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3 Files, Last Update: 2009-01-06 13:01:38
+ Radar
Eine Mapumsetzung von W:ETs Map Würzburg Radar zu ETQW.

A map conversion from W:ETs Würzburg Radar to ETQW.

The GDF are attempting to knock out a Strogg Nexus Relay Station, located at an old World War 2 radar facility, that is relaying commands to the European Strogg invasion force.
1. Destroy the shield generator and gain access to the Relay Station.
2. Deliver two energy cells to the Station's reactor to destroy the facility.

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1 Files, Last Update: 2008-10-26 20:55:22
+ Maridia
Kampf am Ufer!

In this map we see the GDF trying to put an end to the Maridia off shore stroyent facility located in the North Sea where the strogg are experimenting with new ways of making the stroyent. The GDF must first bypass the outer security before being able to enter the main area of the facility. Once inside they must first knock out the main stroyent exchange module in order to proceed to the main stroyent processing plant area where they must destroy the main stroyent processor to complete their mission.

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2 Files, Last Update: 2008-10-12 10:57:27
+ sabotage
The author wrote:

strogg are developing a new mining laser capable of destroying gdfs new heat resistant blast doors. gdf must infiltrate the facility and destroy the prototype mining laser and the hardware containing the specs.

dual proxy destroy

secondary objectives:

contruct generator

destroy generator
destroy walk way
destroy floor panel
hack door controls


this is an all indoors map. you can destroy a walkway that in turn destroys the roof which allows supply crates to be dropped in(also violators and air strikes). there is not an awful lot of detail anywhere but im planning to add detail when im sure i wont be making any major changes to the layout. light is quite bland. will be improved for beta. not a lot of sounds, again more added for beta. theres a few graphical bugs(stretched textures) dont mind them they will be fixed later on.there is a few bugs with icons, this will aslo be fixed in the next version

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4 Files, Last Update: 2008-08-17 15:06:47
+ Meltdown
[b]Meltdown[/b] ist eine [b]map für ETQW[/b].

[b]Meltdown[/b] is a [b]map for ETQW[/b].

[b]The Author Wrote:[/b]

In this map we see the GDF trying to put an end to a major Strogg facility located in a once grand city. In order to reach the facility the GDF must first disable the shield generator to by pass the numerous shielded barriers leading to the facility. Once done the GDF must overload the facility's main reactor with additional energy cells, 1 in total should be sufficient for total meltdown.


1. Destroy the Strogg Shield Generator to gain access to the facility.
2. Hack the Strogg Security Controls to gain access to the energy cell.
3. Deliver the energy cell to the reactor intake to cause total meltdown.

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2 Files, Last Update: 2008-07-03 11:17:16
+ ATW4
After the War 4 (ATW4) is an ETQW Custom Map featuring intense Infantry-Only Battles on 3 floors, each one with a Flag.

Files (2):
3 Files, Last Update: 2008-06-26 14:15:51
+ Retake of the Andes
[b]Retake of the Andes[/b] ist eine [b]etqw custom map[/b].
Strogg greifen an, GDF verteidigen.

[b]Retake of the Andes[/b] is an [b]etqw custom map[/b].

Strogg attack, GDF defend.

The level contain 3 objectives:

1 - A dual destructible objective;
2 - A hack objective;
3 - A carry objective.

Contain 3 secondary objectives:

1 - Destructible right barricade (helps the stroog);
2 - Destructible left barricade (helps the strogg);
3 - Destructible blocking Boulder (helps the GDF).

Other info:

The map have bot suport. Bots dont use vehicles, vampires/violators, medic crates or deployables.

4 Files, Last Update: 2008-06-22 18:14:29
+ ATW3
In ATW3, short for After the War 3, GDF are attacking and try to:

A must-try custom Map! :)

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1 Files, Last Update: 2008-06-21 20:46:28
+ DuelTowers
DuelTowers ist eine kleine fun map mit jumppads, slides und Nahkämpfen.
Sie ist nicht sehr groß und ist deshalb sehr gut für kleinere Spielerzahlen geeignet.

DuelTowers is a fun map featuring jumppads, slides and close fights.
It's not that big and thus fits well for smaller numbers of players.

Files (1):
2 Files, Last Update: 2008-06-15 20:25:14
+ QW TE valhalla 2
Remake of W:ET s te_valhalla.
Best for 1on1 or 2on2 Fights,
a small fun map.

Files (2):
2 Files, Last Update: 2008-05-27 12:36:25
+ Estate
Estate is a map for ETQW, this is Version A2.

Files (2):
6 Files, Last Update: 2008-04-11 19:01:25
+ Arctic Assault
[b]Arctic Assault[/b] war die erste große Custom-Map für ETQW.
Auf einer mit Flüssen durchzogenen Insel versuchen die GDF mit einem MCP einen Außenposten zu errichten, durch Hacken einen Datenbunker zu öffnen, um die Aktivierungscodes von dort zu übermitteln.

[b]Arctic Assault[/b] was the first big Custom-Map for ETQW.
Here's a quote Quote about the Objectives:
A GDF taskforce has landed on the south beach and must fight their way
to the north side of the island, so they can open the databunker, steal
the activation codes and transmit them.

Attacking team: GDF

Primary objectives:

1. Escort the MCP to the town checkpoint.
2. Escort the MCP to the outpost.
3. Hack the shield generator.
4. Transmit the data.

Secondary objectives:

* Capture/liberate the South forward spawn.
* Build the town guard tower.
* Capture/liberate the North forward spawn.
* Build the assualt bridge - this will give GDF a trojan.
* Destroy the south barricade - this will give GDF a titan.
* Destroy the north barricade - this will give GDF a bumblebee.

Files (6):
3 Files, Last Update: 2008-04-11 19:01:08
+ Comm Link
[b]Comm Link[/b] ist eine [b]map für Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b] die für 4on4/5on5 empfohlen ist.
GDF greifen eine Strogg Basis an und müssen Kommunikationsanlagen dieser zerstören.

[b]Comm Link[/b] is a [b]map for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b] recommended for 4on4/5on5 matches.
GDF are attacking a Strogg fort and have to destroy communication systems.

[b]The author wrote:[/b]
==Description: Map for Enemy Territory:Quake Wars

"The GDF must fight their way into a Strogg fort and disable their communications equipment "

Extract and place zz_comm_beta.pk4 into "id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base" directory, and comm_lit.mega into "id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base\megatextures" directory.

-Gamemodes supported: Objective, Stopwatch

-Bot support: Yes

================================================== ==


This is a beta, but should be relatively bug-free. Please report bugs here:

Only English localization is provided, other languages will get errors for objective messages and locations. If anyone wants to provide me with translations for specific languages, I will gladly include them into the final release.

Files (3):
2 Files, Last Update: 2008-03-24 02:10:52
+ Sky
[b]Sky[/b] ist eine [b]map für Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b], die auf schwebenden Platformen spielt und diese mit Jumppads verbindet.
Diese Veröffentlichung ist ein öffentlicher Design Test, bei dem Spieler ihre Meinung zum Design ihm als Feedback zukommen lassen sollen.
Vor dem finalen Release soll noch ein Playtest mit funktionierenden Objectives erfolgen.

[b]Sky[/b] is a [b]map for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b] featuring flying-platform-fights with jumppads.
This is a public design test, which means the author released this map to so ppl could give feedback about this design of a map.
Public playtest with working objectives to come before final release, he says.

[b]The Author wrote:[/b]
Objective overview:
- Strogg and GDF spawn at their initial platforms.
- Strogg must hack a device to enable the jumppads leading to the upper levels.
- Forward spawns for both sides are enabled. Spawn points are on platforms adjacent to the spawn objective itself.
- Strogg must destroy the covering for a transmission device at the top platform.
- A box containing the third objective, a carryable datadisc, opens.
- Strogg must take the datadisc to the transmission device and transmit it.
- A box containing the fourth objective, a carryable datadisc, opens.
- Strogg must take the datadisc to the transmission device and transmit it, winning the game.
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac Homepage:

Files (2):
1 Files, Last Update: 2008-03-22 19:50:35
+ Laboratory Storage
[b]Laboratory Storage[/b] ist eine [b]kleine map für Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b], optimiert für 1v1 bis 4v4.
Sie ist in einem Unterwasser-Labor angesiedelt.

[b]Laboratory Storage[/b] is a [b]small map for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b] designed for 1v1 up to 4v4 matches.
It's setting is a lab under deep sea.

[b]The Author wrote:[/b]
Themed as a storage area in an underwater laboratory, 3v3 is the recommended game size. Strogg attempt to destroy a GDF relic, while the GDF fight to defend it. This is a final release insomuch as there are unlikely to be any further updates -- however, the map itself is not entirely finalized. Some localization strings will not appear properly, and the level of polish is less than that which should be expected for a full map. It should still, however, be reasonably playable for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. No support for bots.

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