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3 Files, Last Update: 2008-06-26 14:15:51
+ Retake of the Andes
[b]Retake of the Andes[/b] ist eine [b]etqw custom map[/b].
Strogg greifen an, GDF verteidigen.

[b]Retake of the Andes[/b] is an [b]etqw custom map[/b].

Strogg attack, GDF defend.

The level contain 3 objectives:

1 - A dual destructible objective;
2 - A hack objective;
3 - A carry objective.

Contain 3 secondary objectives:

1 - Destructible right barricade (helps the stroog);
2 - Destructible left barricade (helps the strogg);
3 - Destructible blocking Boulder (helps the GDF).

Other info:

The map have bot suport. Bots dont use vehicles, vampires/violators, medic crates or deployables.