If you want a free 2D action platformer, IndieGala is giving away Canyon Capers for free, to people who (temporarily) join their steam group.
The game is 6 € in the Steam store.
80k steam keys left.

General / 11 Years of DooC
« on: 28.08.2014, 12:18:03 »
We turned 11 years this week!
Congratulations everyone!

And thank you to everyone who stayed and is still active!

Hardware / SSD Recommendation / SSD Empfehlung
« on: 02.01.2014, 18:00:47 »
In case anyone is looking into buying an SSD.
Before christmas I checked what the best choice would be for me (Quality + price-value).
I concluded on SanDisk Ultra Plus 256 GB.

If you plan to buy from Amazon please use one of the following links - we will be able to cover some server costs from the affiliation

Spamboard / MOVED: soon 10 years DOOC Birthday
« on: 02.08.2013, 21:58:37 »

DooC-Server / Mumble Server
« on: 04.06.2013, 18:58:47 »
Our Mumble server has been updated to version 1.2.4!
Please upgrade your clients as well, so we can all enjoy the awesomeness of the Opus codec!

And remember:
You can log in with your forum account (login and password)!

DooC-Server / double jump on supply and fuel dump
« on: 14.04.2013, 14:26:49 »
After playing supply I godda say, double jumping should be disabled at least on supply and fuel dump …

On FD 4 mins before they even destroyed the entrace to the last part they had mines at the back exit of the axis spawn. Of course those pesky laser mines you can not disable.

DooC-Server / Take old pubsrv down?
« on: 05.03.2013, 19:16:21 »
Shall I take the old Kifferstube down, so people focus on one server and players don’t spread out?
Everyone will have to move sooner or later anyway.
Or leave it online as additional promotion?

DooC-Server / Server will move
« on: 28.02.2013, 23:19:42 »
All our data will move servers this weekend.
The new IP will be
If you use our domains nothing will change for you! (e.g. you use to go to our website, to connect to Mumble, etc - as long as you don't use our previous IP directly, the transition should be transparent!)

General / VERSCHOBEN: CHEATER Use Whitelight
« on: 24.02.2013, 11:30:38 »

DooC-Server / DooC-Menü – Exit mit ET:Legacy
« on: 02.02.2013, 19:54:49 »
Wenn ich ET:Legacy mit Exit beende öffnet sich nach dem Beenden im Browser folgende URL
Code: [Select];%20set%20cl_noprint%201;exec%20dooc_menu_website_address.cfg;set%20cl_noprint%200%20;Keine Webseite.
Und das ET minimiert sich nur.

Das heißt wer die Konsole nicht kennt oder zu bedienen weiß, der bekommt sein ET nicht mehr beendet.

Ich fänds außerdem gut wenn man wenigstens wählen könnte ob man die trackbase Webseite öffnen möchte nach dem Beenden oder nicht. Die Wahl hat man ja momentan nicht …

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