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+ Comm Link
[b]Comm Link[/b] ist eine [b]map für Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b] die für 4on4/5on5 empfohlen ist.
GDF greifen eine Strogg Basis an und müssen Kommunikationsanlagen dieser zerstören.

[b]Comm Link[/b] is a [b]map for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b] recommended for 4on4/5on5 matches.
GDF are attacking a Strogg fort and have to destroy communication systems.

[b]The author wrote:[/b]
==Description: Map for Enemy Territory:Quake Wars

"The GDF must fight their way into a Strogg fort and disable their communications equipment "

Extract and place zz_comm_beta.pk4 into "id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base" directory, and comm_lit.mega into "id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base\megatextures" directory.

-Gamemodes supported: Objective, Stopwatch

-Bot support: Yes

================================================== ==


This is a beta, but should be relatively bug-free. Please report bugs here:

Only English localization is provided, other languages will get errors for objective messages and locations. If anyone wants to provide me with translations for specific languages, I will gladly include them into the final release.

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