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1 Files, Last Update: 2006-05-07 13:58:04
+ SuperGoldrush_Final.pk3
- Repair the tank and escort it (new spawn point get secured)
- Escort the tank to the bank
- Build the command post
- Destroy the two tank barriers (if built)
- Destroy the two truck barriers (if built)
- Take the gold from the bank and bring it to the truck
- Escape with the truck

Time will get extended by 5 minutes for completing following tasks:
- The tank is captured
- Passed tank barrier #1
- Passed tank barrier #2

- Prevent that Allies repair the tank
- Prevent that Allies destroy the two tank barriers
- Prevent that Allies destroy the two truck barriers
- Prevent that Allies invade the bank

Bugs get fixed and some textures redone.
A special feature of this map is that you can flood the bank.
During the time the bank get flooded nobody can go in or out. All people inside the bank will drown.
The mapper recommend to press all buttons or suspected objects.
Also new on this map is a fountain in front of the bank, dark areas are better illuminated and the control room for flooding the bank.
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